Last Day For Raptors Re-Brand Submissions!

Deadline is tonight at 6PM EST.

Quick reminder that today’s the last day for the Raptors re-brand submissions. We got lots of entries so far and it’s going to be a good contest. Details repeated:

The top prize as selected by fan voting, will win a DeMar DeRozan official jersey and two tickets to a Raptors game this season (we’ll give you a bunch of games to pick from and you can make your own selection).  Top three get free publicity on Raptors Republic for a month (hopefully this will help promote your work).

The DeRozan jersey is being given away courtesy of RR-reader, Brian Gerstein (@RaptorsDevotee),  who also happens to be a great real estate agent that you’ll actually like.  Guess which one he is in this picture.  Make sure to check out his website as well:, or email him at [email protected]

Rules and How To Enter:

  1. Submit your designs to to [email protected] along with a short (1-2 sentence) description of the theme you’ve chosen and why.
  2. You can submit whatever you like, it can be a logo, a design concept, a color palette, a mocked up jersey, anything goes as long as you get your point across.
  3. You are free to call the team the Raptors or the Huskies – whatever you prefer.

That’s it. We’ll compile a poll and vote on it later.  Deadline is today at 6PM EST.

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