When you’re playing a team like OKC, you have to play your cards perfectly.

But when you’re playing Mickael Pietrus, even perfect basketball won’t cut it.

It’s pretty clear we can point to about 50 games this season where the other team is more talented than this unit. Vegas would agree, and they’re an uncanny kind of accurate, because Vegas knows talent is usually the main deciding factor in sports.

We could probably simply point out the talent disparity after every game and depress everyone on here that no rotation or coach could really change the fortunes of the franchise.

But it’s pretty clear now that Bryan Colangelo’s decisions are the main reason behind this team’s performance for the last half-decade. The final few supporters who clung on to BC’s Phoenix Suns legacy have jumped ship and it’s probably only a matter of time now before the axe falls.

Right? Right Larry Tanenbaum? If you’re going to have only one supporter, who better than your own boss?

While we wait for the endgame to play out, there are still games to be played, like the one here on Sunday afternoon. Directing our venom at Dwane Casey will have to suffice for now.

Take Mickael Pietrus for one.

He brings nothing to the table right now. If you want to play the defense card, then Landry Fields should get the nod. Even a rusty, post-surgery Fields is better than Pietrus. Offensively Alan Anderson is clearly better than Pietrus.

The beginning of the game was really hard to watch. You could see Westbrook just overwhelm Calderon, stripping the ball off of him to begin the game. Perhaps the game was won right there, because Jose played tentatively for much of the game.

Jose is a good point guard. On a team that has a competent shooting guard, or even a playmaking small forward, he would be fine on most nights. He facilitates, but as Sunday afternoon showed us, he had no-one to pass it to. Pietrus not being able to do much is understandable, but DeRozan shows us once again that he’s a player that finishes plays, not starts them. That’s not what you want in your shooting guard in today’s NBA.

Thabo Sefolosha might be a good defender, but we need to hold DeRozan to a higher standard here. The good players in this league manage to produce even when they don’t have their “A” game. DeMar seems to be easily contained if teams want to. This is not a slight against his effort or mental makeup. It’s a talent thing. He just lacks that polish and elite first step to overcome adversity. Whatever he is right now is a product of his relentless approach and the major role he has been granted on this team.

This is just about managing expectations. He is an adequate shooting guard, but he will not win you games with his talent. Just like the Andrea Bargnani debacle, this is on Bryan Colangelo for expecting more out of his draft picks than he should.

The Thunder could have ran away with the game pretty early on, but the Raptors stuck around due to the shooting antics of Alan Anderson, who ended with a career high of 27 points.

It’s getting pretty tiring waiting for your bench to come on the floor. That’s not right is it? You should be holding your breath when your starters check out, because they are your best players. But unfortunately in the Raptors case, we have rarely, if ever, seen the optimal lineup start for this team.

Kyle Lowry needs to be inserted back into the starters role. It should be clear as day that he is the best offensive talent on this team. If we had more offensive talent in the starting lineup, then Calderon is just fine.

Same goes for Aaron Gray. Amir was excellent this game, and had he not been in foul trouble last game, the Sacramento game might have turned out different. His defensive impact cannot be understated. He is no longer an undersized center. If you take a look around the NBA, the big behemoth center is an endangered species. A quick, long player generally suffices now.

What iced the game for OKC were the usual suspects, Durant and Westbrook, who were able to break down the defense with dribble penetration and kick out to guys like Kevin Martin and Serge Ibaka for jumpers. It doesn’t even matter that they have a below average center in Kendrick Perkins, because perimeter play drives everything now.

Even with the Raptors down double-digits, OKC decided to iso Durant on DeRozan in the 4th, almost as if to simulate a “real” close game situation. After seeing what this incredibly coordinated and agile 6’10” player can do with a basketball, two words come to mind:

Harden who?

As mentioned in the Quick Reaction yesterday, it’s hard not to root for a guy like Durant. We won’t see him play the Raptors again this year (thankfully) but he’s such a refreshing departure from what we’re used to seeing in today’s NBA stars.

Overall, this game was a disappointment because the Raptors could have played them closer. They aren’t as good as the blowout victories against Portland and Orlando, nor are they as bad as they have been in the last two games.

But this team, if Lowry plays increased minutes and Pietrus is nailed to the bench, should continue to play closer to the team we have seen since mid-December.

