Normally this is where I’d introduce the guests and list a bunch of discussion points, but it’s really straight forward this time around. You know me, you know Zarar (Arsenalist), you know Sam (RapsFan). You also probably have an idea that the Raptors traded for Rudy Gay. We hit on some of the following and a whole lot more:

*Alan Anderson’s sour “Vince Face.”
*How the hell that wasn’t a foul at the end of Wednesday’s game.
*The trade.
-Was it a good one?
-Where do we go from here?
-Potential impact on the remaining players.
-Does this signify a Colangelo extension?
-What about Bargs?
*Plenty more.

It’s a fun and loose edition of the Rapcast. Actually, while I have you, I’m interested to know if you prefer the guest/interview style or the “three RR booth” style, or the mix of both we’ve been providing? Let us know in the comments (and trash us, of course!).

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (39:59, 14MB). Or just listen below:

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  • K.J.P

    How can i listen below? nothing is there? is it just me?

    • Fonzi

      It might take a few seconds to load, but it’s there.

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      BC has invested alot in the SF position Fields 18 million, Gay 37 million- watch AA go out and outplay both of them (at least Fields) at 800,000….lol

      • raptorspoo

        Don’t forget Klieza

  • Suds

    Is Colangelo trying to change the Raptors to fit the new evolving NBA Meta, which is you dont need a point guard to be a facilitator? Essentially the new meta is have your best player/slasher run the offense. If the guy is a threat to be able to come around a screen and take it to the hole/pull up and shoot that represents a big threat that is going to draw defenders to you.
    Calderon (and he was my favorite Raptor) is not that player. He has lost a step, and is not a real threat to slash to the hoop.
    The problem with Lowry doing this (as evidenced in Atlanta) is just that he is too small, and gets blocked often, and cannot make the pass effectively.
    Rudy Gay trade follows the same mentality that the Raptors offense have been using lately, any player can be a facilitator. DDR has been havign multi 5+ assist games. I think that the identity that the Raptors are developing is share the ball. The problem with this without guys who can make jumpshots on your draw and kick this falls flat. Our offense will be stagnant if the help defender is not leaving our big under the basket to come over and help.
    To be successful we need consistent shooters to go with the two slashers… Bargnani fits this mold (he is a bad shooter), but he wont be traded…

    • Destro

      lol Lowry is too small too drive ?

      • BadDinosaur

         Not too small to drive, but a lil too small to finish… I agree. His shots get blocked/heavily contested very often when he drives to the rim, something that happens rarely to likes of Westbrook, Rose and other bully type PGs that are way bigger than Kyle.

        Kyle needs to find a new balance between him being a scoring PG and pass first PG. We’ll see how it goes over the next month or so…

        • SR

          To further that, he doesn’t have the same lift/explosiveness at the rim that some of those PGs have.  When Lowry is trying to finish a drive in traffice and off balance, he often doesn’t really jump at all and he doesn’t seem to be able to create enough separation with his body to protect the shot.

          Some of that can be improved upon, though – improved footwork, balance, hesitation moves, using his body to create space, etc.

  • Riazan

    Since you’re asking, I really like the “RR booth” style.
    Maybe a 3/4 booth to interview ratio.

    Audio quality on the last interview was much better btw.

    I listen to these every Firday. You’re doing a great job.

  • ibleedpurple

    Blake I’ve listened to a few of your podcasts and have found them to be interesting and insightful. However, whenever you have a guest speaker from another team the discussion tends to lean heavily on the other team, its players, future/past etc etc. The reason being you seem to know a lot more about other organizations and there on goings than they seem to know about our lovely ball club. 

    Long story short I prefer you, arse and anyone else that talks Raptors ball to be featured on the podcasts. 

  • enufisenuf

    The Charlotte non-call was just as bad…… An established NBA player (a jump shooter) with an open look from 18 ft does not  come up 4ft short if he was not hacked……

    Also I expect a professional athlete to be able to jump up and catch a pass without falling down out of bounds if he was not pushed (ie. Alan Anderson vs. Philly)…..

