5 Responses to “Congrats to Aaron Gray – He’s Engaged (Yeah, we got pics)”

  1. robertparrish00

    Is that the same sweatshirt from the Red Party? Gray’s pretty awesome.

  2. dogfight

    Damn NBA players – clothes don’t fit, don’t shave, nothing but a mop for hair – and you still marry models who will actually pose with a basketball for your engagement photos. Money may not be everything, but it comes damn close.

  3. Rick

    Hey does anyone know what time they game is on Saturday?
    I’ve checked ahead of time on Rogers raptors tv. It’s says 2 other teams playing at 7:30 pm
    Any one know?????
    Thanks would’ve great to find out if they’re actually gonna broadcast our game.

  4. Rick

    Talking about the toronto vs Miami game on Saturday.
    Time ad channel if anyone knows?


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