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35 Responses to “Thunderstruck”

  1. Canadian Paul

    Last 12 games (8-4 record):

    Defensive Efficiency: 105.3 (would rank 15th)
    Offensive Efficiency: 111.8 (would rank 3rd)

    Another notch down for both defence and offence, but Philadelphia (28th-ranked offence), Milwaukee (27th-ranked offence), and Charlotte (22th-ranked offence) are coming to town. Numbers (and hopefully wins) should start piling up again).

    On another note, Pietrus has no meaning on this team. Anderson, Fields, Ross and even Kleiza should be ahead of him. Come hell or high water, right?

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I see 1-2 or 0-3 vs Phil (athletic, fast and deep- Casey’s small ball game), Mil (BJ & ME….another potential small ball game) & Char (Bobcats just won last nite over Det 108-101 I don’t think this will be a small ball type of game given Cha’s size).

      Also, TRoss if not starting needs to be the 1st wing off of the bench every game that he is healthy enough to play in for the rest of the season.

      Pietrus is another one of BC’s stuck on stupid fantasy’s- it’s not 2008/09 (the last time MP was a viable rotation NBA player)……BC….

  2. Brian Gerstein

    Excellent points, agree on all, and while the last two games are not necessarily indicative of DeMar’s complete body of work this year, I am concerned, as no matter how much of a gym rat he is, and how hard he works at examining tape to improve his game, I just don’t have the confidence that game in and game out he will be a major contributor, and that his ceiling if not reached, will be shortly, and that is just not going to cut it for us in a few years where we need him for a playoff push, and once there, to hopefully win a round, something that is hard to envision.

    The point I do want to bring up, which you did not cover, is Casey’s clock management at the end of quarters, specifically when we are set up for a 2 for 1 possession situation, and he chooses to run the shot clock down aimlessly, as he did with Calderon yesterday at the end of the 2nd quarter, instead of getting an extra possession that was there for the taking.  

    When the Raps had the ball and crossed halfcourt Casey called a timeout.  There was 36 seconds left at the time.  I actually tweeted at the time, thankfully Casey has finally seen the light, and is going to set up a quick screen or pick and roll to get a good shot off and still give us some time left after Oklahoma has their turn.  We know how it turned out, and I expressed a profanity or two on Twitter at the time, and fortunately, still have my handle, so all is good.

    Is there a way to check how many times, and when it is done, it seems to be by accident, that we take advantage of 2 for 1 possessions, because this is a constant frustration for me, and easily can be traced to a win or two in close games that was there had it been managed properly.

    For some reason, Casey seems to have carte blanche with the media, as I can’t recall this being brought up, but I may be wrong.  Do the Raptors not run sets in practice based on various time allocations?  Of course they do, for end of game scenarios, so why not do the same for 2 for 1’s, which apply every quarter.  Is Casey oblivious to the 2 for 1?  Of course not, then why does he not get an extra possession, because I can tell you with certainty, that our opponents are not as charitable, and they sure do.

  3. Ballaballa

    “Thabo Sefolosha might be a good defender, but we need to hold DeRozan to
    a higher standard here. The good players in this league manage to
    produce even when they don’t have their “A” game. Demar seems to be
    easily contained if teams want to. This is not a slight against his
    effort or mental makeup. It’s a talent thing. He just lacks that
    polish and elite first step to overcome adversity. Whatever he is right
    now is a product of his relentless approach and the major role he has
    been granted on this team.”


    • Gregast

      Which doesn’t mean there isn’t a place on this team for DDR. His defence is good to very good ( when motivated ) and could be great if he believes that great defence leads to his strength which is run outs for easy dunks.

      In the NBA today, a windman is a wingman and the line between the 2 spot and the 3 spot is blurred in the kind of offence that the raptors need to use. The kid (T Ross ) seems to be earning his burn on defence and may be the other wing needed.

  4. Theswirsky

    “the big behemoth center is an endangered species”

    Marcin Gortat, Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Roy Hibbert, Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez, Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol, DeMarcus Cousins, Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Tim Duncan, Anderson Varejo, Nikola Vucevic, Omer Asik, Chris Kaman, Nikola Pekovic, Kosta Koufos, Emeka Okafor, Andrew Bogut, Andrew Bynum.

    Thats 22 starting Cs in the NBA (one can question Duncan, but the trade off is Splitter).  The shortest is Jefferson at 6’10” with the rest being 6’11″+, the lightest Noah at 235lbs the rest 250lbs+. 

