Congratulations to the two finalists, the playoff participants, and also to everyone who participated in this contest. It’s added quite a lot of fun in the middle of a dead off-season, even though my personal favorite, Fierce, was knocked out yesterday.

Voting for the finals ends on Sunday, September 15th at 11 PM EST. Good luck to both finalists! Winner gets two tickets to a Raptors game and a DeMar DeRozan jersey (the jersey is courtesy of Brian Gerstein)!


Clean Cut Huskies (1)

Toronto Huskies – Back to the original name and uniting our major pro sports teams with blue.

Vote: JT II vs Clean Cut Huskies

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  • Andre Julian Ward

    Please, no name change.

  • Andrew

    I don’t like the blue and white……we aren’t the leafs. God you guys are obsess with the “Huskies” name. There is nothing special about “huskies” other than it was an Old Toronto team that played only one year. -sigh- rant is over.

    • Nilanka15

      UConn will always have a greater “Huskies” legacy than anything Toronto basketball.

      The Raptors, although Spielberg movie inspired, is at least original when it comes to the sporting world. And 18 years later, I’ve grown to appreciate it.

    • arsenalist

      I couldn’t agree more, I can’t believe Fierce lost to Clean Cut. Fierce is a sick design by all accounts.

      • bob

        Fierce lost to JT II

      • Kombat99

        Did you see the link he just posted here? I think you’ll be impressed even more now

      • gametime

        Glad you liked it. This was a fun process to say the least. 🙂 Checkout the updated sneak peak FIERCE here and let me know your thoughts

    • Teddy Lo

      I’ll say this one last time. Blue and white are the colours of Toronto. Not the Maple leafs. Look at Toronto’s flag and tell me what colour it is. That is all. Lol!

  • Kola

    JT2 is pretty ugly

    • brandon

      your ugly

    • Shadow Of Christ

      You are pretty crazy… JT II and Fierce are the best two designs PERIOD!

  • ebrian

    The Huskies jerseys are a nice design, but here’s my argument against Huskies. People think “Raptors” mean nothing to Toronto, but to me it has meant something to me for the last 17-18 years. Huskies mean even less. This is a dog that people use to pull you around in the snow. We live one of the least snowed upon cities in the entire province. Furthermore, Huskies only have real meaning to people who were alive 75 years ago. No offense to those old fogies but I don’t want to name my team after something that exist a century ago.

    This is the first time I spent some time reading the blurb in JTII’s
    design and now I like it even better than before. Really loving the
    collar idea with the top part of City Hall. Besides the CN Tower, it’s
    one of my favorite landmarks of the city.

    • SR

      I used to be gung ho for a name change, but seeing some of these designs brink back the purple and the original logo (I love how JT2 incorporates it as a watermark) has made me realize this team now has 18 years of its own history. That’s not bad.

      Nice attention to detail and depth in the JT2 lineup. I’d kinda like to see the design with a different font.

    • “No offense to those old fogies but I don’t want to name my team after something that exist a century ago.”

      Not like a Raptor, which existed 65 million years ago, and nowhere near Toronto.

      • ItsAboutFun

        And you ban me for snark

  • gametime

    G/L all! And for those asking yesterday, here’s the link to the full FIERCE sneak peak – enjoy!

    • Kombat99

      Wow – awesome jerseys – awesome everything – bravo!! my vote def goes to FIERCE still !! (Can the mods have the winner of this round face FIERCE for 1 final round given that they each compromised the integrity of the contest with 3 entries while FIERCE only had one ‘team’ in the brackets? Regardless you’re the winner of this thing IMHO – those claw jerseys I’d buy right now)

      • gametime

        Much appreciated. A lot of talent in this contest, and I’m not going to comment on the multiple entries thing. I made the decision to pick one design. Period. But I enjoyed seeing all the design talk; this was not about prize winning to me, I’d have joined the fun regardless of a prize; and I’d much rather be the people’s champ anyday! 🙂

      • wannasuggit

        Wasn’t the integrity compromised when contestants started modifying their entries?
        That in itself was unfair to every design entered into the contest from the beginning.

