I don’t mind ugly as long as ugly means close.  And close it was for the first half where both sides went through extended scoreless spells without the other taking any sort of real advantage.  The solid Indiana defense combined with a Toronto offense lacking direction, continuity, or purpose would usually mean an extended home deficit early.  However, the Raptors managed to stave of that eventuality till the third quarter when Indiana started converting on the high-percentage looks that they were generating all game.

Indiana’s a tough team and things would’ve had to gone almost perfectly for the Raptors to beat them twice in a row.  It was apparent early that both Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan were on schedule for sub-par nights.  For DeRozan, being played tight by Stephenson was too much to overcome and he doesn’t have the handles to make tight-checkers pay, unless his fades are going in.  It’s disappointing how easily he can be taken out of a game by a slightly above-average defender.  He went 2-10 FG. Gay went 5-14 in the first three quarters (fourth was garbage time) and there was some ugly stuff in there.

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Lowry was having trouble running basic pick ‘n rolls due to Hill applying slight pressure near the three-point line, and Hibbert/West doing well to use the time gained by that pressure to negotiate any screen.  It took Lowry completely out of it, and the Raptors went to Gay to initiate the offense (not sure whether this was knowingly or just by chance).  Gay hasn’t shown this to be his strong-suit and the possessions that he initiated usually ended up in a jumper that hit somewhere between the side of the rim and the backboard.

This is a part personnel and part coaching issue.  On the personnel side, we knew we’d miss this aspect of Calderon’s game and obviously overestimated Lowry and the rest of the team’s ability to function in the half-court.  On the coaching side, Casey is being exposed as as having no offensive game-plan.  I realize the Raptors don’t have a low-post presence to draw doubles and swing it around the horn, or even put pressure in the paint, but that doesn’t mean every play is kicked off as a one-on-one move with a hint of a screen.  I’m starting to think that Jose Calderon, while he was here, was basically freestyling and making Casey look credible.

I won’t just complain and will try to offer some solutions:

  1. Get Bargnani in the block because that’s how he’s going to get out of his funk, and not by continually taking jumpers under the scrutiny of fans (yes, the boo-birds were out too)
  2. Practice some plays with Gay and Valanciunas in high-screen situations, where Gay actually turns the corner (and that’s key here!) on Ross’s side, hopefully forcing the defense to make some decisions
  3. Work on getting Gay and DeRozan in the post, because as much as we hear about Gay’s great height advantage and unblockable shot, we’re not seeing it nearly enough.  The sad part is that when he does get in the post, something positive usually happens
  4. Work on some plays where there is guard movement around a big who is able to read and pass.  Teams do this to us all the time where they run double and down screens to create hi-lo situations and other scnearios where you have guards going to the rim without the ball looking for a pass

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The gist of it is that the Raptors shot 18% in the first quarter and 40% for the game, and as much as it was because of Indiana’s great defense, it’s the Raptors that are making themselves very easy to defend.  Granger supplied the offense off the bench for the Pacers in the first half, while Gay had 10 at the break, and DeRozan managed to go 5-8 from the stripe.  Down 5 at the break in an ugly 39-34 game, this was about as close as a scoreline as you might hope.

I’ll spare the Bargnani chatter and say that he got booed by the fans, supported by his teammates, took a patented 22-footer which he missed, played good man-defense on West, and most importantly, ended up with no rebounds in 33 minutes, which is embarrassing and made to look worse since the Raptors were -13 overall.

Hibbert and Johnson were in foul trouble and had three each in the first half, and both picked up their fourth early in the third.  This hurt the Raptors more than it did the Pacers as they’ve come to rely on Amir providing the interior presence and heart.  He looked jaded and worn out, and other than Valanciunas, didn’t get much help in terms of rebounding.  His energy-level was low as well, and we’ll chalk it up to a bad night for a guy who has been solid all year.

Onto the third quarter, and the Pacer high-percentage looks are now falling, and to make matters worse, Gay is suffering from back spasms.  Casey goes to Anderson and DeRozan for offense, who go 1-4 and 0-3, respectively, in the third quarter.  Again, all one-on-one stuff supported by a semi-screen.  Indiana won the third by 9 and the Raptors were down 13 after three.  The lead extended to 19 in the fourth quarter, which was garbage time, confirmed by appearances from Acy and Fields.

