• robertparrish00

    Is that the same sweatshirt from the Red Party? Gray’s pretty awesome.

  • dogfight

    Damn NBA players – clothes don’t fit, don’t shave, nothing but a mop for hair – and you still marry models who will actually pose with a basketball for your engagement photos. Money may not be everything, but it comes damn close.

    • SR

      Aside from that – congratulations! He seems like a good guy.

  • Rick

    Hey does anyone know what time they game is on Saturday?
    I’ve checked ahead of time on Rogers raptors tv. It’s says 2 other teams playing at 7:30 pm
    Any one know?????
    Thanks would’ve great to find out if they’re actually gonna broadcast our game.

  • Rick

    Talking about the toronto vs Miami game on Saturday.
    Time ad channel if anyone knows?