    Amir comes in shorter than the shortest and the same weight as the lightest.  He does an excellent job for where he is stuck playing, but he is a PF and not a C. 

  5. Valit

    I agree with your analysis on most points but I have reservations about the role of Lowry. I have no doubt that he is the most athletic player and probably our best offensive weapon, right now;  having said that, the question is not if he can score 40 or 50 points but how the whole team will benefit  from his increased presence on the floor. To compare Lowry vs Jose is useless because it’s like comparing apples and oranges, so I’m not going into that debate ( and I dont want to be lashed by Lowry fans…lol) but there are couple of things that needs to be pondered here:
    – Westbrook overwhelmed Calderon yesterday but he was overwhelming everybody else ( including Lowry)- I think that Casey decided that we might win the battle of the 2nd PGs with Kyle on the floor because he’s much better than Jackson.
    – You need to have a certain balance between the 2 line ups. It will be nice if we can play only our best guys for the whole game but this will never happened. WE are so depleted right now that with Kyle and Fields in the starting unit, there will be a significant offensive drop once the first guys are getting tired. ED davis looked very, very tired yesterday, for ex.
    – I think Casey decided to go with Jose because he’s involving everybody else faster and better in the game. It did not worked because as you said, Demar and Pietrus were non present bur let’s not forget that he has 6 assists in the first quarter.

    I’m sure that there are other factors happening behind the doors ( that we have no idea) in establishing the match ups. All in all, the better team won and won easily but let’s not forget they are the best team in NBA.

    • Beagle17

       That’s an interesting chart. Demar does compare well to the best at his position. But notice how his assists are so much lower than the rest on that list.  He needs to work on this aspect of his game and this is what makes him relatively easy to guard compared to elite wingmen.

      • KJ-B

        I like his game at the beginning of the year when he was more in the post.  Drawing doubles, kicking etc…Obviously has changed with the personnel and roles on the team but that’s something the team should move back to: at least 5 touches per game with DeRozan in the post.

      • Canadian Paul

        Definitely agree, but just wanted to show people who complain too much that we have one of the best SGs in the league right now. He’s going to have some tough nights. It’s expected.

        If he could shoot .330+ from three with 3+ attempts per game, he’s hit 20ppg easily (without increasing shot attempts). That’d be elite level.

  6. Gregast

    Kendrick Perkins is living proof that the OKC Thunder CAN makes mistakes with personnel selection. To be fair, he looked great in Celtic green three/four years ago but today he stands out as the one weak link. They bring in Collison and you wonder why Perkins is a starter. Perhaps trying to justify the error of Perkins acquisition in the first place?

    KEY point here is that the Thunder offence starts with their mind blowing defence. Did you see how they could stiffle the Raptors? Jose Calderone is one of the elite first pass PGs in this league but he didn’t know where to send the ball. He couldn’t see an open man to pass the ball. It was impressive and showed me what Dwane Casey wants his team to duplicate. SMOTHERING half court defence is something the Rap can aspire to. Pick the best and make them work on Dwane’s defensive schemes – that will lead to steals, turn overs and run outs for TRoss, DDR, and Kyle.

    Starters? 1 thru 5

    Kyle, DDR, Landry, ED, Amir

      • Gregast

        Agreed – the funny part of that is he also has a reputation for being a super good guy off the court. Like so many tough guys in sports.

        How long can you last on a great team with those credentials?

  7. ckh26

    OKC handed our lunch to us but we are in the company of many many others. This is one dynamic outfit. They move seamlessly from defense to offense and right back to defense from offense … and they do it at full speed.

    I hope this whoopin we took from OKC will help our new found commitment to defense. We just don’t have the horses those guys do. One day our Kevin Durant may fall into our laps from the sky (imagine the hurt Portland must have taking Oden) but we can aspire to choking the lanes off and then getting the ball out quick for transition points like OKC does.

    Should be easier against the next 3 opponents and if we are fortunate enough to go 2 and 1 or 3 and zero… We are back in the playoff run in the east. Good thing we don’t have to see the likes of Durant and Co. till next year.

  8. FAQ

    Losses are acceptable if they are closely contested games, but something has derailed our lugubrious Ratpors in the last two games.   What is so different now than it was in the string of wins?  The only thing that comes up is the return of Kyle…. ya think??!!!

