Sorry for the late posting – hopefully you noticed the podcast on the sidebar and/or in iTunes by now.

Anyway, new team member Tim W hopped on the podcast with me this week to chat about the future of the Raptors, including:

*Jonas’ development and improvement throughout the year
*DeRozan’s improvement as a playmaker
*Can Gay and DeRozan co-exist in an effective offense?
*Assuming this is the core, what do you target in the summer?
*Assuming this is NOT the core, what do you do this summer?
*A hair-brained and elaborate scheme to get Andrew Wiggins
*Weekend preview
*Much more

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (28:20, 10 MB). Or just listen below:

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13 Responses to “Rapcast #147 – Jonas and the Future”

  1. KJ-B

    Starting to think that getting Gay/keeping #7 might be a stroke of ignorant genius… Gay will be an expiring monster contract which teams will covet in 2014 and #7 will be viewed as a restoration project who some GM will use against him to try to re-sign him on the cheap…All that losing, can only spell one thing: F-R-A-N-C-H-I-S-E P-L-A-Y-E-R in 2014 draft,

    Wiggins, Parker, Andrew Harrison (not to be confused with twin Aaron), Julius Randle–it’s a good time to finish strong Raps to hand OKC a sucky pick and lose, lose, lose in 2014…BECAUSE THIS AIN’T A WINNING COMBO OF NBA BASKETBALL STARRING RUDY GAY. ALAN ANDERSON feat. Dwane Casey directed by you know who…

    • Tim W.

      The only problem is that expiring contracts aren’t worth much, nowadays, and Rudy’s contract doesn’t expire for another two years. That means it will be too late for the 2014 draft. In the NBA, timing is paramount, and Colangelo has had awful timing. And that trend seems to be continuing.

      • KJ-B

        On the surface the #’s may speak to your theory but what the numbers cannot accurately interpret is basketball culture and change of philosophy… Could the figures have predicted the new reality in the changing of the guard with Danny Ferry in Atlanta & Joe Johnson became expendable and they will let Josh Smith, in all likelihood walk this summer? What about spots like Brooklyn, if they underachieve, does an expiring contract look more appealing than the anchor bolt of Deron Williams??

        There will be amazing opportunities for the Raps to get basketball rich if they hold onto their assets for an additional summer when the luxury tax really starts to take hold, and increase their net gain through trade free agency and the Draft – take another look…cause we all know, if it’s one thing MLSE has is deep pockets, right?!

        Regarding Gay’s contract, that’s exactly the point–when if & he’s traded in a year it will be a 2015 expiring contract…

        The only era that is dead is the UFA sign + trade…to get big $$$ players will have to be loyal because, as you referenced, it’s not going to be easy to move big deals; expiring or not going forward.

        • Tim W.

          Sounds like a lot of wishful thinking, to me. The fact is there are expiring contracts every single year, and if a team is willing to give up a player for an expiring contract, there’s probably a very good reason. Besides, are you suggesting trading Gay for Deron Williams? I’m not sure whether that’s really an upgrade.

          As for Atlanta, it’s not really a big surprise they’re back in the playoffs. Most pundits, as well as myself, figured they would be, at the very least, ahead of the Raptors. They still have Al Horford and Josh Smith, both of whom are better than anyone on the Raptors.

          • KJ-B

            The NFlization of the NBA is only just beginning…

            NBA players loving getting guaranteed dollars so whether
            it’s Deron Williams, ZBo or max player X, to get the money they’ve been used to
            get without a 2nd thought , markets like Toronto will become more
            attractive via trade…

            To me trading the best assets on the team (i.e. expiring
            deals, a year before they’re most valuable in 2014) would be
            ludicrous…Toronto doesn’t trade for expiring contracts, they trade ’em
            away–this is the new “loop hole” in the CBA — small markets sign
            their own free agents, then potentially swap them for bigger names making more
            money and younger players a la Eddie D…the day of trade vetoing is over—I
            smell another lockout.

            Colangelo wisely dealt Ed, or could’ve been a stroke of luck, even though a lot of us hated it and that substantially decreased Big Boss’ pay day… Rookies, like Davis and even Thomas Robinson, need to hit the ground running…

            That being said, there’s also now A LOT of pressure of Rookie-level contracts like Ed Davis, TRoss–essentially by trading that player in the last year of their rookie deal, they go to another team and must produce right away or get their legs chopped off in restricted free agency–just by getting traded to a team that didn’t draft them, they’re probably losing $10-20 million because clubs just aren’t gonna sign huge contracts unless players have made an All Star team–the Derrick Rose provision…those Amir Johnson contracts will be harder and harder to come by.

            All in all, (remember TMac walking for nothing or Bosh going South Beach???) the new CBA, as is evidenced by the Gay trade, has made the Torontos of the world players in the player capital pool in a way they hadn’t been previously and I LOVE IT!

            • Tim W.

              I really have no idea what you’re talking about. You can’t keep trading up until you get a franchise player. It doesn’t work that way. What you will be able to trade for is overpriced and flawed players that teams want to get rid of for a reason, as we’re seeing with Gay.

              I’m not sure whether you’re actually Bryan Colangelo, himself, trying to convince himself and the world that he’s got a strategy that will actually work, or a joker who wants to see how ridiculous he can get before I call him on it. Because I’m really starting to wonder.