Throw in a token Ross 0-fer and  you have the makings of a team that’s still confused about whether it’s rebuilding or contending.  The bottom line is that for this team, as it stands, to have a chance certain things have to go right and when they don’t, ugliness ensues:

  1. Lowry has to play well.  It’s quite simple, he has to be the point guard that the Raptors thought they acquired consistently.  This means that he has to be a scorer who puts pressure on the defense and doesn’t defer to Gay every time (2-5 FG), brings good perimeter defense, and runs the offense in a way that the ball doesn’t get stuck.  For example, he’s got to be more careful as to when he picks up his dribble or passes to guys who are in unfavorable positions.
  2. One of Gay or DeRozan have to be efficient, with the other playing an average game.  Basically, no room for stinkers and since these are the scorers, we’re relying on them for production.
  3. Adequate three-point shooting from either Ross or Anderson.  This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point because if Gay and DeRozan are playing well, it usually means the court is spread well.  The Raptors were 3-11 last night and Indiana did not have to cover much distance to defend anyone.
  4. Rebounding must not suffer when the bench comes in.  The loss of Ed Davis hurts here and it’s amplified when Bargnani is introduced.  I’m not sure Quincy Acy is ready yet but either way, this needs to be addressed.
  5. More, but I’ll stop.

Finally, while we’re putting things in bullet-points, here’s some regarding the TV crew:

  1. Matt Devlin needs to stop finding the silver-lining in everything and directly blaming the refs.  Here’s a tweet which sums up his performance this season:

  2. There is absolutely no need for Leo Rautins and Rod Black to interrupt us every quarter.  They add no value, and only serve to exacerbate watching the Raptors.  I’d rather see more details stats or just plain old replays in that time.
  3. Jack Armstrong needs to focus on what he knows best, the details of what went right/wrong on each play.  Get into the details, Jack.  Talk about the varying types of zone defenses, cross-matchups, matchup strategies, give us the scoop on what the coach is saying on the sidelines, tell us what you’d do in this situation and why.  Do anything but fall into the trap of being a generic color guy, which is what he’s fast becoming.

Thanks for reading. It’s been a long season and other than that stretch after the Gay trade, it’s been a painful one.

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  • SR

    This is like getting a needle under the fingernail.

    • FAQ

      The pieces don’t fit… the deevelopment is flawed… it’s a total mess now… painful to look at ……..

  • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

    Matt Devlin (& Jack too) is the same dude that was promoting eating Corexit contaminated New Orleans sea food a couple of years ago during a Raptors/Hornes broadcast to viewers…….empty corporate MLSE suit that talks BC memo’d particulars out of his ass to the fan base during game broadcasts.

    Matt & Jack are always rambling off on some bullchit story instead of calling the games.

    Anyone that has heard Matty D call NBA playoff games knows he’s following a dumbed down script in the TDot under BC as those broadcast are nite & day to Raptors scripted bullchit.

    Clean house from front office to broadcasters…bring back XXL……


    • Sangaman

      You just dont get it…Lowry DD and Gay are ball hogs and overrated bums especially Gay.  Keep rooting for these guys.. they will be demanding trades soon enough!  Bargs has been sacrficed a the altar of political correctness..Because he is white and Italian he is an appropriate fall guy for this useless team.  Please trade my man Bargs so I can root for that team where in the right mix he will flourish.  About Bargs lack of rebounding…Sure hes not the best BUT If you observe  he often concentrates on blocking his man and letting others get the boards.  ON offense he sits on the three point line (coaches orders)

      • Adriiian

        Don’t agree with everything you said, but one thing is true.

        Bargnani is the scapegoat of this team right now. I know hes having a bad stretch, but the booing will continue. 🙁 This retard was telling me that the biggest problem right now with the Raptors is Bargnani.

        I’d say hes the least of our worries right now.

        • unknown guest

          Yes, yes of course. Least of the worries.

      • pran

        danilo gallinari is white and italian, and the difference between the two players is night and day. 

      • Forza Azzuri

        blocking his man and letting others get the boards
        🙂 you sir are awesome and quite inspirational. I aspire to your unshaking faith. Well done sir. Well done. 

        I hope to follow you to whatever team you will be following as I hope to witness your discussions with those teams fans when Mr. Bargnani blocks out his man and let’s others get the rebounds. Excellent.

      • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

        Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt (Clay Davis voice)

        Wtf are you talking about?

        Keep your facetious assumptions concerning what I do and don’t get to yourself, buddy..

        Barg’s has had 7 seasons of BC’s constant pampering & coddling to show and prove it’s past due time for him to move on.

        Sure he’s not the best? He’s one the worst rebounding 7 footers, if not the worst, in the NBA right now not to speak of his lack of team defensive principals.

         Mr Just Box Out- how far do you lower the bar for this half ass AB to look good in your eyes?


      • ghostdini

        Yeah, Toronto is such a racist city…no room for white people here. What an idiotic remark!

    • sleepz

      When he does games during ghe playoffs he’s great. The moment he touches back down at the ACC he becomes the most annoying play by play guy around.

      Contact no call !!!! (everytime the Raps miss a shot) LOL

  • Destro

    You remember when everyone back in December was saying when the schedule turns over in Jan/Feb ??

    Where are those lames right now ?

