Well, there you have it, folks. The Raps have now had 3 games since Rudy Gay’s debut: A blowout win against an injured, albeit strong team, a sizeable loss against an NBA championship contender, and a close loss against a low playoff seed. Sound familiar? Yes, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same – but there are a bunch of positives to take away from tonight’s effort, and I’m not just including the surprisingly effective return of Andrea Bargnani (we’ll discuss him in detail in a second, but for now, click here for the Quick Reaction and player grades). But, rather than do this as a traditional post game, let’s instead blow out a mega-version of the classic tried and true “Good, Bad, and Ugly” write-up for the Raptor effort tonight. Because even if the results stay the same, it doesn’t mean that I have to.

The Good: Andrea Bargnani’s return to the Raptors

Il Mago may have been unceremoniously greeted back into the lineup by the ACC faithful (seriously, booing someone who just came back from an injury is cold-blooded), but he responded with the kind of effort that gives Raptor fans faith that he can be an extremely effective bench player while he’s still on the roster (albeit an overpaid one). We’ve seen stat lines like this from Andrea before (5 for 10 shooting, 13 points, a few rebounds, and a couple assists), but what’s noticeably different from his play pre-injury is his acceptance in his role in the flow of the Raptor offense, moving the ball when I fully expected a forced up 3 or long jumper (his only 3 point attempt of the game was an end of the shot clock desperation heave), as well as his effort on the defensive end. He wasn’t rewarded with rebounds tonight, but Andrea’s ability to get his hand in the face of Celtic shooters was a big key to the Raptors’ third quarter surge. Here’s his shot chart for the first half last night, which almost seems too good to be true: Bargs shot chart half

Long term, one game doesn’t change much – he’ll continue to be shopped, and his future with this group beyond the short term is still very much in doubt. That said, I’ll take confident bench scorer Bargnani over disinterested chucker Bargnani every day of the week. Here’s hoping this wasn’t a one game thing.

The Bad: Team defence in the first half

The end of the first half saw the Celtics take a 50-45 lead into the tunnel on the strength of 54% team shooting, with Kevin Garnett the key culprit (14 points on 6 of 9). The Raptor defence played a big part in the Celtics’ hot start, primarily due to some poor matchups (Gray on Garnett, for example) and lethargic man-to-man D at times (DeMar, Lowry, and Gay were all culprits of this). Because Boston’s “bigs” (Garnett, Wilcox, Brandon Bass, and Jeff Green, essentially) are far more mobile on the perimeter than most NBA teams, the Raptors chose to mask both Aaron Gray’s inability to contest long-range Garnett shots by rotating wing players and the Raptor wings’ inability to contest Boston drives (Avery Bradley went by Lowry like he was standing still multiple times, and Terrence Ross got beaten into the lane on 3 straight possessions) by keeping their forwards in the lane and having their wing players play help defence on Boston’s bigs at mid-range. Unfortunately, what this led to, essentially, was Celtic shooters open on the perimeter, and their forwards shooting over smaller Raptor players, which just compounded the problem. Here’s KG’s shot chart in the first half, which effectively illustrates how Boston’s first half went from an offensive standpoint (I promise, just one more shot chart after this):

Garnett shot chart half

The Ugly: John Lucas III

Look, I’m a really big fan of the guy – as a third string point guard. In extended minutes tonight, Lucas looked lost, particularly on offense, where he continued his annoying habit of over-dribbling on the perimeter and effectively rendering the offense stagnant before the possession even begins. He finished a team low -12 tonight in just 10 minutes of action, and though plus/minus is often a deceptive stat, it wasn’t tonight. The Raptors will really need to seek long and hard for another ball-handler at the trade deadline, preferably one who can set up the Raptor offense by slashing through the lane like Lowry did in:

The Good: The Raptors’ small-ball lineup

Whoo, boy, was that fun, hey? With the Raptors up 2 late in the 3rd quarter, they chose to run a Lowry/DeMar/Anderson/Gay/Bargnani lineup out against Boston’s small front-line, and with no Kevin Garnett out to make them pay down low on the defensive end, they were a devastating force – moving the ball well and even rotating adequately on D, and ended the quarter with the Raptors up 10, which was, unfortunately, the last time Casey tried something like this in the game (what about switching Ross for Anderson? Amir for Bargnani?). The nice thing about having Bargnani back is all of the different looks he can give the Raptor offense, and with a player as versatile as Gay playing the 3, some of his deficiencies (rebounding, particularly), can be overlooked for stretches in a lineup like this. Much ado has been made of the Raps’ difficulties with floor spacing this year, but with Bargnani and Anderson (more on him in a bit, but hopefully this will be Ross’ spot in future) spacing the court at the 3 point line (and Bargs’ ability to drive the ball hopefully keeping opposing bigs honest), Gay and DeRozan’s mid-range games, and Lowry’s ability to drive and kick to set up his shooters/slashers, there is a ton of potential for this group at the offensive end. Clearly, there’s still kinks to be worked out, but it was a lot of fun to watch last night.

The Bad: DeMar DeRozan’s shot selection

Maybe he let that ridiculous Matt Devlin “best mid-range shooting guard in the game” comment get to him, but the amount of contested jumpers he took tonight bordered on ridiculous – doubly ridiculous because literally none of them were going in. Here’s his shot chart, which looks like something directed by Eli Roth:

DD shot chart

Yes, that’s 1 for 12 from outside the paint. I hate writing it over and over again, but TAKE THE BALL TO THE FREAKING HOOP.

The Ugly: Casey’s insistence on playing Alan Anderson

As I wrote in my Quick Reaction piece yesterday, Alan Anderson might have a more difficult time figuring out his role in this new Raptor rotation than any other player. With Andrea back, he’s no longer the team’s number one scoring option off the bench, and with Gay on the squad, he’s no longer the crunch time small forward. Last night, his struggles were evident, as he proceeded to chuck up his regular variety of early in the shot clock 3s and long 2s even though there were far more options available to the Raps from an offensive standpoint. Indeed, when the Raptors went on their small-ball run in the 3rd with him on the floor, it seemed like they were intentionally avoiding him on the offensive side of the floor for fear of him throwing up an ill-conceived shot. So, with Anderson playing a mostly ineffective game, and Terrence Ross (more on the rooks in a bit) seemingly a much better fit given the flow of the Raptor offense, what does Casey decide to do? Well, the only thing that makes sense: play him the entire fourth quarter. Along with Lucas, Anderson was the Raptors’ most ineffective player last night, and I’ve always hated these seemingly counterintuitive lineup decisions because to me, they reek of being “safe” – play the vet over the rookie, and even if he plays poorly, that can be your justification. Maybe the order was given from on high to showcase AA for potential trades, as suggested on Twitter, but it was obvious last night that he’ll need to accept his role as a lock-down defender and fourth/fifth scoring option to be effective when the Raps are at full strength.

The Good: The third quarter

Oh, that third quarter. Thirty-four points, compared to just 19 for Boston. A highlight-reel alley-oop from Lowry to DeRozan, followed by a Gay 3/steal combo that led to a DD and-one and a 10 point lead heading into the fourth quarter. A huge offensive rebound for Kyle Lowry that immediately led to a dunk for a cutting Bargnani. An effective man defence followed by a solid small-ball zone. The third quarter was one of the Raptors’ most effective stretches of basketball all season, and was a tantalizing taste of what Raptor fans hoped the Gay trade would bring: stability on the offensive side of the ball. Unfortunately for Raptor fans, it was followed by a quarter that reminded everyone that yes, this is still the same team.

The Bad: The fourth quarter

Casey started the fourth by giving Lowry a break, which I can understand given the fast pace of the third, but, as I mentioned earlier, it succeeded in completely stagnating the offense and giving the Celtics a chance to get back in the game. Lucas’ difficulties running the offense were compounded by Rudy Gay missing two straight 3s early in the shot clock, which effectively ended all the momentum the Raptors had built ending the third. Upon Lowry’s return, the Raps were down in the game and pressing on both sides of the ball, which led to turnovers (6 in the quarter) and easy Boston baskets – essentially the classic case of a savvy veteran team taking a group of young bucks to school, and something that the Raptors have had to deal with all season. Apparently Gay isn’t the answer, though it is reassuring that he has emerged as the Raps’ crunch-time scorer. The puzzle is slowly coming together – but it’s not there quite yet.

The Ugly: Where were the rookies?

