Terrence Ross – TOR
Gerald Green – IND
Eric Bledsoe – LAC
Kenneth Faried – DEN
Jeremy Evans – UTAH
James White – NYK

This here could end up being the highlight of the season. A couple years after DeRozan lost out by a single fan voting percent to Nate Robinson, the Raptors get another crack at this thing in the form of Ross. The rookie, by all accounts, is a better dunker than DeRozan so the Raptors should have a better chance at this. And honestly, I’m not too impressed with Evans but that doesn’t really matter because this guy’s also in the contest. I also like players who make this face after they throw one down – GIF.

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  • profster

    Good luck TR  good chance to make us proud

  • Gman

    So nobody is worried about the fact that Derozan was jobbed out of it by Blake Griffin being picked before the contest actually happened?

  • Urbanmonk15

    No chance against white. I’m sorry. If you don’t know already, YouTube him. T-ross a respectable second. I haven’t seen ross go between the legs from the free throw line so I may be wrong

    • Thornbury

      Just watched James White. Meh

      • cdashq


  • Thornbury

    Looks like a pretty even group to me. No star power. Could work out for TR. none of them are being handed the trophy before the contest like fuckin Griffin’s bullshit win.

  • james white will win this sorry terrence ross

  • James White doesn’t have the same hops anymore.  Those videos were from 5 years ago.  He’s 31 years old now.

    • cdashq



      “Are you stupid?”   *MJ to Jay Leno voice*

  • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

    I got GGreen with TRoss 2nd….JWhite is nasty too.

  • JHP

    I guess it’s the only contest we can be considered for 🙁

  • Barglover

    I think Bargs should be in. Boost up his trade power. He kin jump over a big bowl of primo pasta and soss.

  • “The rookie, by all accounts, is a better dunker than DeRozan”
    Am I the only one who think DeRozan is a better dunker than Ross? DeRozan is creative when it comes to dunks (not in game tho XD ). I seen Ross interview with Matt and he seem disinterest or he doesn’t have the drive to win the dunk contest (maybe he is being modest…who knows )