        • I’m not sure how. Every person had a chance to modify, and they only did it after it won a round.

        • Kombat99

          🙂 Incorrect. (Multiple entries/teams occurred first, and than like in all advertising pitches by the looks of things the option to tweak the design after advancing was permitted fairly enough. So the issue was odds in the field. Having more than one entry/team does statistically skew the contest by preventing the other designs that could have been involved from participating; don’t get it wrong. I’m not taking about quality of work here, I’m talking about the statistical advantage it provided to a couple ppl. Nothing personal to them 🙂

        • arsenalist

          Nope. First up, there weren’t any design changes or concept turnarounds, only enhancements and tweaks made. They all happened after advancement from the previous rounds, nothing was changed during voting.

          • wannasuggit

            LOL that’s like the heat advancing rounds and adding players to their roster lmfao

            • And everyone else being able to do the same. Again, how is it unfair if EVERYONE was able to make tweaks? Besides, the tweaks weren’t design changes. They were simply cleaning things up. If people didn’t vote based on the most polished one, then it wouldn’t matter in the least.

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    I am so disappointed. I am not in favor of a name change, especially to the generic/UConn “Huskies”. I’m not sure how JTII made it, considering there are 6 different options for jerseys (no team uses 6 jerseys). I’m all for ‘clean’ jerseys, but this trend to completely boring jerseys with generic colors and fonts is awful.

    FIERCE was by far the best design, especially if it had incorporated a few secondary logos (ie: claw) and design elements (ie: the ‘Toronto collar’) from other options. A fiercer Raptor, with a focus on the claw/slash, would have been a great yet subtle way to improve the Raptor image.

    • Kombat99

      Agreed. Did you see the url FIERCE just posted below? (You’ll love it) He’s the rightful winner to me for design first and secondly because he just submitted one team (unlike our two “finalists” – a big kudos to him; no disrespect guys but you should have never been allowed to ’tilt’ the contest by giving yourselves more teams/odds than others – cheers to the rightful champ, FIERCE, and a good showing to all the participants

      • Kombat99

        Incase you missed it – FIERCE’s red & Purple jerseys are pretty dope:

      • SR

        “The rightful champ” lol. Fierce did a great job, but this is a vote and the people have spoken. Your opinion does not equal “right” – at least keep a bit of perspective.

      • Sig

        Can you fucking relax… jesus christ…

      • wannasuggit

        LOL Kombat99 way to keep it classy bro

    • gametime

      thanks for the love guys! @CalgaryRapsFan (be sure to checkout the link I posted below for the full sneak peak – probably right up your alley!)

    • SR

      No team uses 6 jerseys? The Raptors do. They’ve got the reds, blacks, whites, Huskies, camo, and St.Pat’s greens. Am I missing any?

      • Sig

        St.Pats and Huskies are both retired for a while now. Camo is also gone I believe for this upcoming season because the NBA only allows one “special” jersey per year but they have to be worn a certain number of times.

      • CalgaryRapsFan

        The Raptors currently have 3 primary jerseys – home, away and alternate. The JTIII design feature six jerseys as somewhat regular options, which will never happen.

        Camo jersey – the past few years they’ve worn the camo jerseys to salute the troops, which would still be an option regardless of which new design is chosen (ie: #7 jersey for JTIII)

        Huskies jersey – was a throwback option which hasn’t been worn for a season or two; a thowback jersey would still be an option regardless of which new design is chosen (ie: #8 jersey for JTIII)

        St. Patty’s jersey – hasn’t been worn for several seasons

    • Shadow Of Christ

      Both Fierce and JT II were solid… JT II had the Toronto Skyline Alternate jersey, which ultimately did it for me. Fierce was overall the better of the two. And just to point out, @calgaryrapsfan:disqus: last year, the Heat had 7 jerseys in active use… White & Red; Black & Red; Red & Black; White Hot; Christmas Red; All Black and Latin nights… That’s not including the Retro Jerseys, so that’s actually 8

  • bob

    Btw, the Toronto skyline on the Jonas jersey is different (reversed) compared to the other skyline jersey. No idea if this is intentional.