    • CJT

      No, I don’t think it is Lowry.  Sac out big manned us and OKC is OKC, talent will generally win out in the long run and it should be no secret that they have significantly more talent.

    • FAQ

      CJT & dumb ass…. it’s not about beating OKC or Sac, it’s how badly the TRaps played, almost collapsing from what we’ve seen before.  What caused the collapse on defense and shooting… answer that?!

      • CJT

        As I said, Cousins was for too much for any of our available bigs and OKC is OKC.  It is hard to blame Lowry for the defensive breakdown on these two losses.  We will get a better sense on Wednesday against Philly.

  9. RapthoseLeafs

    Thoughts on a couple of points:

    We played OKC.
    We played the favourite to win the West.
    We also played without Jonas, Bargs, Kleiza, and Gray.

    All in all …. not bad.


    [“But it’s pretty clear now that Bryan Colangelo’s decisions are the main
    reason behind this team’s performance for the last half-decade. “]

    As much as BC’s past has been troubling, what’s been happening (in recent years) with his draft picks, is a different story.

    [2009] – Demar DeRozan – 9th overall
    [2010] – Ed Davis – 13th
    [2011] – Jonas V. – 5th
    [2012] – Terrence Ross – 8th

    2012 Transactions – Kyle Lowry … for a probable 12 – 14th pick overall. Good deal for us.

    2011 Transaction – Alan Anderson … a D-Leaguer who’s doesn’t look D-League to me. Not a Starter, but most definitely a great Bench acquisition.


    PG Controversy
    1) I would still run with Jose as our Starter. Lowry is the better player, but JC is the better team player. At this point.

    2) For the OKC game, Jose had a SF (Pietrus) who should be a back-up at best. Plus a Big (in Ed) who had trouble scoring, and who really is better suited as a Bench guy, as he can’t handle real BIGS. A very good Bench guy though. Add a Demar who was stymied for most of the game, and it’s easy to lay some of the blame at JC’s feet.

    3) Lowry had a Bench that has been hot of late, and the BIG reason why we went 8-2 prior to OKC. I also found myself (amongst others) praying for the Bench to get back in the game.

    4) Lowry is demonstrating that he can be better in his QB duties, however, I still find him rushing the net like a “bull in a china shop”. I fear he’ll revert back to this style once (or if) he reclaims his Starter position. Personally …. I’d trade him, because I think his value is over-inflated. We should get back more than a 12-14 equivalent.


    [” “the big behemoth center is an endangered species”

    Gortat, Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Roy Hibbert, Brook Lopez, Robin
    Lopez, Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol, DeMarcus Cousins,
    Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Tim Duncan, Anderson Varejo, Nikola
    Vucevic, Omer Asik, Chris Kaman, Nikola Pekovic, Kosta Koufos, Emeka
    Okafor, Andrew Bogut, Andrew Bynum. “]


    Without Bargs & Jonas, Raps are under-sized. Amir can handle himself, but Ed needs to play against other Bench Bigs – who are generally not as quick, or as talented (as the Starters). I personally feel we could mess up his development (in a Starting role), just like I feel we need to “tone down” the demands on Jonas.

    When Bargs gets back (and assuming he buys in – like Lowry seems to), then I would start an Amir/Bargs Front Court duo, with Fields/Kleiza rounding it out – depending on the Opponent – and Jose to start. If JC falters, we have Lowry to pick up the slack. 


  10. KJ-B

    Hassan Whiteside 6’11” 260 shot blocking machine playing in the D-League showcase today.

    Kings 2nd round pick I believe behind DeMarcus Cousins–came into the league rail thin a la Camby but less offensive skills…

    Surely, he’s better than Aaron Gray–what NBA sin has he committed to not warrant a look..?

    suspect, the “All in the family” approach will cost BryCo yet again–not necessarily just this type of move but pretty much every year not trading away “hot” names like Calderon, Bargnani, hey even Bosh because he’s been building sideways which is not a rebuild and marketing as a “playoff calibre” cast & crew.

    A rebuild is building down for a foundation, then building up.  I suppose logic is much too much to ask of MLSE at a time like this–especially since the ca$h cow Leafs are back in session!