Last night’s game seemed like a perfect fit for Terrence Ross – his length would work great in a small-ball zone, and his shot can help stretch the Celtic defence and open up the floor for Toronto’s slashers. Instead, he spent it glued to the bench after getting beaten a few times off the dribble. Ditto for Jonas Valanciunas, who logged just 2 minutes of game time tonight for reasons I can’t quite fathom (maybe they were trying to protect him from Garnett?). I understand the need to protect rookies and play veterans when looking for the win, but the only way to let our young players mature is to let them make mistakes and play through tough match ups – only then will you have a truly sustainable core that can pull out tough games like this one. Forget #LetRossDunk for a second. Let’s start up #LetRossPlay.

The Final Verdict: Lots to like tonight, lots to dislike – yep, it was a Raptors game. The road doesn’t get any easier anytime soon, as the Raps visit the Pacers Friday night.

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  • why

    Play-offs are a pipe dream at this point – the question I will ask at this point is how do The Raptors get better from this point forard?  Clearly with improvement from TR and JV  – only way that will happen is with meaningful playing  time.

    • Nilanka15

      Playoffs were a pipe dream the moment we started 4-19.

      • why

        maybe to me and you however I think the organization believed they had a chance – why else would you play jorneyman like Anderson and Gray ahead of promising young players like Ross and JV?

        • Nilanka15

          I was asking myself that last year too….when we should’ve been tanking.

          • Doc

            That one is on Casey as well. He had to go full out in that last few weeks of the season. He seems like a decent guy and a pretty good basketball coach but he cannot see the forest for the trees. He sees each individual game and not what is best for the organization going forward. That is great if you are a championship calibre team but it’s pretty clear the raptors are not.

          • Dan

             GM trying to save his Job and Coach doing the same.  In the end he will be looked at for wins and losses and not players developed. I don’t agree with it but it’s the way it is.

        • Nilanka15

          How good would Damian Lillard look in a Raps uniform?  😉

          • why

            That is why last season was such a disaster. Ross may ultimately make us eat our words however I would rather have a young player who is really good than a young player who might be really good. 

          • voy

            but we created a winning culture by winning 5 more games last year. 

            the same guys who were complaining about losing close games earlier this year, are the same guys who have zero understanding that this is what young teams do before they get better. 

            you dont become elite by winning 30 games and hoping an alan anderson type of player goes off so you sneak into the playoffs with the 8th seed.  but hey, winning culture.

          • Morgan

            He’d fit right in with the rest of our bad defenders.

  • Ralphstea

    Rudy Gay will play to pad his stats then request a  move on the greener pastures like Carter and Bosh.  That means ..hogging the ball.  Memphis dumped Gay for just that reason.   TO is worse than Cleveland or Memphis for these superstar-wannabe Yanks.  DeRozan is a poor mans Gay.. Please trade Bargs to another team  that I can root for.  (Houston where Kevin McHale could teach him some low post moves) .

    • Nilanka15


      (Troll Of The Day)

      • NyAlesund

         (RD) Almost 50 shots in the last two games…………………Too much

    • Destro

      Your halfway right…I said it when the trade happened…His stats will go up but the team is onyl marginally better with Gay,he still is not an elite/all star player…We will still lose games to bum teams we will still blow leads because he just masks the bigger issues (DEFENSE)

      I still dont thnk this team is a playoff team with him next year….

      • Nilanka15

        They ‘might’ be a playoff team next year…but they’re hardly a lock.  More moves need to be made to balance out the roster.  Nobody should’ve expected an instant transformation just because Gay arrived.

    • pran

      memphis dumped gay b/c they couldn’t afford him, and a lot of people criticized the move. We will trade bargnani to whoever gives us something reasonable for him. If that means boosting his value, by keeping him hear until the offseason than that is what will happen.     

      and do everyone a favor and never comment again, asshole.

      • pran


      • Ralphstea

        I would bet much money that you guys have never played the game…

    • Dan

       Bosh and Carter both resigned. It was management failing to put together a team that gave them a chance to compete that made them want to leave.

  • Eggs

    The Lucas thing is a huge problem. He was solid for the Bulls last year, looked like he’d ba a passable 2nd PG, but man, did he look terrible last night. At this point, I’ve seen enough. We need to trade for Luke Ridnour – not flashy, but good for 15 solid minutes a game, and buried on the bench in Minnesota.

