Rapcast #130 – Extended Trade Reaction and NBA Officiating

Arse/Blake/Sam talking blown calls and “the big trade.”

Normally this is where I’d introduce the guests and list a bunch of discussion points, but it’s really straight forward this time around. You know me, you know Zarar (Arsenalist), you know Sam (RapsFan). You also probably have an idea that the Raptors traded for Rudy Gay. We hit on some of the following and a whole lot more:

*Alan Anderson’s sour “Vince Face.”
*How the hell that wasn’t a foul at the end of Wednesday’s game.
*The trade.
-Was it a good one?
-Where do we go from here?
-Potential impact on the remaining players.
-Does this signify a Colangelo extension?
-What about Bargs?
*Plenty more.

It’s a fun and loose edition of the Rapcast. Actually, while I have you, I’m interested to know if you prefer the guest/interview style or the “three RR booth” style, or the mix of both we’ve been providing? Let us know in the comments (and trash us, of course!).

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (39:59, 14MB). Or just listen below:

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