  11. Daniel

    I was at the game. Then I read the grades post-game and shook my head and closed the site. What makes the writers qualified to give grades to professional basketball players and coaches? Do they understand our game plan? Do they understand the subtle coaching changes during the game? Do they understand the gap between the game plan and the execution and the reasons for it? In other words, do they understand anything about professional basketball at NBA level other than their own biases and agendas?
    Where should I start? Does it even matter? We played zone defense for the majority of the time in order to hide our lack of bigs who had to be passive to stay in the game. Where, A-Dub, did you see Jose’s lack of defense in the defensive schemes? Westbrook got his points (he takes whatever shots he wants whenever he feels like it) however he had only 7 assists and 5 TO. Thunder was lucky Durant took the role of playmaker which he’s doing it this season better and better (he had 9 assists and 1 TO, I believe). Jose had 11 assists and 1 TO starting with offensive “stalwarts” like Demar and Davis who faded like jelly when controlled by Sefolosha and Ibaka. Lowry was no concern for Oklahoma as Westbrook can do whatever Lowry tries to do just 10 times better. Lowry got his assists from playing with the red-hot Anderson in the 1st half. In the 2nd, Durant cooled Anderson quickly. He had 3 TO’s from his patented head-first drives probably because he is “the head of the snake”. We are definitely better with Jose-Lucas combo than Jose-Lowry one. 
    We had a reasonable game plan in the circumstances however the difference in the talent level of the 1st and 2nd options were painfully clear. Oklahoma won this game with defense which we don’t have the offensive horses to challenge. Amir bounced back after Sacramento game however Davis gets exposed more and more. Ross was like a deer in the headlights which is understandable: he has never seen such a defense like the Thunder’s.
    Instead of spewing out stupid attention-grabing ideas (start Lowry, play Davis more, etc) I suggest, if I may, to have a few chats with some assistant coaches at competitive level. Try to understand offensive and defensive schemes and sets, the role of the execution, how do coaches define good and bad execution, etc. It should be a red flag for the streetballers when coaches at different organizations say and do one thing about any player and the “fans” are taking the opposite view. The narratives without support in reality will bring about lost credibility and readership shrinkage.

    • KJ-B

       DeRozan looked like an elephant at the circus.  1st sign of pressure he released the ball.  Those elephants at the circus are tethered to a spike in the ground but don’t rip it out because they were broken as youngsters by pulling against trees until one day as soon as the chain got tight they stop pulling…then the “switch” is made to the spike in the ground.

      DeRozan went into that twilight zone last night–he played 95% of the game like a rookie where the game “looked too fast” because he didn’t feel like he belonged + then threw a garbage time haymaker on Iblaka when Serge was just killing time before getting subbed out…

      I think as much as it’s a talent problem there’s a mental stumbling block holding this team back…So many terrible 3rd quarters of late which leads to another topic:

      Why was Casey playing so much zone Sunday instead of Friday, when he played Cousins in man to man D?  Seemed crazy to me–If Petrius was left out in favour of a bigger Fields to guard Durant, it’s possible the KD wouldn’t be able to see over the D so easily and torch the Raps… I’d have doubled KD on post ups/possessions below the elbow and back off Westbrook with help so he could shoot/pass…when he drives ’tis a thing of beauty!

      I’d give up points/boards to Perk/Ibaka instead of getting sliced/diced by Westbrook n Durantulla.

    • cesco

      you weren’t at the game, you spent that time alone in your bedroom jerking off to jose calderon being a useless pylon on defense, and not creating anything for other players. Cut the crap please, we all know you have a hardon for jose, no need to spew this useless trash, slandering lowry and RR, if you don’t like the grades don’t fucking read it.

      • j bean

        You have heard of celebrity stalkers with compulsive obsessive infatuations that imagine themselves as the true love, or the protector of the celebrity. Jose obviously has a fan who sees himself as more than a fan but as someone with a special relationship and imaginary friendship based on shared coaching philosophies that place Jose as the centerpiece of the team. In his mind Jose is never at fault for the team’s poor performance when he is on the floor and anybody who can’t see that just doesn’t understand basketball at the high level he does.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      I can’t agree with the first and last paragraphs (the message could be trimmed of some gratuitous aspects), but the point of your Post is a great illustration of where this team is – at this time.

      Jose Calderon has been through much during his Toronto tour. Rap fans are a tough crowd – not easy for the Spaniard over the years. Management hasn`t been much better.

      To me, Jose is an under-appreciated member of this team. He’s a great distributor. Has good court vision. Can shoot pretty good, but isn’t selfish. Most importantly, as the Commander in Chief (or Quarter Back) for 4 other guys, Jose defines that essential ingredient for team success – a team player.