    • why

      I believe Ridanour has a hefty contract he signed after his good year in Milwaukee.  Would an AB for LR and Derrick Williams trade make sense for The Raps and The Wolves?

    • Nilanka15

      How about going after Nolan Smith this summer?

  • Fake fan get free Pizza

    As a TO fan is just embarrassing to boo a player coming in after an injury. Unfortunately the world is full of cowards that screams only when they have no arguments.This sort of fans deserves a mediocre team year after year. Their dream is a black team with Ed Davis reggie Evans Pop Mensa Alan Anderson and Rudy Gay as their favourites players.Wait, because 2weeks ago the same fans didn’t like the trade and were desperate on ED (a top 10PF) going to Memphis to show his greatness….Last night chants were Rudy Rudy Rudy. Next Pizza Pizza for everyone !

    • Nilanka15

      I lied earlier.  THIS is the TOTD.

      • Dumb you

        Why don’t you stop your pile of dog pu and let others make their free comments, incontinent loser.

        • Nilanka15

          Hey, I’m just doing with you’re doing….making free comments.

      • sleepz


    • Arsenalist

      Agreed.  Booing Bargnani was bush league stuff, no matter what you think of him as a player.  Good thing he came in and shut everybody up.

      • Destro

        I was at the game,the boos werent that bad…sounded like jeering and bemoaning more than actual booing like “oooooooooh NOT this guy again”

        • sleepz


        • cdub

          Watching on tv, it sounded more lie a smattering of appluase followed by an erie silience, the boos did not come through really.  it waas probably the same morons who boo tracy mcgtady on the pistons lol.  I used to think it was little kids boing but its been so long now they must be all adults by now, so there went that theory.  Just a bunch of groan men with serious issues.

    • pran

      no need to get all racist. everyone wants the most talented players, regardless of skin color.

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      Fuck you AB!
      You’re the Raptor fans love 2 hate (Ice Cube voice)

      • FAQ

        Fuck you, you shithead moron!!!!  Do your pizzing on Lowry & Lucas.. a couple of pretend PGs.

    • Sig

       Evans Pop.

  • Doc

    One thing BC and DC were talking about early in the year is the hope with the 2 talented rookies. How talented can they be when they lose all their playing time to Alan Anderson and Aaron Grey? It would be one thing if Anderson and Grey were solid NBA veteran players but they are not. They are well below average NBA players so whats up with the talented rookies we were so high on early in the year? We are half way through the season and they don’t get on the court.

  • Nilanka15

    A reoccurring  theme throughout the season has been poor shot selection.  Long twos, contested fade-aways early in the clock, missing wide open teammates, etc.  And it’s not just one player….it’s the whole freaking team.  This problem is magnified when the pressure starts to build late in games.  As a result, we’ve blown 12 fourth quarter leads on the year.

    Not a single player on this roster knows the difference between a good shot and a bad shot.  That’s a coaching issue.

    • cdub

      I agree.  Like when Bargnani went 2-19 that one game agaisnt the spurs, is it his fault he went 2-19 or Caseys fault that he actually let it get to that point?  I know who I blame.  If Bargnani wants to take bad shots and they arent falling (or anybody for that matter)  it’s called a quick hook and a seat on the bench.  Casey is all talk and more concerned with his players feelings then making a decision before it’s way too late….such as continually playing Anderson right now. Last night DeRozan was putridly bad on offense and defense.  If Andrea did that the board would be irate.   Another Casey 4th quarter issue is his bizarre substitutions and bringing his starters back in the game way too late in the 4th.  Last night they actually got back into the game at a decent time, mainly becasue Lucas managed to cough up a 10 pt lead in about 2 minutes as opposed to the usually 5 minutes.

  • Nilanka15

    Anyone catch Leo calling out Matt’s homerism?

    [Matt]: “I think that’s continuation, Leo”

    [Leo]: “Of course you do….”

