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  • Ion66

    I think he just heard that the Raps don’t plan to spend the next 3 years tanking to get draft picks and prospects….or he just had a very satisfying fart.

  • Brian

    “That piece of ‘alibut was good enough for Jehovah”.

    • You’re just begging to be stoned, are you?

  • Rebuilding

    He looks like he is dreaming of taking a dump

  • mike, prague

    I more interested in his beard than anything …
    I think he and Acy want to become the Super Beard Bros

  • e2thed

    “Damn it feels good to be a gangster”

  • dfp

    “This game called basketball seems pretty easy”

  • rocky

    aint worried bout nuttin

  • c_bcm

    “I got this”

  • Andre

    “oooooo that felt good! Ive been holding this fart for an hour now. mmmm it smells kinda good, lot sausages or mixed with broccoli.. hmm ya…. sausages…. ” – Said by big Val, maybe.