      Is Jose the future PG? Most likely not. Would a Jose be comfortable with being the Back-up PG down the road? Maybe – Probably … ….  Just not yet.


      With all the AB fumes rising up of late, the smoke has affected how some see this team. Lowry is a good basketball player – no one really doubts that. But his value is as the guy who gets you points when you need to change things up. Jose plays a slower game, that matches up well with the talent here. Especially the younger talent. Calderon’s eagerness to move the ball encourages ball movement amongst the other 4 players.

      Some Simple Stats

      Lowry Starts (15 games): Record … 2 – 13
      5.7 apg …. Team avg – 19.2 assists

      Calderon Starts (19 games): Record … 10 – 9
      10.5 apg …. Team avg – 24.4 assists

      Off the Bench
      Kyle – 7.0 apg
      Jose – 4.2 apg


      Long story short … The BEST combo has been Jose starting, with Kyle on the Bench.

      It may come to happen, that Lowry adjusts to the different style – slower pace, and more assists (with less shots no doubt). The irony is, a slower pace may play better for his game. Lull the opponent, then use quickness to throw off the defense. Not to score, but to give another team-mate a less contested shot. If Casey can find that in Kyle, his value would change.

      To me, that’s for next year.


      In the perfect world we find our version of a Rubio stashed away in Europe. Or we find some under-appreciated PG, and let the experienced under-appreciated PG teach him how to get through it, and be a Star. While he’s still young.

    • Rockysaltharbour

      a sizeable load of hot air bullcrapperroo this one is boy. and 8 likes so far? nope. not gona buy that one either. of all the bullcrapperroo in this bunch a nonsense Daniel, and this is for Daniel, I got that part wrong last time I answered a fella here, theres just nothin for anyone to really like i don’t care how much you know or don’t know about the game. “what makes the writers qualified to give grades?” holy moly, boy! talk about the dog barkin outta his neighbours asshole! your so full of shit boy your eyes are gurglin toilet water! your incorrect about Mr. Calderon your incorrect about Mr. Lowry. Calderon is good yes, but he folds up a little when under better competition. Lowry has his faults but hes more able to keep up with the better competition and get the team outta the gate at a better clip. when the coach understands this any minute now he’ll make the right move on it you can bet your dogs ass. I’m gona guess you don’t enjoy to much in life boy. you sound a bit of misery to my old ears the way you like to talk down to fellas who do the sloggin of puttin this place together. aughta apreciated more I’d say. and that last bit you put at the end about lost credibility and readership shrinkage, holy moly again boy!, the shrinkage might be yuors better have a look, and whatevers lost ya better start lookin yourself. if you were the main boy writin around here i don’t think I’d be visitin to often, ok thats all. 

      • footie

         And you have 9 likes  freakin’ unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!  you can’t even write in English… and even less you know about the game.

  12. Jamshid

    It seems like Howard is hurt and maybe out for a long time !!! Add to that AB being hurt and this will make the trade of Gasol for AB in serious jeopardy. 

    By the way, what is up with the new Rudy Gay to Toronto BS ?? This time, people are talking about Calderon for Gay and some fans are saying NO to it.

    Come back to reality people. You will not get Rudy Gay for Jose unless you package him with JV, Ross and Davis.

  13. BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    When Jose has no one to pass to he needs to become an offensive threat which he can not consistently bring to the table.

    • FAQ

      Wrong… many a time in the first quarter of games, Jose has shot a lot and shot well.  He then switches to pass-first when the rest of the team finds it’s legs and brains.

  14. Ppellico

    Theswirsky!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

    Wow! Very thankful for someone to insert fact and intrude on the delusional.”the big behemoth center is an endangered species”

    Marcin Gortat, Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Roy Hibbert, Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez, Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol, DeMarcus Cousins, Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Tim Duncan, Anderson Varejo, Nikola Vucevic, Omer Asik, Chris Kaman, Nikola Pekovic, Kosta Koufos, Emeka Okafor, Andrew Bogut, Andrew Bynum.Thats 22 starting Cs in the NBA (one can question Duncan, but the trade off is Splitter). The shortest is Jefferson at 6’10” with the rest being 6’11″+, the lightest Noah at 235lbs the rest 250lbs+. Amir comes in shorter than the shortest and the same weight as the lightest. He does an excellent job for where he is stuck playing, but he is a PF and not a C.


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