• enlightenment

    They close out on him fast!!

  • Buschfire

    Haha love the reaction of the guy sitting on the baseline  3rd row back in the white hoodie! Awesome.

  • Deadallus

    Umm…..why doesn’t he do this more.  I have to say I’m a tad disappointed in Ross.  He is too content to chuck 3’s.  He should be driving and bangin’ on everyone in the immediate area.  Including white hoodie guy.

    • vino


      • WhiteVegas

        Exactly, we should all be stoked to see him doing stuff like this his rookie year. He’s got all the tools, he just needs to put them together in the offseason. I expect big gains from Ross next year.

  • pong

    To be fair, terry isn’t the greatest defender. Still, it is a nice move

  • Duncan

    can’t wait to see what he can do in his second season!