  • Timo in Waterloo

    I like listening to these while I work… a 50-50 mix of interview and booth styles works.. i find the interview guests usually bring an interesting perspective… something different from the usual

  • raptorspoo

    From ESPN:

    Whose outlook declines the most because of this deal?

    Arnovitz: The Raptors. Their staff has done a tremendous job of coaching Davis up and he had emerged as their most prolific frontcourt player while working on a rookie contract. Now they’re locked into two big contracts for DeRozan and Gay, who have true shooting percentages of 47.8 and 50.0 respectively at the wings.

    Crain: Assuming Memphis doesn’t implode from all the transactions, and that threat can’t be overlooked, Toronto looks like the big loser. Gay teaming with DeRozan creates space issues for the Raptors, who also lost a good 3-point threat in Calderon. Bargnani returns to the starting lineup soon too, which will create more. They also added salary, thereby limiting their opportunity to make moves to improve the team this summer.

    Levy: The Raptors. I think they’ll really miss Davis, and I think there’s a good chance they’ll get an emotionally wounded Gay determined to prove himself. I see a lot of contested midrange jumpers in Toronto’s immediate future.

    Nowell: The Raptors. This early, I don’t see a specific player who is harmed by this deal tremendously, but this seems to cement Toronto’s status as payroll castaways, toiling in a market that’s invisible to many with a payroll that lacks enough room to add value.

    Other two answers were Ed Davis and Boston – which are sorta off answers. So you could pretty much say it’s unanimous from ‘unbias’ commentators.


    • BlakeMurphy

      Wow, you cut MY answer out as you copy and paste here. No love.

    • enufisenuf

      Conversely we’ve seen no one attracted to come to Toronto so who cares about the salary cap and constraints.  Spacing issues were more serious in Memphis with Randolph & Gasol clogging the middle so no room for Gay to get to the basket. 

      Davis showed great improvement, but we’re all in on JV and Davis would have created rotation problems.  All of Davis’ improvement, he doesn’t have significant range. 

      Calderon is an expiring contract, so in essense got Gay for Davis……  Sorry that is a steal as Gay is still still only 26……..

      As a fan of AB, even I am ready to see him coming off the bench and at the end of the game…..  Amir, Lowry, Derozan, Valenciunas & Gay starting…… 

      • cdub

        yes great point, We got Rudy Gay for Ed Davis.   End of story.  We won the trade.  We sold two players whose value was high for a player whose value was perceived low,  far superior to both the other players combined at a position we deperately need..I’d call the trade a steal myself.

        • Nilanka15

          Not only that, we all agreed before the season started that one of either Amir or Davis needs to be traded (since we didn’t need two seemingly equal backup PFs on this roster). 

          This trade is an absolute steal.

          • voy

            its not the direction i would go with, if it was up to me, with the raps.  however, this being said, its impossible for anyone to argue, in my opinion, the grizz get better with this deal. 

            maybe this deal, for the grizz, makes sense if in the offseason they sign a guy equivalent to his gay’s talent at the sg or sf position.  however, whatever hopes memphis had of winning the championship this year just got blown up.  i dont think you are going to exceed expectations with a 33 year old tayshaun prince as one of your primary perimeter scorers.

            lastly, i think its funny how some guys who were against the rebuilding process (cuz apparently we’ve been rebuilding for 7 years?!?) are now complaining about getting gay.  i dont think you can complain about both.  if you are going to complain, you have to chose one. 

            • raptorspoo

              I think some of you are missing the point here.

              1. yes, we were ‘rebuilding’ but at the time trying to win as many games as possible – holding on to pieces that should have been sold in the rebuilding process eg bargs and DD in my opinion. How much more value would bargs have had if we sold him earlier OR DD would have had before we signed him to a ridiculous contract?

              2. If we’re going to seriously rebuild, you keep assets for the future. Calderon would have been a great mentor for a young pg and ED may more may not have been a part of the future but he was a great young asset.

              3. OPPORTUNITY COST! We just lost any hope of drafting the likes of Wiggins or Parker. What did we gain? A few more wins so that we can be LOST IN MEDIOCRITY AGAIN?

