Rapcast #133: Colangelo Forgiven? – Dunk-Off – Amir’s Improvement – Post All-Star Target Record

Coming up on the All-Star break, it’s a short one where a bunch is discussed.

Coming up on the All-Star break, it’s a short one where the following is discussed:

  1. Terrence Ross in the dunk comp as a dark horse, we talk about the favorite, Ross’ chances, and the general sentiment towards the dunk contest
  2. Is Rudy Gay the best pure talent Colangelo has ever acquired? Strong case for the affirmative
  3. OKC model comment mentioned in Rapcast
  4. Colangelo…luv
  5. The fans are back on Colangelo’s side, as witnessed by the recent poll where 64% suggested bringing him back next year. What are the two reasons this is the case? Gay is #1, but #2 is…
  6. Revisiting how Bosh walked out and equating it to how OKC handled the same situation with Harden.
  7. Amir Johnson’s foul rate, at-the-rim and short-range finishing percentages, defensive improvement and strength
  8. Looking back at Amir’s extension – is there an apology due to Colangelo, or did he jump the gun on Amir?
  9. Setting a win total based on previous East 8th seed totals, setting a target post-All Star record, and seeing what the Raptors have to do to get there

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (25:30, 9MB). Or just listen below:


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