    I hope it’s just a mistake, because certainly there’s no need for a million different jerseys with small variations.

  • brandon

    Hope the raptors use JTII’s jersey designs

    • Shadow Of Christ

      I hope so too, however I think that Fierce may be a legit MLSE design… I could be wrong

  • brandon

    no name change

  • ezz_bee

    No name change.

    It’s not the name that’s the problem.

  • morgan c

    huskies! come on, it’s gotta be huskies. the name raptors was bad from the beginning; inspired by a stupid movie and having nothing to do with the city. huskies is taking us back to our roots, and reflects canada much better. it’s also a cool strong intimidating animal. and the blue and white? perfect – uniting all our city’s colors would be timeless.

    • Shadow Of Christ

      Stop it with the Huskies!! PLEASE!!

  • morgan c

    this isn’t to hate on the JT II. good job by whoever did it. but we have to move on from the raptors. it’s stupid. and now is our chance to recreate and rebrand they way we desperately need to. let’s seize the chance to move on from stupid “raptors” name.

    • Paul

      Thank you.
      Even if it’s not Huskies (I think it should be), let’s please just ditch the stupid Raptors name. I thought it was juvenile in 1995 when I was 11. If this team had won a championship (or even a seven game series) I could understand the nostalgia of wanting to keep it, but otherwise why on earth would we want our team to continue to be named after a crappy dinosaur movie fad from the 90’s??

    • Shadow Of Christ

      Ummm… NO!

  • ahoang

    With all due respect to Clean Cut Huskies, the finals should’ve been yesterday’s JTII vs Fierce.

    I say JTII jerseys, with Fierce logos, court design, secondary logos

    So when is the pitch happening to MLSE?!

    • gametime

      Thanks @ahoangg . Let me know your thoughts on the updated sneak peak file here:

    • Shadow Of Christ

      I agree @disqus_7hC0ork46Q:disqus… I said that myself. @disqus_uXfbvr9j3C:disqus, are those legit designs for MLSE or just your personal design?

  • HogyG

    While I very much appreciate the effort given by all, I also equally hope that this contest will not actually be considered by the franchise. The way I see it, some outsider comes into our organization and mentions a potential re-branding of our basketball team and you all hop on it like rats following the pied piper. That said, I do have faith that T.L. wants to create a winning culture within the Raptors organization, but he, like the man before him, wants to come in and suggest to wrongfully change things up that don’t need to be.

    Does everyone remember B.C.’s ousting of Chuck Swirsky for a supposed upgrade to a “quality national broadcaster” in Matt Devlin? Over the years I have come to accept and respect Matt in his role as the new voice of the Raptors (mostly due to lack of choice and the awful company he keeps #FireLEO), but if you recall, even B.C. had to come onto the airwaves later that season and apologize to the fan base because he didn’t understand at the time the massive connection we all had to the original voice of the Raptors.

    I miss Chuck to this day as I’m sure a lot of you still do as well. Holding this competition only reinforces the ignorance of T.L. and the organization in this instance with their desire to attempt to “connect” with Canadians by re-branding the Toronto Raptors as a “Canadian” team known as the Huskies. This imagery is actually closer to what AMERICANS all think of us up here. Picture it…

    “With everything covered in a blanket of snow year round, the average Canadian hops out of his igloo or wood cabin and onto the back of his husky-powered dogsled as they dash away to the local ice hole fishing spot in the hopes to catch tonight’s meal.”

    Don’t believe me that this is the way we are thought of down south, don’t take my word for it, we’re represented as such through the “iconic imagery” found throughout the Canadian pavilion at Disney World.

    If any of you actually are dead set on creating a new brand for the Toronto Basketball franchise, I suggest moving forward with something new all together, rather than to move backwards into the past by grasping onto something sold to us as “historic” or “more representative of our nation”.