    • downtown

      yes, that segment really bothers me, year after year. Raptors games TV commentators are humiliating, they sing, discuss beer, cheerleaders, what opponents should do to better themselves, lament on their ‘low’ salaries, road hotel accommodations, hockey, lacrosse, and everything else on this earth except for in-depth team coverage. compared to other NBA TV commentators (NY’s Walt Frasier, for example), guys in Toronto lack eloquence, focus, substance, and, relevance. Each one of their faces says ‘Naked Ambition’. Rautins is the worst. Abbrasive in nature, large ego, sense of coaching entitlement – last night he felt he should be the one who teaches Devlin the broadcasting etiquette, same way he did a few years back with Chuck Swirsky who announced that a player ‘bleeds profusely from the eyebrow’, to which Rautins responded with an avalanche of rebuffs (he thought it wasn’t a serious bleed going on),  that went on and on, and for good 10 minutes. Never mind the game, the score, the Raptors, anything else. Rautins is making the point. About nothing. I would put them all Toronto NBA TV commentators in a quick crash course and make them listen to NY, Denver, and San Antonio broadcasts, if nothing, then to learn how to support their team with a class, describe on court activities in a timely and accurate manner, and to acquire a bit more of the vocabulary.

      • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

        I hope Bell/Rogers cleans house from the front office to the live game broadcasters and brings in a new era of Raptors basketball sans Bargnani, Kleiza, BC, Casey, Gheradini, Stefanski, Kelly, Leo, Matt, Jonesy, Jack, Akil, ESmith.

        Only people I would keep around are Rod Black, Sherm, AWilliams, JYD Williams.

        Get Cabbie involved with the Raptors broadcasts somehow….

        • Why

          If they do clean house agree with you about keeping Sherm – not sure why you wouldn’t want Rod Black to go as well – he is as annoying as Leo.

        • Sig

          Hmm I feel like I’ve heard this before…

        • Statement

          Rod Black blows.

          He’s the basketball equivalent of Buck Martinez.

          • CJT

            I don’t remember Buck ever asking Paul Kariya if he felt that by missing a penalty shot in the Olympics he disgraced the memory of is recently deceased father.  Rod Black on the other hand…….

  • j bean

    JV and TRoss have both shown they can play in the Association. Let them play through their mistakes. The rookies on other teams are developing at a better clip and it reflects on the coaching. Is it Casey’s opinion they don’t have the talent to put in at least 20 mpg? There is no substitute for lessons learned in battle. This isn’t an established winning program where a rook is eased into a rotation. This is a team that needs internal growth from their young players now. It’s hard enough to try and establish yourself as a young guy but when you don’t know if you are playing 2 minutes or 20 minutes it just makes it harder to hit the floor with confidence. The Raptors Rooks have shown promise but if the season ends without more positives from them it is an indictment of Casey’s ability to develop them.


    DeCasper gets reinserted with 4 minutes to go and pulls off his greatest Houdini to date.  There were two plays where he actually started walking away from his team mates and back onto D, before the play was even over.  I guess you turn into a mental midget when you’re abused by Lee. Nice turnovers, too.

    I really can’t wait until next year, when he starts living up to his contract, should be a treat.  #tradeDeBum

    • Destro

      Im not going to suggest he had a good game but he didnt get abused by Lee….He was able to score and get to the line on Lee in the 1st half…..His D was terrible esp early on wiht some terrible decisions to overplay for steals but the notion he was abused by Lee’s defense is incorrect…

      • FLUXLAND

        While you may be interpreting abused as a continual-during-entire game occurrence, the point was the times it did happen, it seemed to be more impactful than anything else, on his performance. 

        He’s cranking out these core-piece-high-minute-inconsequential-on-the-game stat lines, more often than not.  When he’s not on the floor, it looks like a basketball team with far more fluidity.  The ill timed fouling, the turnovers, the inbound pass…he seemed uber momentum killer last night, either by doing nothing at all or chucking. 

        And that has to be a fanboy response, right DeDestro? Something you may even call cesco-like, I assume?
        You know you’re reachin when you’re debating level of atrocious defense.  He was terrible, but he wasn’t abused! Awesome, I feel much better about his abilities.

        • Nilanka15

          I’m thinking the best way to unload Bargnani would be to package him with the “up-and-coming” DeRozan.  I’m sure there are a few GMs around the league who see him as such.

          If not, it won’t be long before we’re in DeRozan’s 7th year, wondering why he still can’t shoot or dribble, while Ross, the superior natural athlete, is playing limited minutes behind him.

          • Destro

            Ross may be a better athlete but he isnt the better basketball player at this time and until he shows more than dunking in tran sition and jacking up 3s theres nothing to talk about….

