Quick reminder that today’s the last day for the Raptors re-brand submissions. We got lots of entries so far and it’s going to be a good contest. Details repeated:

The top prize as selected by fan voting, will win a DeMar DeRozan official jersey and two tickets to a Raptors game this season (we’ll give you a bunch of games to pick from and you can make your own selection).  Top three get free publicity on Raptors Republic for a month (hopefully this will help promote your work).

The DeRozan jersey is being given away courtesy of RR-reader, Brian Gerstein (@RaptorsDevotee),  who also happens to be a great real estate agent that you’ll actually like.  Guess which one he is in this picture.  Make sure to check out his website as well: briangerstein.com, or email him at brian.gerstein@century21.ca.

Rules and How To Enter:

  1. Submit your designs to to zarars@raptorsrepublic.com along with a short (1-2 sentence) description of the theme you’ve chosen and why.
  2. You can submit whatever you like, it can be a logo, a design concept, a color palette, a mocked up jersey, anything goes as long as you get your point across.
  3. You are free to call the team the Raptors or the Huskies – whatever you prefer.

That’s it. We’ll compile a poll and vote on it later.  Deadline is today at 6PM EST.

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  • Harv Harvey

    Raptor name was to be changed to Towers

  • SR

    Uh oh, 25th worst team name in the league, according to this man:


    But props for the mascot! Silver linings.

    • gametime

      See my forum post as well, but don’t put much into what that link suggests. Look at hard numbers like merchandise sales, etc. Why? For example: A lot of the teams “listed” as the “worst named”, actually rank in the NBA’s top 10 merchandise sales – 1. Knicks, 2. Heat, 3. Lakers, 4. Nets, 5. Bulls, 6. Celtics, 7. Thunder, 8. Clippers, 9. Spurs, 10. 76ers, etc.

      And the Raptors mascot being named to the NBA’s top 5 ranking validates the previous market testing. The name is the right one. The mascot has mass appeal. The brand just needs to have more attitude that fans/players can get excited about showing-off in a more adult way in the years ahead. Look at the positive’s. Things aren’t that far off with the right tweaks.

  • golden

    What exactly is the point of re-branding anyway? Is it to distract us from the fact that our team will continue to suck for many more years until (hopefully) we are eventually good?

    What’s the saying….. you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

  • Kevin

    What about the Toronto Grit?

    Grit in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait, based on an individual’s passion for a particular long-term goal or endstate coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve their respective objective. – from Wikipedia

    Raptors Republic could become Grit City.

    I have no graphics skills so anyone is welcome to use it if they like it.

  • GVD

    It is time that the true basketball fans of Toronto, and
    Canada as a whole, are rewarded with a brand they can identify with and be
    proud of. Rouge makes perfect sense considering the greater Toronto area has a
    neighborhood, park, and river that share the name Rouge. It meshes beautifully
    with gray and blue material, resulting in a cool, fresh, unique look and color
    scheme seen nowhere else in the league. There is no ambiguity, or geographic
    confusion. It is not another lame animal name that results in confusion and
    angst among fans(think Pelicans). Colors have succeeded as brand names and
    logos in sports. Some examples include the Syracuse Orange, Cleveland Browns,
    Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, and Toronto Blue Jays.

    Rouge will have a built in niche in the French basketball
    market, and possibly more extensively in the European market, because they will
    be the first and only team in the league with a French name. This fits in with
    the league’s global vision for the expansion and popularity of the brand. Anytime
    a brand can broaden the franchise’s influence and appeal on multiple
    continents, it is a definite advantage.

    Imagine the continuous deafening noise, and subsequent
    adverse influence on opposing teams, that a RRROOOOUUUGGGEEEEE chant could
    invoke. Home court advantage is huge and it usually determines the difference
    between playoff teams and draft lottery participants. It allows fans to stay
    loud constantly without awkward sounding chants that sound choppy. Toronto has
    the potential to reach this type of raucous atmosphere. This will not be
    achieved by chanting Rap-tors or Hus-kies.

    In the past, All-Star games have showcased a city based theme
    and logo. The Rouge logo is practically a post-card for Toronto. If the 2016
    All-Star game is a must have, this new brand can make it a reality.

    • Rouge is makeup women put on their face. Personally, I’d rather keep the Raptor name, and I’m not a fan of the Raptor name.

      • GVD

        It’s French for Red, like Syracuse Orange

        • I’m aware of what it means. But most people will probably make the immediate connection I did. And quite frankly, rouge isn’t exactly the most masculine sounding name. I think it would immediately become the most made fun of name in professional sports.

          • GVD

            logo looks better than that corny barney


          • GVD

            Baton Rouge is a pretty masculine place. Close-mindedness is not your friend, my friend.

            • So you can say that animal names are lame, and want to change the current name, but I’m the one being closed minded because I don’t like the name Toronto Rouge and think it sounds lame? Gotcha.

              • GVD

                Thanks for your feedback, you are entitled to your opinion. I’m sorry you don’t like it, I hope others feel differently.

                • Louvens Remy

                  I like that logo you did.

    • We have a hard enough time getting people from the states to play for this team. You think they’d want to play for a team called “Rouge”? And the Toronto Reds just makes us sound communist.

      Also, have you been to a Raptors game lately? The chant is generally ‘Let’s go Raptors” *clap clap clap clap clap*… It works pretty well.

      … and the makeup thing…

      • Josh

        Getting players to the team has noting to do with a team name and everything to do with an atmosphere of winning. Changi. Atmosphere can and has started with changing the brand. Looking forward to voting. I personally like the idea of using a french name. The rouge logo looks legit also…but we will see.

        • Agreed, having a winning culture changes everything, but we don’t have that yet, so the next best thing is to make this team marketable. For the time being, all the up and coming American kids who’ll potentially be drafted by us will have no exposure to this team… so why not at least make the team one that would be ‘cool’ to play for?
          Put yourself in their shoes – you’re a 15 year old kid in the AAU circuit, heavily scouted in high school.
          You already know the NBA teams that have won championships (Heat, Spurs).
          Then there’s the second tier of teams that make the playoffs and go far (Bulls, Thunder, etc).
          Then there’s the teams who might suck now but have history (Sixers, Celtics, Jazz, Suns).
          Then there are teams that aren’t as good but at least have cool names (Timberwolves, Bucks).
          And finally, you have the Toronto Rouge, basement dwellers who are rebuilding/retooling. I don’t know any French, so um, I guess their team is like makeup? Or maybe some foreign word that means leaf or something? Their logo is a leaf, and they’re located in Canada, eh.
          I know which team I wouldn’t want to play for…

          • Josh

            Making the team “Cool” is all relative. The Clippers were not cool at all 5 years ago.You may not like the name but fan support and new merchandise flying off the shelves will attract any young player regardless of the team name. How many young AAU players do you know looking for a new cool team name to play for? Players are concerned with finding the right group of players, coaches and money before a “cool” logo to put on their jersey. Get real.

  • 2damkule

    though my first choice would be to go ‘back’ to huskies (same classic blue/white unis, logo, etc.), i don’t have a problem with the actual team name…and i don’t think most others would either if you remove the context from which is was chosen. to help in distancing the name ‘Raptors’ from the Jurassic park inspiration, why not a simple logo change, to a more conventional ‘raptor’ (i.e. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bird_of_prey)? remove all association from any dinosaur, and model after a creature thusly defined:

    ‘…well developed senses especially vision, and large, powerful talons and beaks that aid them in killing and tearing the flesh of their prey.’

    as for the logo…well, surely someone can cobble together a distinct, silhouette-ish logo that doesn’t look ridiculous, even if just modeled after this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RaptorialSilhouettes.svg

    and yes, i realize that this would be a general term for a bird that’s already represented by atlanta, but, holy shit, it’s atlanta. even people in atlanta don’t give a shit about the hawks.


    wen when will we find out who has won?

  • Louvens Remy

    Toronto Towers makes a lot of sense, as does Huskies. I also like Toronto Hogs but then Vince is no longer on the team so that one is out. Hmmmm. But I’m also partial to the Toronto Nah Mean. Nah mean? What the hell do I know. Anyway, I think they are gonna go with the blue and white color scheme. It’s kinda the Toronto “colors” anyway.

  • mike, prague

    When will the poll come out?

  • Louvens Remy

    How about the Toronto Big Smoke…..*crickets* Thought so.