    Tell me, when was the last time you saw a Torontonian ride a dogsled to work?

    In 1946 the world was at war, there was no such things as equal rights, the nation was filled with ignorance, bigotry and racism. People of colour weren’t even allowed on most professional and collegiate sports teams. Why on earth would we want to revert and represent that time period?

    Personally, I will continue embrace the Toronto RAPTORS and am willing to consider improvements upon that brand. If you are the type of fan that needs our name to mean something in the area, the Raptors can represent the movie industry here in the T-Dot and the millions of American dollars we pull into our nation through that industry because they are willing to sacrifice jobs in their own country in order to save a buck bringing them here. (That said, Jurassic Park was filmed in California or on location elsewhere NOT in Canada, haha.)

    I only prey that the organization doesn’t take your competition too seriously and consider the fan base accepting of a re-branding. If they do, then here’s some NEW names that they shouldn’t actually consider either, because at this point the Raptors are just fine as is:

    Toronto Towers (for those into the Toronto Skyline)

    Toronto Technicians (we could have the CanadArm from the space shuttle blocking a ball as the logo)

    Toronto Taxmen (that could invoke fear in some of the competition, make the logo reminiscent of the IRS)

    Toronto Tacos (but not the food, this guy )

    • Paul

      BC didn’t oust the Swirsk. Chuck left because he wanted to go to the bigger market in Chicago. He also had huge ties to the city.
      “Swirsky was a sportscaster for WCFL in Chicago from 1979 to 1981. He was the Chicago Bulls public address announcer from 1980 to 1983. He joined WGN radio in 1981 and remained through the mid-1990s. While he was with WGN he also did play-by-play for DePaul games alongside former coach Ray Meyer and also did Chicago Bears pre-game and post-game coverage.”
      Also, even though Devlin is a little dry, I can do without the hyperbole, faux hype (Banger Brothers?) and nonsensical catchphrases thank you.
      Your point about racist 1946 is makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Should we change the Maple Leafs name simply because it originated in a time when racism was more prevalent than it is today? Ridiculous.

      • HogyG

        Yes he did. Chuck officially became a Canadian the year before he left the team. That’s a big step for an American to do without having a deep connection to the area and his job. He graciously created reasons in the public for why he and the organization parted ways, in order for the franchise to save face with the fan base. B.C. took the blame later by apologizing for his mistake on the matter during an in-game interview, after realizing the amount of disgruntled fans he created with his decision to upgrade to a National Broadcaster that an American audience would recognize.

        As for 1946 (the lone year the Toronto Huskies existed) my convoluted point was only that there is nothing to honor with bringing back the Huskies logo. Ridiculous? Perhaps, but no more so than reverting the name back to Huskies out of national pride. The point was, just because something used to be one way, doesn’t mean it needs to be that way again. The times have changed and nothing in our nation is as it was back then. The world moved on from the way it was in 1946 and so should we.

        As for the Leafs, do with them what you want. Hockey sucks donkey balls!

        • I never understood the love for Swirsky, quite frankly. I found his “salami” thing he did extremely annoying and was never a fan of his style.

          “The point was, just because something used to be one way, doesn’t mean it needs to be that way again.”

          So is that an argument to change the name, too?

          • HogyG

            What a surprise, Tim W. doesn’t like the original voice of the Raptors. Is there anything you DO like about the Raptors? If so, please tell us because we don’t believe you.

            “So is that an argument to change the name, too?”


            Last time we wrote on this site to one another you accused me of trying to pick a fight with you. Is this your intent now, or are you really that inept?

            What you quoted from me in itself implies that something has to no longer “be”, in order for it to be considered “to be that way again”. Are the
            Raptors still the name of our franchise? Yes. Therefore it cannot be our
            name again, because it is still currently our name.