          • 511

            Personally, I’m almost over being miffed at giving Ed up in the deal. While it looked like getting Rudy Gay was probably gonna happen, I got it into my own head that if I was BC, I’d find a way to give back a little less than Ed. In retrospect though, now, I can see how it MIGHT’VE been unavoidable. After seeing the press conference online and seeing Rudy Gay being interviewed as a Raptor … and as he seems a pretty good dude, I’m feeling better about the whole thing. By early Sunday, when I’m looking forward to seeing the new lineup on the floor against the Heat, it’ll be go Rudy, go Raps. 

          • SR

            I’d be happier if Gay’s contract were better.  The Raptors have improved today – I’m worried about their ability to improve the roster in the future.

      • FLUXLAND

        “as Gay is still still only 26……..”

        Ah yes, the old fallacy but/and well sold infallible (BC ticket/pitch) argument of:  “he is young, hence he will get (exponentially) better”. 

        Blinding leading the blind. #FarmTeamForever

        • enufisenuf

           I’m sure if we got Lebron for Davis & Calderon, you’d also point out that he is at his peak and has no where to go but down. 

          Like AB, Gay hasn’t reached his potential and is aligned mainly because of his contract and the fact people think he could be better.  The point was that he is ONLY 26……..

          You either dislike this team or claim to be a fan with the same Toronto mentality of leaf fans cheering for 3rd line fan favorites (Domi, Williams…..).

          • FLUXLAND

             – Right. Excellent comparison, conclusion and deduction based on what exactly? Me not salivating over RG, like yourself?

            – Potential! Yessss, the cornerstone of success and another go to pitch word.. you’ve be conditioned well, I see.  I know what the point was (you don’t have to repeat yourself)  did I not make that clear in the previous post, or is comprehension something you are “learning” and “developing” since you are only…eleventeen?

            – I dislike the regime and do not know anything about hockey, so enjoy the dig if you’d like, but why are we talking about me, I wonder.

        • Gman

          He will get better, but he’s already pretty damn good in the right system.  Let’s hope that him being reinstalled in an uptempo slashing offence will do it.

          • FLUXLAND

             “uptempo slashing offense”


            What happened to the culture changing defense 1st mindset?  Pound the rock, no more?

            7 seconds or less North, here we come!  I can hear DC yelling “Run, run, run!” , right now.

            (also, offence = court system, offense = sports)

            • SR

              Actually, “offense” = US English and “offence” = everyone else.  It’s the same divide as color/colour.  Maybe “offense” appears sports-related because most of your NBA reading is American….

            • Gman

              You can have an uptempo transition offence and still play lock down defence.  They are not mutually exclusive.  There have been a lot of teams both before and after the Suns that actually had good defence and played that way.

              • Theswirsky

                could you present those teams please.  Because I have yet to see an fast paced up tempo team that played lock down defense.

    • Gman

      Arnovitz – Davis is our most prolific front court player?  
      *He’s redundant besides Amir. Amir is a better more experienced two way power forward period..Idiot statement no. 1 
      At the beginning of the season Davis was the third big off the bench and might still be that way had Bargs and JV not been hurt…not advocating bargs here so everybody put down your pitchforks.
      I also hate when an analyst pulls out a single stat and goes well there you are I guess they’re heroine addicts.  Lets just leave them (Derozan and Gay) in the alleyway for their sores to fester.  Thanks for the holistic analysis there Arnovitz…

      Crain – Space issues…possibly but not necessarily.  Lowry is just as effective a three point shooter as Calderon.  AKA, the threat of him shooting a three will be taken seriously so they will have to space out.  Also with Lowry running the point you have high speed transition offence and two of the most athletic wings in the game breaking to the basket.  Perhaps that might solve any spacing issues.  But hey why look at details and lets just make assumptive remarks.  

      Levy – Wow, just wow.  Apparently Levy is trying to flex his Psych degree from Berklee.  Oh he doesn’t have one?  
      Then shut the hell up.  Are you f*cking kidding me?  An emotionally wounded Gay?  How far out on the ‘we have to condemn Toronto at all costs’ limb are you going to walk?  