    • Arsenalist

      Boy, I love when I’m able to do this:

      If you were thinking that the schedule will somehow turn in our favor and we’ll get all these games back, let me tell you that’s never ever happened in Raptors history. We never win the games we’resupposed to win, and we’ll invariably drop games like Washington at home.


  • JHP

    I agree this franchise  is confused.  Are they rebuilding or trying to contend?  In truth they are doing neither.  They are trying to be tall and short at the same time.  

    It never fails to amaze me how this franchise never has any draft picks!  You would think they abolished the draft after AB was picked.  I guess it’s time to start following the Jays.

  • Nilanka15

    That’s why they call him “The Magician”. Bargnani makes the impossible (i.e. being 7 feet tall, playing 32 minutes, and collecting ZERO rebounds) possible.

    • Guest

      There should be a team fine for that.  I don’t see how it’s even possible.

    • unknown guest

      That. Is. Brilliant. Didn’t know Il Mago was slang for no rebounds!!!

    • Copywryter

      He can turn something into nothing. The only by-product is sauce.

  • StandUpComedian

    I miss José Calderon. I miss Chris Bosh, heck… I miss Jarret Jack.  These last 3 games were such an ordeal to watch… I think I’m done for this season…

  • mountio

    T Ross looks like absolute shit. Thats what happens when you give young guys DNPs and they never know if they will get minutes. His confidence has been totally shot .. and we have one person (and one person only) to blame .. thats Casey. 
    For anyone who is touting the “casey knows best”, “you have to earn your minutes” .. look what its done to our most promising young player. 
    Remember just a couple months ago, this guy put up a couple games with points in the high teens and was hitting is jumper and finishing hard at the the rim. Now, he looks lost and terrible. Great player development, Casey .. 

    • Nilanka15

      There’s only one poster who consistently touts the “Casey knows best” line….

      • DumbassKicker

        LOL, you pick a fight and you’re already down to hyperbolic lame attempts at a sucker punch. hahahahahaha, thanks for making my day.

        Good idea to keep the post short though. Safe way for the master flip flopper to avoid flip flopping within a single post, like you did yesterday.

    • Kujo

      It’s a joke Alan Anderson is getting minutes over Ross.  We can only hope that once the Raps realize they are not making the playoffs (hopefully it’s well before we are mathematically eliminated) he’ll start getting a lot of minutes.  Casey is ruining this kids development.

      • DumbassKicker

        yeah, just like rookie year coaches ruined the development of Kobe, Nash, Stockton, Nowitski, Alex English………

    • DumbassKicker

      Paid your daily visit to rant yet again about how Casey is ruining Ross’s development, eh.

      Yes, he’s had some DNPs, 5 out of 59 games, with at least a couple of them due to illness/injury, but hey, let’s whine every day about those 2-3 games that he didn’t get on the floor. Beyond that, he’s averaging 16.4 MPG, which is sure to go up as the season winds down, let’s say bringing it up to 18 MPG as a ballpark.

      With that in mind, do you think the following players’ development was ruined or stunted because of their rookie year minutes?

      Kobe 15.5
      Nash 10.5
      Alex English 10.8 and 2nd year of 18.9
      Stockton 18.2
      Nowitski 20.4

      Those are all current or future HOFers, so it seems their rookie year coaches didn’t mess them up. How about some other pretty good players:

      Jermaine O’Neil (6 All Star games) first 4 years of 10.2/13.5/8.9/12.3 MPG
      Dell Curry 9.5 MPG
      Zack Randolph 5.8 and 16.9 his 2nd year
      Al Jefferson 14.8 and 18.0 his 2nd year
      Millsap 18.0
      Ibaka 18.1
      Noah 20.7
      Batum 18.4
      David Lee 16.9
      Paul George 20.7
      Tyson Chandler 19.6
      Varejao 16.0 and 15.8 his 2nd year
      Sefolosha 12.2 and 20.8 his 2nd year

      So according to your reasoning, all these players’ development was ruined or stunted because of low rookie minutes?

      • sleepz

        Do you think Ross will become as good as any of those players you’ve listed minus Thabo?

        • ghostdini

          What’s your point sleepz? Do you think he should get more playing because his ceiling is lower than those other guys? 

        • DumbassKicker

          As “ghostdini” already pointed out, you either missed the point. Or are you trying what seems a common tactic around here: re-direct the conversation to something I think I can win, even if it’s irrelevant to the essence of the discussion.

      • mountio

        ho-lee. Ok .. so you found a few NBA players that didnt have huge minutes and turned out to be good/great NBA players. I could go ahead and name hundreds of great NBA players that got more PT in their rookie years and turned out great. So, whose argument is better? Id take mine, where (Im guessing) 80-90% of allstar type players got consistent minutes as rookies. You have essentially picked out the list of late bloomers .. and yes, I agree they turned out well. A couple of other observations
        – Most of these guys are lower picks (ie 10th or worse) .. a couple (Chandler, Dirk) were top 5 picks, but came into the league young / out of high school, so it would make sense their development is a little slower. T Ross has two years of college 
        – T Ross’s minutes lately (where I have the greatest issue) are WAY lower than these guys. If he was still playing 20ish mins a night, Id be ok with that. Before last night, the last 10 games he had 0,6,0,14,3,4, 14,8,18,5 mins. Thats an average of 8 MPG!! WAAAAY below any of the guys you mention
        – Compare that to the other top picks this year AD (27), MKG (25), BB (31), DW ( 29), DL (38), HB (25) vs TR (16 mpg .. and 8 mpg over the last 10 games) .. do all of the other coaches have it wrong or does Casey? And its not like the raps are a better team, in fact, many of these teams are much better than us (thus “earning” minutes should be harder). The only top pick thats close is Robinson (15 mins) .. who Sac thinks is so shitty they traded him for a bag of balls to Houston. 
        – Look at the above numbers and think to yourself does this look like the right PT for an “untouchable” trade piece? One way or the other, there is a massive disconnect between his apparent value (which I believe in) and his time on the court. 

        • DumbassKicker

          LOL, miss the point much? I hadn’t realize you had a long list of qualifications for targeting your expert opinion of how Casey is ruining Ross, but let’s have a look at your reasoning and multiple cloaks of qualifications you now wish to wiggle into.

          “I could go ahead and name hundreds of great NBA players that got more PT in their rookie years and turned out great.”

          Please do, and I’ll name multiple of those hundreds that fit your PT as rookies scenario, and turned out to be scrubs, including many very high draft picks. But you miss the point. You see, I’m not ranting that big minutes ruins rookies. You’re ranting every other day about how Casey is messing up Ross because of lack of minutes.
          Since you seem unable to grasp that rookies aren’t all made from the same mold, and the only knowledge you have of Ross, outside of him playing like a star struck teen, is what you read and his minutes that you say are messing him up, I gave you some fine examples of players whose development wasn’t stunted because of low initial playing time. Get it yet? The only legit knowledge you have of the kid is his playing time, and my examples show that rookie playing time alone is no criteria to judge whether it’s wise or dumb toward his development.

          You follow that with “So, whose argument is better?”

          Well, yours isn’t good at all, in fact out to lunch naive and short-sighted.

          “Most of these guys are lower picks (ie 10th or worse) .. a couple
          (Chandler, Dirk) were top 5 picks, but came into the league young / out
          of high school, so it would make sense their development is a little
          slower. T Ross has two years of college ”

          So now you wish say that judgement of NBA rookie playing time should be based on such things as what pick he was drafted at and how many years he has under his belt of playing with/against boys, the vast majority of whom will never see a pro basketball court except from the stands? *shaking head* Personally, I’m glad people with many years of NBA experience, working with many different players, prefer to lend more weight to what they see on the practice court every day, and what they experience with the rookies mental make-up every day. Get it? Base development decisions on detailed knowledge of where he’s at right now, in both physical and mental development, rather draft position and age. You may as well make those decisions based on whether he was breast fed or not, and your guessing game would be just as accuarte.

          ” T Ross’s minutes lately (where I have the greatest issue) are WAY lower
          than these guys. If he was still playing 20ish mins a night, Id be ok
          with that. Before last night, the last 10 games he had 0,6,0,14,3,4,
          14,8,18,5 mins. Thats an average of 8 MPG!! WAAAAY below any of the guys
          you mention”

          So now you want to select a small window at a certain point of the season and compare it to the total season of other players. That’s nothing but getting desperate to prove…………… a moot point anyway (see above)

          “Compare that to the other top picks this year AD (27), MKG (25), BB
          (31), DW ( 29), DL (38), HB (25) vs TR (16 mpg .. and 8 mpg over the
          last 10 games) .. do all of the other coaches have it wrong or does
          Casey? And its not like the raps are a better team, in fact, many of
          these teams are much better than us (thus “earning” minutes should be
          harder). The only top pick thats close is Robinson (15 mins) .. who Sac
          thinks is so shitty they traded him for a bag of balls to Houston.”

          In case you missed it earlier, I’m not the one trying to say anybody has it wrong. That’s your schtick. I recognize that each player is a different human being, with a different physical make-up, different mental make-up, coming from a different young lifetime of experience and influences, playing for different teams, that face entirely different circumstances, …………… To compare one player to another as if player “x” development needs are the same as player “y” development needs is like saying apples and oranges are both fruit and should be used the same way. Here’s the thing: If any of the players you cite turn out in a few years to be flame-outs, a la Tyrus Thomas, Morrison and a multitude of others (it happens EVERY draft), would it be valid for me to say that it was because they were given big rookie minutes? I didn’t think so.

