What will Dwane Casey give us next?

Raptors host the Cavs at 6 p.m. on Sportsnet One. Discuss.

Sorry…thought I’d watch SNL and the WBC instead of doing a proper pre-game. Full refunds available. We’ll be on the twitters and back for quick and post game, though.

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  • unknown guest

    Let’s see, a lot of ball movement early, leading to easy baskets. JV gets it going down low, and Rudy-DD show us what they can do playing off each other. Raps blow game open with a 20 point lead.

    Casey goes to the bench, electing to go small ball. Cavs fight back and make it a 2 possession game. 2 timeouts are called, the 1st after the Cavs go 10-0, the 2nd when the Cavs go 5-0. JV sits, Amir is in foul trouble, and Gray is the only big on the floor. JL3 and AA get heavy minutes, TRoss gets pulled after 2 mins.

    Second half starts slow for both teams. No shots are made from the floor, with the only points from the foul line. Cavs now lead by 6 going into the 4th.

    Casey goes JL3, Klow, Gay, AA, and Amir.

    • Duncan

      thats probs gonna happen… casey needs to go

  • SwishCheeze

    I hope that does happen. I hope gay goes 6 for 30 today and I hope it continues to happen for the rest of the season thus making it impossible to make an argument for keeping BC, Gay or Casey!

  • Roarque

    Now for some suggestions from the fan base:

    Important to use this time remaining in 2013 season to establish some groundrules for the future sooooo,

    Gay starts and gets yanked using the same criteria used to yank TRoss, ie, miss more than one jimmy brick and you sit.
    Jonesy is allowed to play continuously until he fouls out – he makes it to early Q4, replace him as needed with Aaron Gray
    AA is not used until TRoss gets to play 8 consecutive minutes Рafter that time, use above Rudy criteria for being yanked
    Start Amir at Power Forward
    Leave Amir at Power Forward
    Leave Amir at Power Forward
    Still leave Amir at Power Forward
    Finish game with Amir at Power Forward

    Free pizza if Kyle records 15 assists
    No practice tomorrow if team records 30 assists

    Repeat for the remainder of 2013

  • Sarcastic Fan

    This is, so far, the worst case of Raptors basketball I’ve ever witnessed.