      Nowell – The salary cap issue is valid.  But who were we going to go after with that money?  Perhaps a marquis SF?  Who was on the market this summer that sounds tantalizing?  Would be willing to come here?  Is BFF’s with our starting point guard and has played with him both in the NBA and off season?  Right nobody…we got the guy.  Him.  Is it ideal?  No…but nothing is. 

      There is such an absurd bent to this commentary it’s hard to take it seriously.  Really?  There is nothing possibly good about this trade according to these supposedly unbiased commentators.  C’mon, there’s no way you can take this at face value considering how over the top their condemnations are.  

      As I said in another comment, I’m okay with listening to the glass half empty comments but at least admit their is a glass that hasn’t been atomized by a laser pistol from the great Alien God AntiRaptor…

      • Nilanka15

        I’m flabbergasted at all the negativity surrounding this trade.  I’m holding the “I told you so” card deep in my pockets.

        • Gman

          Absolutely…I’ll be standing right behind you nodding my head and pointing at the card.

          • cdub

            add me to the list!

            • Sam Holako

              Me too

              • TORaps


                • FAQ

                  Thank God/Allah/Yahweh/Buddha/Marx… that BC didn’t get Nash…!!!!

                • WhiteVegas

                  Same here

        • ghost

          Not me. I totally understand all the negativity. With that said, I hope that I am wrong.  

          • ghost

            The problem isn’t with Gay himself. First, there is his salary, combined with DD’s and LF’s salaries, that will handcuff the Raps for years to come. So unless this team can become contenders were basically screwed. Second, KL, DD and RG all need the ball to be effective which doesn’t bode well for team chemistry. Third, DD and RG basically have the same skill set and neither can stretch the floor. This redundancy does not bode well for team chemistry. Fourth, we have KL, who has poor court vision and is an average facilitator/distributor at best. Again, doesn’t bode well for team chemistry as we have already seen. Lastly, none of these players are close to being above average defenders. In the final analysys, while RG is a borderline allstar, he isn’t a good fit on this team. An interesting piece on how BC has no fucking clue.

            • ghost
            • Nilanka15

              All valid points, but none that are unfixable.

              I would have no problem trading DeRozan, and making Ross our starting SG next year (in fact, I wish it will happen).

              Bargnani obviously has no place on this team.  If Turkoglu can get traded for a serviceable player on a shorter contract, anyone can.  And if not, there’s always the amnesty clause.

              Rudy Gay represents a level of talent that this franchise has lacked for eons.  DeRozan and Bargnani aren’t remotely good enough reasons for me to say, “no thanks” to Rudy Gay.

              • sleepz

                That amnesty clause should have been used already.

                The moment Nash went to play for the Lakers the Raps should have used it on

                Is there rules about how long you have to wait to use it? If not, I`m not sure why I hear Kleiza as being an amnesty candidate. That clause should have Andreas or Fields name on it. 

                • Nilanka15

                  Fields isn’t eligible to be amnestied.  It can’t be used on traded players.

                  Only eligible players are those who are still on the team prior to the new CBA….which only leaves Bargs, Kleiza and Amir as the most likely candidates.

                • Nilanka15

                  What we should’ve done was rescind the Fields offer the moment Nash chose the Lakers….

                • FLUXLAND

                  And you would deem that sound NBA business practice?

                • Gman

                  The problem with that is we’d lose major credibility, and considering how hard it is for us getting players here…probably not a good idea.

                • Dan

                   It can only be used on players that were on the roster when the new rule was put in place. Anyone signed pr traded for or drafted after will not qualify. I think it’s Demar, Andrea linas and Amir left.

              • ghost

                Good points…trading DD is a good possibility if they don’t mesh. Including AA in an AB trade would make sense and add some value to the trade because of his small contract. And definitely amnesty Fields if his shot doesn’t come back.

                • Gman

                  Absolutely to all of this except for the Fields amnesty…we can only amnesty players we had when the new CBA happened.  Kleiza, Bargnani and Amir.

            • Gman

              Let’s get them on the court before we decide they don’t have chemistry.  In an uptempo high octane transition offence it might be nice of having two of the most athletic wings in the game.  Have them both slashing and having one of them pulling up for midrange jumpers.  DD’s is getting much better.  