            • Sig

              Well he’d need actual playing time to do that…

          • FLUXLAND

            Bargs is not going anywhere, IMO.  What you’re hearing now will later translate to “the phones were ringing, but there wasn’t a deal that “made sense”; you can see we’ve done due diligence and we’re an awesome organization always looking to better the team as we more forward”. 

            The constant carousel and revolving door of players will always easily justify chemistry issues as a result of gelling, not as a symptom of lacking vision/plan/etc., all the while it’s sold with positive spin (new) hope and dreams of things only getting better, barring “luck”, of course.

        • Destro

          NO theres a difference between bad defense and getting owned…you just dont know what the difference is or what its effects are which is why you make sarcastic emotionally based replies…

          do you breh !

          • FLUXLAND

            Oh. And that difference contributes to winning or in any sort of positive manner? How exactly? 

            Destro on “sarcastic emotionally based replies”…. now, that’s rich. 

            At least cesco would reply with something far less nonsensical.

  • Dbobb28

    I’m not sure why tanking is an option to some of you guys. We have no draft picks next year unless we hit the top 3 or 15-30 in the first round. Little chance of either. Don’t understand why Casey can’t seem to draw up a normal in bound pass. Two years straight with horrible results, blown timeouts and turnovers. For the people who keep saying “I don’t understand why the fans are booing Bargnani”, it isn’t because of his play. It’s because of his ignorant comments to an Italian newspaper where he put his team down. We badly need a second point guard. Not sure why we had to trade Ed Davis. Memphis has no use for him and didn’t use him to trade to somebody else. He is playing less than 10 minutes a night

  • FAQ

    Where are the forum honkers now calling for Bargs to be traded?   On defense, Bargs was trying to play two positions at the same time to make up for the failures of DDR, AA, RG to defend the corner 3 point shooters.  Many a time I saw Bargs rushing to the corner to cover the corner shooter.. and that’s a 7′, 260# man running and leaping!!!

    The Barg-haters are covered in their own proverbial sh!t now…. sooooo obvious!!

  • RapthoseLeafs

    In keeping with today’s theme, I’d say the “Jekyll – meet – Hyde” analysis, would be more characteristic of certain fan base elements.

    ” a major affective disorder that is characterized by episodes of mania and depression.”


    Since the Rudy Gay arrival, Raps are 1 – 3 against All play-off teams, even though they should’ve been 2-2 …. NBA apology or not.

    – Atlanta (6th-East) – L92-93 …. Where’s the apology for this game?
    – Clippers (3rd-West) – W98-73 … Yes – LAC without Chris Paul, but the fact is, we annihilated them.
    – Vs Miami (1st-East) – L85-100 …. Within 1 basket, less then 4 minutes to go.
    – Vs Boston (7th/8th-East) – L95-99 …. A once proud Celtic team is fighting for the Play-offs. Guys like Garnett would feel humiliated if they didn’t. [Can I change my New Year’s wish?]

    It’s important to remember, that this is ONLY 4 games since Raptors upgraded their weakest position – SF – after many years of suffering. Or at least since I can remember.

    Great teams need time to gel. Good teams need time to gel. Bad teams don’t bother – they just keep blowing it up and rebuilding.

    I have to say, there was a line-up of Kyle, Demar, Gay, Amir & Bargnani that was explosive, while putting up very capable defense. The unfortunate part is, they can’t play the whole game.  Raptor fans need to give this team some time to gel – there’s been s a fairly radical philosophy change from the beginning of the season.


    In the Rapid Recap, Hound commented on a few (pertinent) issues, that I mostly agree with:

    [” TRoss, no real minutes ” ]
    [” AA, too many fucking minutes ” ]

    Ross got burned 3 times in a row. I’d prefer he get time instead of Anderson, but I also believe young players need to learn, and not be handed the reins unfettered.

    [” JV, 2 minutes ” ]
    Something is up here. Is JV really 100% or even close? 2 minutes is still not enough!

    [” Bargs playing 14 straight fucking minutes from 6:30 in third to 4:30 in
    fourth. Why not 8 minutes, a blow, and then 6 minutes. Keep the energy
    up. “]

    Couldn’t agree more. AB looked tired near the end of his shift.

    [” Gay playing too many minutes in a row “]

    On the fence here with this comment. However, as the season wears, his minutes need to be better regulated.

