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Raptors Shopping Kleiza?


In Lithuania his face is on water bottles. In Toronto he rots on the bench. Reports from his homeland have the Raptors looking for a suitor for Linas. Keep shopping guys because the likelihood of us finding that suitor are slim to none at the moment. Thoughts? Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith


Raptors Bid for 2016 All Star Game


According to Doug Smith’s sources, the Toronto Raptors have put in a bid to host the 2016 NBA All Star Game and surrounding weekend events. Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @BlakeMurphyODC


Report: Charlotte Dangling Ben Gordon for Andrea Bargnani


Maybe there’s some GMs converging at the All-Star break and hatching out hatching out trade-rumours in their drunken stupor and then feeding it to Marc Stein. Or maybe Stein is sitting outside Michael Jordan’s office in a white van with ridiculous amount of lab equipment tapping phone calls and internet data packets. Whatever the case,… Read more »


TABROTD: Bargs for Spencer Hawes & His Mullet


Latest rumblings have the Sixers and Raptors talking trade involving Andrea and Spencer Hawes. Besides rocking a mullet ala “Dwayne Schintzius”, what other attributes would interest Raptors fans in Hawes? Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith