This week on The The Doctor Is In with Phdsteve, I know you have been waiting weeks for the return of the Doctor and so I bring you not 10, not 20, not 30, but 60 minutes of Raptors talk! A big thank you to Zarar and to Blake for taking care of the Rapcasts in my absence. For your listening pleasure I’ve assembled the world wide roundtable. Joined by my brother Mike from Nigeria (who knows college basketball), Greg Mason our resident American (and brain from the south), and The Fifth Quarter Blog’s Blair Miller, we discuss:

  • Masai Ujiri’s work in the offseason to date
  • Nothing on a draft night where only the Raptors and Heat made no picks & 24 trades made!
  • Bargnani deal: addition by subtraction?
  • The reported signings of back up PGs Julyan Stone and Dwight Buycks
  • The signing of Tyler Hansborough and who starts now at the PF: Amir or Tyler Hans?
  • Players still out there for the Raptors? I like Kendrick Perkins- if OKC amnesty him but Greg has “sources” who have informed him of a more likely candidate.
  • Front office additions Bobby Webster and Jeff Weltman
  • Coaching changes: namely new offensive and defensive co-ordinators Nick Nurse and Bill Bayno
  • And what this all means for the roster moving forward

Lastly now that the team has said they are not tanking and given that they won 34 games last year, Steve argues that Kyle Lowry will make the All-star team next year and help the Raptors to a 46 win season and possibly another Atlantic Division banner!

Don’t forget to visit Blair’s site The Fifth Quarter Blog and follow him on Twitter at @TFQuarter.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (58:23, 53 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Amigo

    “This year, I’m going to coach the way I want to coach, to coach the way that puts us in the best position to win.” D. Casey
    “We tried that, it doesn’t fit,” Casey said of the free-flowing offence. “You have to have a certain personnel to do that and we have to find a pace that fits us. D Casey

    I can’t believe Pound the Rock Casey words.
    So Raptorsfans here it is:

    – Valanciunas was benched all season long in the 4th because of BC

    -A.Anderson was chucking 3s because of BC

    -Calderon was benched because of BC

    -T Ross was drafted and than sitting because of BC

    Good Lord, please let me go I can’t handle this puppet anymore.Are you kidding me ? Stop the fu#@ing train! i m going home. I m done

    Have a nice day

    • mountio

      Well said. Its great to hear that Casey will try to get back to his defensive roots and to confirm that BC was pushing more of an offensive style than Casey was comfortable with.
      However, lets stop the BS about all of the bonehead things that Casey did last year that are 100% on casey. You do a great job of listing them above. In fact, Im not sure that Casey would have played Ross and JV EVEN LESS if BC wasnt pushing for them to get some minutes.
      Bottom line. BC out is good .. but Casey has only himself to blame for a lot of the dumb things done last year

  • Jamshid

    It is too early to judge UM. BC has left a team behind that is s pure mess. UM does not have any good contracts to trade away. He does not have draft picks and he does not have Cap room. His hands are tied. As far as not replacing what AB brings in … Well, that is a price to pay. You can not move a bad contract and expect amazing return. The best you can do is get potentials back ( draft picks) which is what UM has done.

    • Amigo

      MU has the easiest job right now. He has to tank hard, get some value back for Lowry from a contending team during the season and wait next year to shop R.Gay fat contract (19 mil) for young players. You can’t wait to tank, you need to tank now. No one will boo him, just be clear with your supporters and don’t sell BS like T.Lewieke so far. Less talks more facts

      • Jamshid

        T.Lewieke has not sold us any BS. You guys should try yo know who T.Lewieke is first before jumping all over him. Los Angeles sport media and environment is one of the toughest in US and this man is one of the most respected players in that market. He is proven WINNER … His resume speaks for itself. Toronto is lucky to have him.
        We gave BC 7 years to get us here. I will give MU and T.L. 3 years to clean BC’s mess and another 2 years after that to build us a GREAT team. Both of these guys should be judged in 5 years and not now.

  • truth be told

    “Now that the team has said they are not tanking”
    When was this determined? I have heard Masai say that they are evaluating the team and not certain of the direction this team is going to go. He did say he wouldn’t give away players but that’s a far cry from ‘we’re competing to make the playoffs next year’.

    With TL’s recent comments I would hold off on thewhen with the Nuggets and then proceeded to trade him a month into the regualr season. I believe he did the same with Affalo. We should probably take Masai’s the public declarations with a grain of salt and observe where he is going with this first.

  • Prior to listening to this podcast, I wrote an article about the Raptors’ systematic problems. The article is not about X’s and O’s or Jimmy’s and Joe’s. I didn’t even focus on this year or the next. Arguably it’s not even about basketball.

    Instead, I tried to “read” the Raptors as an “organization,” and figure out why some problems are chronic. In case you’d like to read more, you can click here:

  • Vimsanity

    Love the intro, haha.

  • Split

    “Valanciunas was benched all season long…” Really? No he wasn’t, he just wasn’t a starter all season long. He was in foul trouble a lot during the season. And we all know what happens to a player (in JV’s case a rookie) when he gets into foul trouble: they sit on the bench, and learn.

  • Nile

    Just listening to this now. I don’t want to get into a whole thing about it but dude actually just said: “A guy I like is Kendrick Perkins.” Seriously? Am I the only one to think that’s a crazy thing to say? Kind of hurts your cred IMO. I don’t want to play four on five on offense even if it is for just 10-12 minutes a game.