          “Look at the above numbers and think to yourself does this look like the
          right PT for an “untouchable” trade piece? One way or the other, there
          is a massive disconnect between his apparent value (which I believe in)
          and his time on the court. ”

          I very much believe in his future value, but see all of the above, especially the examples that I previously illustrated as not having been messed up based on lower rookie playing time. Whatever label you or anybody else has put on him, his individual physical and mental readiness for the NBA overrides it, and his coach has a fuck of a lot of intimate knowledge and experience about that, that you don’t from your couch.

          • mountio

            Im not sure where to go with you. On the one hand, you make some reasoned points .. on the other, you throw out ludicrous statements. 
            Suggesting that whether or not someone is breastfed is as relevant to their PT as a rookie as whether or not they are 19 out of high school or 23 with four years of college is crazy. Not just the 4 years of competition, but the four years of development (physically, mentally, emotionally) are HUGE in the context of an NBA career, which typically lasts until someones mid 30s. If you cant see that, Im not sure what you are blinded by. 
            In addition, draft spot is also extremely relevant to rookie PT (the higher picks being the most NBA ready and the lower picks (by virtue of the fact they are picked lower) usually are either raw or dont appear to have as high a talent level as higher picks)
            And how is looking at the last 10 games cherry picking to prove my point?  The last 12 (inc 4 mins last night) is the MOST relevant timeframe to look at, since we made the Gay trade and Casey has clearly changed TR minutes. 
            As to the rest of this .. its getting exhausting .. but Ill leave it at this. You think that a rook develops better playing 10 mins a game. I think they should get 20+. 
            You think Casey knows best. I think he has a bias against rooks (“vets win games”). Hes said it many times and shows it in how hes played TR and JV. 
            I think hes misguided for 2 reasons. 1) we shouldnt care about winning games this year .. we arent making the playoffs anyways and 2) I actually think that (admittedly with some growing pains along the way), TR and JV playing heavy minutes give this team the best chance to win (both near and long term). 

            • DumbassKicker

              *sigh* *shaking head*

              “Suggesting that whether or not someone is breastfed is as relevant to their PT….. ”

              You actually take that literally and don’t see it as exaggerated rhetoric to try and hammer home the point that simplistic arbitrary criteria is no way to determine any individual player’s development needs? Obviously so, as it seems most of what I said is flying way over your head.

              “As to the rest of this .. its getting exhausting .. but Ill leave it at
              this. You think that a rook develops better playing 10 mins a game. I
              think they should get 20+. ”

              It really is mind blowing that you continue to say that my opinion is quite contrary to the reality of what I’m saying.

              I’m not going to respond to the rest of this. I see no point in continuing to run around in the circle created by the thinking rut you are in. I don’t know if your opinion, that you choose to rant about every other day, is as the result of naive youth, underdeveloped mind, or internet mind-fucking troll. I’ll err towards the first, apologize for trying to open your eyes to a bigger picture too soon, and wish you luck in your growth

              • mountio

                Fair enough. I wish you the best watching AA chuck continually throughout the rest of the year. I on the other hand, will be hoping every day, for the sake of the team, that TR starts to actually get some PT

      • ghostdini

        Agree 100%. All the dudes clammering for playing time for Ross blows my mind. He’s getting rookie minutes for a rookie who can only shoot threes. It’s gonna take 3-4 years before Ross turns into a decent player. I can’t see him having a breakout season next year when he hasn’t really shown much this year. 

        • mountio

          Hasnt shown much? When given PT, Id see hes had some pretty good signs. He takes the ball stronger to the hoop than anyone on the team (especially in the open court). There is no doubt about his athleticism. 
          Hes shown signs of great shooting nights including 6/9 from 3 for 26 pts against portland and 4 for 5 from three for 18 against Orlando for example. The eye test tells you he has a great stroke also that suggests he could be a good shooter long term in this league (whereas DD for example, simply does not). Ill grant you, hes been extremely inconsistent (especially the last 10 games when hes getting yanked after only a few mins .. but even early when he was getting better minutes). But, thats what you get some rookies. Some good, some bad, some in between. This is precisely why is driving me bat shit crazy that Casey isnt letting him play through it so we can see some of those great performances again. 
          So .. I think to say he hasnt really shown much I think is not fair. To call him inconsistent, totally fair. 
          However, the more important point is that this team, due to BCs stupid signings (LF, LK, AB extension) has essentially no flexibility. So, the only way we improve and become good is if our best talent young players (TR, JV) develop. So, WTF are they BOTH playing WAY less minutes than they should be????