              • KJ-B

                Typical–my opinion is all that matters Raptors Republic response…

                …so trading assets, getting a higher draft pick in 2014 is a bad move??? So when Miami prepared for 3 seasons dumping salary and “trading for a franchise player” or two was a bad move… When the Knicks “traded for a franchise player” was a bad move…when the Clippers “traded for a franchise player” was a bad move after years of being a laughing stock + repeatedly NOT making the playoffs which = unattractive NBA Location…

                How on earth do you get to be a judge of ANYthing basketball related is beyond me. TALK DONE. Stuck on you know what–I’ll take the flaws & all…unless of course Michael Jeffrey Jordan is walking through that Raptors door in 1984!!!

                • Tim W.

                  I wasn’t saying that my opinion was all that matters, I was simply saying a) I didn’t really understand what you were saying and b) if you were saying what I thought you were saying, I didn’t think it was realistic at all.

                  Look. There are problems with all ways to acquire elite talent. If you’re not a prime NBA destination, then the chances of signing an elite player are minuscule, and even then there are risks. Of the four NBA teams (Heat, Bulls, Knicks and Nets) that were big players in the summer of LeBron and company, the Nets got stuck with pretty much nothing, ended up vastly overpaying Travis Outlaw and then amnestying him. Chicago overpaid Carlos Boozer and want to get rid of him so badly they offered him for Bargnani. New York realized they made a mistake signing a fragile Amare Stoudemire and now wish they hadn’t. Only Miami did well.

                  Trading for one is just as risky. The Nets traded two lottery picks (Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter) plus a future first rounder for Deron Williams, and would probably be in a better position right now if they hadn’t made that deal.

                  Philadelphia traded a whole bunch of good assets for Andrew Bynum and he might never play for them.

                  Even the Lakers traded for Dwight Howard, who has shown himself to be a big disappointment.

                  For a lot of players, there’s generally a very good reason they’re available. Otherwise their original team wouldn’t be willing to give up an elite player when everyone knows how difficult they are to acquire.

                  As for trading up in the 2014 draft, I’ve no problem with doing that, but I’m betting it’s going to be VERY difficult to move up into the top 5 in that draft, considering that everyone knows how good the draft is. Expiring contracts aren’t going to do it.

                  Lastly, I find it ironic that you claim that I am saying only my opinion matters, because isn’t that what you’re saying? It seems to me that many fans think that you can continually trade up until you get an elite player, and it doesn’t work like that. Read this article I wrote a while ago…
                  Look especially at the “Trades” section.

                • KJ-B

                  The Lakers history of trading for winning big men is without equal and follows the annal’s of the game’s most dominant/skilled Big men of All time… Wilt, Kareem, Shaq (UFA), Gasol, now Howard–Howard is also coming off a back surgery that one wouldn’t wish on a worst enemy…

                  The Celtics, of all the franchises, went from utter dog in the shadow of a bygone era’s greatness, to perennial handful of contenders after acquiring “The Big Three”…

                  Toronto is not such a bad market per se, but when they’re not winning, they only count as a good road trip city, I think the Miami Heat of 2012-13 would agree… Now, if you look at the Blue Jays–the 92′ – 93′ version and you see the POWER of timely trades and then attracting free agency,.. trading ok, for good, good for better, better for great! And then the Jay of 2013, and yes, that’s the model that MLSE need not ignore.

                  Idk but call me a mind reader but the opinion thing kinda came from you’re beautiful analysis, “I’m not sure whether you’re actually Bryan Colangelo, himself, trying to convince himself and the world that he’s got a strategy that will actually work, or a joker who wants to see how ridiculous he can get before I call him on it. Because I’m really starting to wonder.” — soo NOT Bryco!!!

                  No one said, getting a 2014 pick would be easy, which is EXACTLY why I’d leave this group together for another year before blowing it ALL up–get your own 2014 high draft pick by letting Casey, Anderson and Gay (if still in love with elbow jumpers & inconsistency) get it for you…

                  Tim W…it was rich!

                • Tim W.

                  Well, Toronto is NOT the Lakers, so there’s no point at looking at them as a model. And the Celtics are the second winningest franchise in NBA history. It makes a difference. And making the playoffs a few times isn’t going to change that.

                  And if you’re banking on Colangelo being able to acquire a top 5 pick in the 2014, I think you’re going to be incredibly disappointed. First of all, he already thinks he’s got his elite player and his core. He’s never once moved up in the draft. Not once. In fact, he’s been more willing to give up draft picks than trade to move up.

                  And Colangelo just doesn’t have the history of being able to make the moves you seem to be hoping he will. If the team keeps this roster, they will most likely get a pick in the 12-18 range in 2014, and their chance to alter the course of the franchise in a positive way will be lost. I don’t know the next time there are going to be 4-5 elite players available in the draft.

  2. Tee

    Alex Rucker recently said,
    The Kyle-DeMar-Rudy-Amir-Jonas lineup has been the Raptors best lineup all year, with an ORtg of 104 and a DRtg of 89


    Considering how long they’ve played together i think thats encouraging. No?

  3. monocled_gentleman_scholar

    Trade Derozan for picks and start Ross in his second year. That way we start a better shooter alongside Gay, accelerate Ross’s development, and get back to a rebuilding mode a little bit with the picks we get.


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