    [” no timeout after Boston scores 5 straight points to start the 4th. I fucking near broke the TV. – Hound “]

    Casey needs a time-out specialist …. tout suite


    In regards to Rudy, the Rapid Recap featured the perfect Point / Counter-Point debate:

    [” This is why the rudy gay trade didn’t make sense. you don’t bring in gay
    when your team is 14 games under .500, you do that before the season,
    or wait until the season is finished. “] – knickz

    [” Players
    like Gay aren’t available whenever you want.  You get him the moment
    you have the chance, and work out the rest of the roster accordingly. “]  – Nilanka.

  • kuzzybear

    The trade was bad, imo. Calderon running an offense where ED,JV,TR learn to move properly and be rewarded with the ball was the CLEAR path to developement. All of the above should be playing min. 20 minutes /game and allowed to play trough mistakes.
    Opps… we don’t have a ouple of those guys anymore!
    The forum participants are screaming for a good backup PG…..  funny, 2 weeks ago PG was the team’s strongest position.

    • Destro

      No it wasnt,what the teams record with that strength at PG ?

      • FAQ

        Regardless, you must agree that the Ratpor’s PG position is disastrous now.. a gaping black hole with low IQ PG pretenders.  Ratpors desperately need a competent PG now.  BC????

        • Nilanka15

          Jose, Nash, Rondo and Paul are really the only “true” (pass-first) PGs left in the league.

          All the other studs (Williams, Westbrook, Parker, Rose, Holiday, Lillard, Jennings, Lawson, etc.) are all “street ballers”.

          I’m not saying Lowry’s the answer, but I’m pretty sure Jose isn’t either.  The bottom line is that teams can win with either style of play…assuming the rest of the roster is assembled in a complimentary fashion.

          • FAQ

            SOOooo…. what’s the solution to the Ratpor’s PG deficiencies??  Ridnour who is being shopped by the TWolves?  Absolutely no!!!

            Somebody from the D-league?  An old FA waiting for the call? Who?

            Now that Bargs appears to be an asset and Jose is gone, WTF is going to happen with the PG conundrum???!!!!

            • Nilanka15

              I guess the first thing is to make a decision on Lowry, but I’m not sure we’ve seen enough to make a decision. 

              In a lost season like this one, I’m ok waiting until the end of the season before evaluating Lowry.  If he’s not the answer, move him this summer.  His contract will make him relatively attractive.

          • Daniel

            You say things that contradict each other. The facts are that we are 3-16 with Lowry starting and 14-16 with Jose starting this season. People rationalize it different ways so they don’t have to face the consequences of interpreting the facts compared with thier expectations. Both are in their 7th or 8th season and they have played exactly as their career has unfolded. Then you are saying that we should wait until the end of the season: why? Lowry will have an epiphany? He will develop court vision and passing skills?
            You correctly state that theoretically teams can win with either facilitators PG’s or scoring first PG’s. History has shown a vast predominance for the former than the latter (I can only think of Parker recently as before the hand-check rules almost all good PG’s were facilitators). You also correctly assume that skills complementarity is essential to any good basketball team. At the same time you are a Lowry fanboy who doesn’t recognize that Lowry doesn’t fit at all with the rest of the roster, composed almost in its entirety of inefficient scorers (Derozan, Gay, Anderson, Ross, Andrea, Lucas and I include Lowry) and PnR bigs (Amir, Jonas). Both categories of players need playmakers to play to their strengths, such as they are.
            You kept supporting Colangelo this summer and blasting everybody with a different opinion. In fact, even now you agree with all the Colangelo’s moves even if you show token “doubts” about how it will all work out. In short, you are representative of the “basketball” community in Toronto and the reason why Colangelo can still have a job in this city.   

            • Nilanka15

              lol, you know me so well….

        • GoingBig

          Allen Iverson is some sort of PG body – how close is he to being of any value as a 2nd PG?

          Latest news (except for mansion loss)


  • DumbassKicker

    The only thing I don’t get from this “game summary” is:
    “Apparently Gay isn’t the answer, though it is reassuring that he has emerged as the Raps’ crunch-time scorer.”