          • ghostdini

            I agree he has a nice stroke and should develop into a solid 3point threat. He does take the ball strong to the hoop in the open court but I wouldn’t rate this to high because the majority of players in the league can do this. His athleticism is off the charts but will it translate to the NBA game. He still can’t create his own shot, no dribble penetration, hasn’t really shown an ability to pass or rebound well and like Derozan his handles are suspect. I think he’ll need 3-4 years before we can see his true potential. But I am hopeful about his perimeter defense.

  • ppellico

    good write….except

    for the silly fox news thng.
    this sort of nonesense give yet another blind eye to the fact ALL other news sorces give the wet one to the democratic party.
    And poinint out just one one-sided team is the same as giving a free pass to the other team.
    Not really fair and perhaps showing the writer’s own glowing ignorance and lack of insight.

    • Copywryter

      Standard right wing victimization argument and equally ignorant. So how exactly did the U.S. elect Reagan and the Bush League amid this hostile media environment? 

      Fox repeatedly airs utter nonsense and borderline slander for its legions of truthers and the tin foil hat crowd. It’s partisan pandering and outright fabrication for ratings. Worse, all that rightist jib-jab has pushed authentic news sources harder to the left. 

      Fox “News” is the worst thing to happen to politics in the last 40 years. 

      • Ppellico

        wow…totally missing the point and infused with illogical example.
        Look…have not the energy to begin an argument with this.
        However, you missed the point. And you can as an independant thinking human look up any number of media studies to easily find my position backed up statistically.
        And if you are unable or unwilling to see how journalism majors are initially liberal is unworthy of a battle on my part.
        It is stupid for me to have attempted to help you here.

        • Copywryter

          Independant is not a word. Infused with illogical? 

          Of course the media is liberal. Journalism majors are liberal because education demands critical thinking and analysis (or at least used to). Most academics are liberal and this includes scientists.  
          Education pushes people to the left. Right-wing voters in the U.S. are poorer, less educated and southern.  See election, 2012. 

          “It is stupid for me to have attempted to help you here.”

          You’re half right.

          • morons

            raptors republic: where retards come to discuss U.S politics and media.

            • Ppellico

              yes…you are right.
              this site is not the place for politics.
              and “retards” is a pretty good example of the limited and undeveloped here.
              however, it was initially a response by me directly to a line used in the story.
              are you suggesting that was wrong from the start?
              but idiotic statements like Fox news being an extention of a party or that the larger main meida is not slanted is delierious. 
              if requested, i can produce the studies…and not just statements like responders.
              if interested, I will.

        • ghostdini

          Dude, the difference between the two are huge. Fox News is an extension of the far-right Republican Party, pandering and spewing lies, hence hiring and then later firing Sarah Palin who has never said anything intelligent in her life. While liberal news organizations might lean to the left, they still stick to the facts.

  • ppellico

    what should be considered “basic” ball skill? Shouldn’t being able to do inside/out ball, or even good solid picks or pick n rolls considered basic basketball and should be able to be run regardless of new personnel on the team?
    Shouldn’t the PG and floor leaders understand even the very basic since high school plays?

    Shouldn’t a coach come close to divorce from spending so many hours in the gym watching videos and learning each and every player’s skills (or lack of) well enough that INSTANTLY he can recognize a better floor combination of his available players and then put the BEST combination out?

    Casey saf aGREAT BIG  failure here. I see him putting the most horrid groups out on the floor AND LEAVING THEM to fail.

  • Raptogram

    I know the story is old, and over-worn.

    I also know that there are still some structural issues with the current roster.

    However, the main problem right now is no team chemistry, no team fire, no team drive. 

    Individual efforts are to be lauded, but team play is more than a group of individuals putting in a great effort. It’s synergy, the team playing as one, where the sum is greater than the parts. 

    The X’s and O’s have to be there, but it’s more than just strategy. The coach is doing his thing, the players are meshing, everything is operating at a high level, everyone is on the same page.

    Right now, the chemistry just isn’t there.

    Hmm, is it possible that there’s a bad apple in the bushel? Could, let’s say for the sake of argument,  the AB bashers be right? Is it, indeed, well past time to get rid of the poison? Just asking….

    • Copywryter

      Removing AB does nothing unless we can get in the Delorean and do it 5 years ago. 

      The team plays hard. There is fire and drive. Our players simply aren’t that good. Our coach isn’t that good. Our team is…well you can connect the dots. 

      And now we’ve sacrificed the foreseeable future for a quick fix. We’re rebuilding. We’re not. We’re accelerating  We’re not. We end up doing the basketball cha-cha. 

      I haven’t felt really good (that is, hopeful) about this team since the early Bosh years. 

      • ghostdini

        What I’m trying to figure out is what happened to KL. His numbers in Houston were drastically better. He was touted as a borderline all-star and a lock-down defender. What happened!?

        • unknown guest

          This is reaching but I will guess that Klow, as well as some of the other guys have lost any sort of “identity”.

          Lowry looks like he’s unsure of what he’s supposed to be/do. 

  • Daniel

    Idiots know they lost something when they don’t have it. Intelligent people try not to lose something they know it’s valuable to them. Colangelo tried to trade Jose the last 3 seasons and proclaimed publicly Raptors need a “PG of the future”. Had he acquired Nash he would have amnestied Jose. The level of idiocy among the management and the fanbase is astonishing. Now people realize the Raptors have no playmakers and that the game of basketball requires at least one playmaker in any lineup. The Raptors without Jose play the ugliest mother f….basketball I’ve ever seen. Thank God for the League Pass.

    • cdub

      Daniel I really don’t understand the point you continually try to make.   Detroit is still losing with Jose.  The raptors would still be losing with Jose.  He can’t defend, he can’t penetrate, he can’t run the half court under pressure, he can’t run the fast break, he can’t create his own shot..  I’m not saying Lowry or DC non existent offense is the answer, but Jose is not either.

      • j bean

        Not only is Detroit losing Jose isn’t playing well. 
        Daniels redundant posts where everyone is an idiot that doesn’t have the same fascination with Jose go on and on. 
        If all the idiots would only have listened to him the Raptors wouldn’t be losing. 

        • Adriiian

          I guarantee you that if Lowry would have departed to Detroit, and Jose would have stayed with Gay here, this team would have been much, much better.

          FUCK. If he got Lowry + Davis for Gay, I might even say, GREATEST TRADE OF ALL TIME.
          But that wouldn’t have happened. Why would any team want Lowry? Play-making Guard, the guy can’t do that. 

          • Copywryter

            How does Jose make Gay better? Jose’s bread and butter is the pick and roll, that’s not Gay’s strength. Gay doesn’t pass, so a distributor like Jose isn’t as effective. Gay shoots more jump shots, Jose was an average rebounder (even that’s a stretch) 

            The only upside I see is that Gay gets the ball in better spots, which ameliorates his poor shot selection. 

            I don’t think Lowry is better than Jose, I just don’t see how Jose makes Gay better.

            • unknown guest

              +1 “How does Jose make Gay better? Jose’s bread and butter is the pick and roll, that’s not Gay’s strength”

            • The Truth

              It’s not really that he would make Gay any better but that he would get some production out of everybody else on the floor. At the moment our entire offensive set is hand off for an ISO and a long two, more often than not over at least one defender.

              Either way he’s gone, but I think we need Lowry to evolve his game a bit more if he is really the solution at PG.

              • unknown guest

                Not just Klow, but the starters/players need to trust each other more.

                Ex. JV was getting the ball early in the 1st but would miss, or turn over the ball, so he was then actually open, he got looked off by RG, Klow, etc.RG and DD don’t play enough off each other–sure there’s a nice pass once in awhile, but would be nice to see ’em set picks/screens for each other every few playsAA and JL3. When their shots fall, great. When they don’t… they need to pass the ball.

              • ghostdini


              • ghostdini

                When everybody touches the ball and the ball keeps moving it’s a lot harder to defend.

            • ghostdini

              You answered your own question but were too dumb to realize it.  “Gay gets the ball in better spots.” That’s what a point guard is supposed to do. Hence, then his shot selection would be better.

            • NyAlesund

               The truth has right. Also, do you see any pnr since Calderon’s departure?

              We add Gay and we lost the pnr and pap situations.

          • j bean

            Your guarantee isn’t worth much. Nobody can say what would happen if Jose was still here. What we do know with certainty is that Jose had little success in running a team that won half their games. Since he left the Raptors winning percentage is over. 500 and the Pistons aren’t playing better since his arrival.

      • ghostdini

        JC was a very good faciltator/ditributor and shooter and made other players around him better. Did you notice the team chemistry after KL got injured. Everybody got touches in their sweet spots. The team was actually fun to watch. As for JC not winning with Toronto or Detroit. There are only a handful of players in the league that can single- handedly turn a losing team into a winning team. They are called superstars. Rudy Gay is considered a borderline all-star and he cannot right the ship. Paul Pierce lost for years in Boston before they added Garnet and Allen. Wade was losing in Miami before Lebron and Bosh. Anybody who says Calderon never won anything in Toronto or Detroit is completely dense.

        • NyAlesund


        • Adriiian

          Thank you. +2

      • NyAlesund

         Josè is not Magic……He is a valuable PG that can improve their teammates. This is not mean victories expecially when the roster is mediocre. The Pistons don’t win now, not for Josè’s inability but for lack of talent. Exactly when the spanish fella was a Rapts’ player.

        Imagine him now alongside Gay. Better team, better PG, better results.

        Lowry is simply a comboguard………….unfortunately………

    • Adriiian

      Thank you Daniel.