            The Raptors have current history, 18 years worth. Something the Huskies lack. That’s 18 years worth of branding. 18 years of highlights and memories,18 years of fans collecting memorabilia, and 18 years for the fans to get over a stupid name choice and learn to not only accept it, but embrace it wholeheartedly. Those are things worth holding on to.

            The Huskies have none of that and if that’s too hard for you to understand, perhaps you should revert back to your first love of the Spurs and bring your lack of writing skills to their sites instead. Much like the Huskies brand, you would not be missed.

            • SR

              I agree completely re: Raps vs. Huskies, but take it easy on Tim, or he’ll use his mod powers to grab your email address and start sending you unsolicited “Why me?” emails that are simultaneously endearing and rather sad.

            • ItsAboutFun

              Ha, good stuff, all.

              “Last time we wrote on this site to one another you accused me of trying to pick a fight with you.”

              He preaches a good sermon from the soapbox, but it’s all spin doctoring. He’ll poke and provoke (but slyly “innocent”) someone who opposes him, until they lose their cool, then wield the delete/ban hammer.

        • mountio

          I would love to see evidence of BC ousting Chuck. Chuck said at the time that it was personal reasons due to his family .. and while he never gave the exact details .. it was something along the lines of being school related to his kids (ala Antonio Davis .. but not that bad). He absolutely got his citizenship .. but I think somehow his family decision over-rode that (dont know if that was his wife or kids or what).
          All press releases at the time were about Chuck choosing to leave. If you can find something to the contrary … Id be interested to read it.

    • SR

      Somebody needs to go check his pill pack to see what he missed this morning. I feel like I just read a Raymond Babbit column.

      • HogyG

        Yeah. Definitely, Raptors over huskies. Yeah, I’m an excellent driver…through the lane.

  • Andre Julian Ward

    I really cannot understand how Clean Cut Huskies made it to the finals..


    I’m surprised its so close i thought more people would want the name to stay the same

    The fact that it is practically a dead heat at this point shows that there is a significant portion of fans that want something new regardless if you like huskies or not…


    This whole thing started because they said they were considering a rebrand– meaning a departure from what we already have, something new.

    I like both but let’s be honest the jt one is just a reworking of what we already have.

    I think if they aren’t going to make a major change i.e. name and colours its just a new set of jerseys not an actual rebranding

  • LakeRaptor

    Those JTII Skyline alternates are so nice. I’d buy one of those right now even if they weren’t the team’s official jersey

  • Edgar

    Fierce or Boost are both better than these – but given the choice Clean cut huskies was the obvious winner due IMO to the off-putting faded logo on the back of JTII and am unsure about the blue cityscape as it’s been done by Seattle, Denver and Golden state…

  • CartertoCalderon

    Purple and red fauxback was the only one I even considered half decent. I have lost interest in the contest. The huskies idea is not a good one. The raptors name is unique and established. The JT II jersey looks identical to the Pistons in style, which I think is one of the most boring uninspired designs in the NBA.

    • gametime

      Would love to hear your thoughts on FIERCE as I get the actual pitch ready for MLSE. Let me know what you think on this:

      • Shadow Of Christ

        For starters, how bout asking the guy who made JT II if you can add his Skyline alternate!! Kidding aside, I think you keep the 3D paint effect for the court the Raptors utilize. I don’t know about you, but I like it, as we’re the only team that has it. For the jerseys, I think the lettering should have a red trim. Other than that, everything else is perfect.

  • Raptors Fan

    Please no name change, Raptors is an established brand!! and People of Toronto love the name regardless if it came from a movie…

  • showandprove

    love the throwback and alternate Jt2. I absolutely love the claw marks on fierce and no matter what design it should be used, just put it on the lower left hand corner of the jersey. someone put the two jerseys togethor with my suggestions.

  • TheDowJones

    Keep the raptors name. The Fierce jerseys were the best, no clue how that wasn’t voted to the finals

  • lucas

    I think these jerseys are awesome! The only thing is that i don’t like the numbers. The artist that designed these jerseys should of kept the same font that the raptors already have. The city skyline on the court is an awesome idea!

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