    It’s funny how so many are jumping all over AA’s playing time, and lack pf PT for Ross and JV, but everybody is pretty much staying away from Gay’s “crunch time” scoring in the game being analyzed. Apparently Garrett sees “crunch time scorer” out of last night’s game though. Huh? Not only did he shoot an abysmal 8/24 in the game, but his 4th quarter (crunch time?) went:

    11:41 Gay 3pt Shot: Missed

    10:51 Gay 3pt Shot: Missed

    09:57 Gay Turnover : Bad Pass (2 TO)

    06:19 Gay 3pt Shot: Missed

    05:23 Gay Jump Shot: Missed

    03:12 Gay Turnover : Offensive Charge (3 TO)

    01:32 Gay Jump Shot: Missed Block: Terry (1 BLK)

    00:42.8 Gay Driving Jump shot: Missed

    00:42.7 Gay Tip Shot: Made (25 PTS)

    00:12.9 Gay Driving Jump shot: Missed

    00:09.9 Gay Tip Shot: Missed

    What’s “reassuring” about that?

    • Destro

      To be fair that block by terry should have been a foul and that charge on Pierce should have been a blocking foul….

      • DumbassKicker

        Would you be the same “fair” if Bargnani had a 4th quarter, starting out up by 10, like that?

        Aside from that, I wrote this in specific reference to “it is reassuring that he has emerged as the Raps’ crunch-time scorer”,,,, in a summary of that game. In your opinion, the refs got it wrong on those two plays. I can’t remember those plays well enough to say whether I agree or not, but even if you remove those two plays, how can that statement be any kind of assessment of Rudy’s crunch time play in that game?

    • Daniel

      All that matters in the blogosphere and the mainstream media is the narrative and not the reality.

      • Nilanka15

        The “reality” where Romney wins by a landslide?

  • Statement

    Lowry, Amir are net positive players.  Fields CAN be one, if he can heal his shot.  Rudy also can be one.

    The Raptors have the makings of an above-above average team.  4 of their starters (if you start Fields) have been net positive contributors, are currently, or can be.

    There is a need to jettison Bargs and Demar.  Ross is doing okay (though I’m not as high on him as others are) and Valanciunas will not be good when the “core” of Lowry, Amir and Gay are good.  As such, the Raps need a starting centre, and a back up PF if they are to be in the playoffs.

    This year appears to be all about accumulating talent.  I’m not worried about the results for this year, because Gay is not a good enough player to simply come in an dominate.  He needs time to gel with the rest of the team. 

  • Dan

    They should try to get Ridinour as the back up pg.


    RealGM JUST POSTED POSSIBLE RUMORS OF A ANDREA BOOZER TRADE. Any comments people?? I like but they say boozer has a huge contract.


    Boozer for Andrea ? Comments

    • gradgrind101

      Boozer is too old and his best years are behind him. But if they were to do the deal it would have to look something like this (with or without Butler)

      Boozer(15.0) + Butler(1.1) + Robinson (1.3) = Bargnani(10.0) + Kleiza(4.6) + Haddadi(1.3)
      Nate Robinson’s 1.3 expires this year.

      I might be tempted to do the deal if Butler was included but I doubt Chicago would let him go.

      • Cap

        I think it might be the toughness that the raptors need down low. It might be like when we signed Charles Oakley back in raptor glory days. Plus getting Nate would be a nice backup.

        • gradgrind101

          Still 15 mil this year 15.3 next year and 16.8 for 2014-2015 is a lot and  we still need a legit center until JV is ready. What do you do with Johnson in the meantime. Boozer is good but not exactly what we need. Give me something close to 16 pts and 10 boards in the 5 spot and I’m all in.

  • gradgrind101

    Here is what a better than average coaching staff does consistently…
    1) Manages the clock . Calls timeouts at the right time… Makes the right substitutions at the right time… Doesn’t leave players out too long.

    2) Does not ask more from a player who can’t deliver. He puts players in a position where they can succeed.

    3) Makes quick adjustments when the opposing coach switches things up. 

    4) Prepares his team/players for each game. 

    5) Usually wins close games. Should win more  than 50% of close games. Down the stretch its a matter of preparation, discipline and execution.

    6) Handles player expectations and acts as a buffer for players regarding media and fan pressure/attention.

    7) Develop inexperienced or young talent.

    Since the season is now over and we likely won’t get a draft pick unless we trade let’s focus on moving players who don’t fit our future plans out of the organization and focus on point 7.