              It’s the absurd assumptions that roll my eyes back in my head.  

              • Dan

                 Adding Gay will help Derozan because now Gay will be the main guy teams game plan for and Demar can get back to working in the post area where he is most effective. Gay will be able to do more for this team too. He was limited playing with two great post guys.

              • FLUXLAND

                 “In an uptempo high octane transition offence”

                Somewhere, Bryan is weeping and looking at his EOY awards.

      • SR

        What the hell?  A marquis small forward?  In what country does the landed nobility play professional basketball?  How many marquis SF’s are there in the world?  Maybe Monaco has one, I don’t know.

        • Gman

          Wow, thanks.  I was afraid that if I misspelled something that somebody who doesn’t have anything substantial to say wouldn’t be there to make fun of me.  And yet your here…we can all breath a sigh of relief.

          • SR

            You meant to type “you’re here” and not “your here.”  Also you want “breathe” instead of “breath.”  

            Keep up the great work, public education system.

            • Gman

              The ironic thing is I’m a professional writer.  I’ve had ten plays produced.  I’ve had pieces of fiction and non-fiction published.  I had a screenplay that was optioned and developed by Universal in LA.  I’ve written songs in Nashville with Grammy winning songwriters… but I still occasionally have to pay somebody just a little bit of money to edit my work.  

              These people are generally talentless detail oriented little hacks just like you…
              and I thank God every day for their existence.  

              • Guest

                And I’m the Queen of England.  Nice try there.  If anything you wrote was worth a damn, you wouldn’t be taking pride in being part of the 99% of the population without any attention to detail.

    • cdub

      Who cares what ESPN says?  First of all there boy Hollinger is now VP of operations for Memphis.   No one in Memphis is happy about this trade, including their coach Lionel Hollins.  The media is full of a bunch of guys with opionions that quite frankly aren’t worth a bag of salt, this site included.

  • FAQ

    Raptors have a mish-mash roster of disparate players now.  It will be interesting how Casey & Staff will mitigate the mess that will undoubtedly unfold as the season grids to a halt.

    DD/Gay.. Bargs/Gay.. Kyle/Lucas.. Fields/AA.. JonasV/Gray.. Amir/Kleiza….. a real cat’s breakfast!!

    • Gman

      Starting line up

      Lowry/ Lucas
      DD (Ross if they had any guts)/Ross/Fields
      JV/Amir or Bargs/ Grey

      I’ll take that team.  Why do you think that is a list of disparate players?  Explain to me why this is disparate and the previous line up wasn’t?  

      Don’t be reactionary without rationale please.

      • ghost

        Check my post above for my reasons…

        • Gman

          Your post doesn’t take into account that some of those players will be traded.  We’re not handcuffed for years.  There’s always options.  Step back from the edge of the cliff…

  • Drstat

    I will miss Jose

    • FAQ

      Jose who..??

  • JAC23

    Usually enjoy reading Arsenalists’s perspective, but his assessment of Rudy Gay was woeful. Let’s face it, Calderon was gone after this year, he’s a free agent anyway. Ed Davis for Rudy Gay, who’s the  better player? Name me a scorer who isn’t a jump shooter. And who else do the Raptors have a shot at for max money?

    • cdashq

      Thank you very much JAC23. I feel the exact same way. Jeez man, we are getting Rudy Gay who’s in the midst of a down season right before the prime of his career. Rudy Gay is going to make all the critics eat major crow. Way to Go RapsFan for assessing this trade properly! This is a good deal. This is a major upgrade. 

  • Rap_Attack

    Does colangelo actually read RR?

  • voy

    how do we convince ownership to play the Senor Chang audio everytime Rudy does anything positive for the team?

  • jacobdrichards4

    This may be a little sad not really caring about how well my team does, but I’m just excited with Rudy, Demar and Terrence were looking at least one good highlight a game. 

    • FAQ

      You got that right …. and all that any of the sweathog players have to do is sink a couple of 3’s and the tribal honking fans will go home happy… and come back for more bball and profitable ACC junk food because they instinctively want to stuff their mouths for oral gratification.

  • schemp

    Good for you and your new Nissan, but you ruined the podcast!