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4 Responses to “Dude is serious”

  1. SR

    I’m going to assume some things here, but I can’t imagine that deep down, Psycho-T is all that excited about playing in Toronto, Canada. The kid is from Missouri, college ball at North Carolina, pro years in Indiana. It doesn’t get much more true blue Americana than that. The eastern seaboard and west coast are cross-cultural experiences for someone like that, let alone actually crossing the border and playing in another country.

    That said, I bet when he’ll change his mind once he starts getting standing ovations for elbowing faces, kneeing groins, and giving everyone the bug eyes. Toronto fans will eat it up.

    • smh

      “Toronto fans will eat it up”

      Something the hockey guys can write about when they are forced to write about basketball as well.

    • Sheptor

      He signed here didn’t he? He could have waited for another offer. I’m sure he sees Amir Johnson as someone he can maybe overtake for a starters role and looks at us as an up and coming team in the east.


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