  • 511

    Good comments on the TV crew. Wish they’d take them to heart.  

    This would’ve been the fourth consecutive game against Indiana decided by two points and the third consecutive time that we’d beaten them. Had we kept the difference to two. And had we won. 

    I did something I don’t usually do … until recently. For the second or third time in a row I turned it off during the latter part of the first half. Turned the bigscreen off and the cable box off; turned the lights off in what the missus calls the man-cave and I went upstairs to catch up on the dvr’d shows that she and I like to watch. I checked a couple times to see what the score was but that was about it. And if I’ve ever done that before, it’s been a long time since. A diehard, I am. Usually. 

    But it started to feel done for me. I’ll want to look in tonight I figure but … last night, that’s how it felt. 

    I could only remember a part of this line and I wasn’t sure which movie I knew it from so I googled it. And … of course. -> “I’ve been around, you know. There was a time when I could see and I have seen … boys like these, younger than these; their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there is nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that.” Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino). 

    Don’t know how much of a stretch it might be, doesn’t matter, but … I see a guy on the floor who kind of fits that. As well, I see teammates who know it and who are, or might be, as somewhat downhearted about it as I am. Players who maybe wonder how we – their fans, Raptors fans – don’t seem to get how the relationship between them and us — the players and the fans — is a real thing. Almost a tangible thing that lives and breathes on its own. 

    We know the players will be gone one day and we’ll have only the memories of all that happened; whatever kinds of energies – all the different kinds there are – we fed them as needed and how they responded to it … and we know they will have the same kinds of memories. From their own very different perspectives of being on the floor, of course. 

    These players of ours will always remember. When they’re old and grey, they’ll remember when they were a part of the Raptors and for a short while, for a handful of games or so, their very own fans booed one of their own. One of our own. 

    It might be my own crazy perspective on things, I dunno. But what I do know is, if it was even you out there playing for the Raptors, bringing whatever shitty game you might have to the floor … if you had the jersey on, while you did, you’re one of ours while you’re here, one of mine. And I’d cheer for your sorry ass every time you went out there. I might bitch about you in places like this, yes … but at the game, I’d cheer you on. Anything less is not something I could even consider. 

    Maybe that’s why when I hear the boos directed at one of our own … and when I can sense and almost see the sinking feeling that the rest of our team tries hard not to recognize, it gets difficult for me to watch. 

    Booing a player on another team has an element of fun to it. Booing one of our own never does. I suspect some fans mistake the two things as being similar. But they are each very separate and distinctively different. 

    The booing we hear from the mostly unseen sections of the stands is more than just yahoos letting off steam, even if that’s what even they think it only is. It’s an energy that transfers. We don’t need laws of science to tell us this is true (even though there are) because we can see it right there on the floor. Plain as day. 

    Scientists can prove in a lab that every single one of us is more than just connected; every single one of us is actually a part of a single organism. This is a (quantum) scientific fact. 

    So, we, as fans, have a role in all of it. We bear a certain amount of responsibility for what goes on out there on the floor. Choose not to see it if you like. But denying it doesn’t make it not-so. We are connected. Players and fans, writers and readers, every one of us. A part of each other, if you will.  

    So … if you know anyone who boos a Raptor at a Raptors game … please tell him or her to stop with that fucking shit once and for all, please. The past does not have to equal the future. Where there’s life there’s hope. All that shit. Cuz it’s true. Hope you have a nice day. Go Raps. 

  • Steve

    Completely agreed with everything said, including the commentary issues. We need chuck back!!

  • Duncan

    raps need to focus on developing ross and JV. we need a post presence, JV can become that. we need bench scoring, Ross can become that. now we need a backup who can run the offense well and create for others. 

    • ghostdini

      Ross is barely a spot up 3point shooter at the moment. Don’t get too excited about his development. Probably gonna take  3-4 years.

  • Darien

    What happened to all those guys who were shouting down anyone who disagreed that Gay was the saviour of this team? Reality’s a bitch, isn’t it? Too many times you see Lowry just hand the ball off to Gay and hope that his long contested jumper rattles in. That’s the whole “play”! You might as well just hand the ball back to the other team. I don’t know if Gay has handles to get to the rim every time, but his shot selection is abysmal.

    In other news, the Raptors are now back to where they were with Chris Bosh. Mediocrity-ville for the next 3 years (minimum) and then a long painful rebuild for the next 5 after that.

    • ghostdini


    • Phat AlberG

      Dude Reality is you have a coach who is a complete idiot!  He never run post plays, he has man crush on Alan Anderson and he doesn’t have the balls to bench Bargnani.  The coaching staff needs to get fired, who ever makes decision needs to fired as well.  This team is a fucking joke!

      • Adriiian

        Its funny how we are all mentioning reality.

        We all have our opinions.

        “Reality is just a shared illusion.”

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