Is this the beginning of the end for Bryan Colangelo? As you can see from some of these quotes, Leiweke’s first priority is winning, which is at odds with Bryan Colangelo’s style of management.


“Tim Leiweke is one of the top sports executives in the world, renowned for his ability to build championship teams, premier entertainment events, and innovative brand and marketing opportunities,” MLSE chairman Larry Tanenbaum said in a news release. “Tim is a leader who understands what fans want and what it takes to build winners. With his deep leadership experience and unparalleled success at the highest levels of professional sports, Tim’s the right CEO at the right time to lead the transformation of MLSE.”

He starts in late June:

Tim Leiweke, who helped improve Los Angeles’ sporting fortunes and revive the city’s once-woebegone downtown during his 17-year leadership of sports and entertainment giant AEG, on Friday was named president and chief executive of Toronto-based Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

Leiweke, who left AEG on March 14 by what he said was “mutual agreement,” will move to Canada and will assume his new role in late June.

Leiweke said his duties will be similar to those he had at AEG, where he was a passionate and sometimes hands-on overseer of the MLS Galaxy and the Kings. He was the face of the company in negotiating deals with city officials and politicians.
“We’re not going to focus on growth outside of our core assets,” he said of MLSE. “They want to win, and so that’s priority No. 1: build a long-term contender in hockey, basketball and soccer. And they have ambitions, and so we will grow, and that is a priority.”

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  • Mark

    ESPN is saying this opens the door to Phil Jackson replacing BC.

    • WhiteVegas

      I’d do that in a heartbeat. It’s much easier to sell firing BC if you know you can bring in someone better. That’s always been my biggest gripe with firing BC, is that he’d probably be replaced by another shitty GM, and likely a worse one.

    • While I’d be very hesitant to hire a guy like Jackson without knowing how good a scout, decision maker etc, he is, if it means ending the Colangelo era, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The worse thing that can happen is more losing, but at least the furniture will be moved around a bit.

      • smh

        Would having Phil as GM mean Brian Shaw replacing Casey?

        • Sig

          I’d say there’s a really good chance.

        • raptors phdsteve

          or Kurt Rambis. We talked about this in Rapcast 153

        • I’d say Casey would definitely be done and Shaw would most likely be on the top of the list.

      • this times a million. The only way we are going to get rid of derozan is by getting rid of colangelo.

    • johng_3

      I don’t care, we all need a little zen in this organization

  • Oh, please, please, please let this be the end for Colangelo. Someone one the board who actually does seem to understand basketball, and can see through Colangelo’s salesmanship.

    • thegloveinrapsuniform

      you and me both!!! but im guessing leiweke would probably pick up BC’s option and let him finish off what he intended to do with the current structure of the team, hire Phil in some capacity then give him the keys once BC’s contract expires. give that year to Phil to get accustomed to how the organization is run.

    • smh

      Well, basketball, a recent NHL and MLS champion. Win, win, win!!!

  • SachinArora19

    This is fantastic.

  • Brandon

    “…winning, which is at odds with Bryan Colangelo’s style of management.” Hahahaaa

  • johng_3


  • tonious35

    If BC goes… PLEASE fire all the current scouting department and Jim Kelly and hire scouts that will let us get good 2nd round pick players.

  • Slick

    It’s funny how all you guys think Jackson would come to the toronto raptors market!!!!! Sry not happening people!

  • Mojo Rising


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