RR says goodbye to Chris Wright.

Julyan Stone is the last man standing as the Raptors roster rounds out to 15. RR says goodbye to Chris Wright.

I met you, in summer league
You played well enough, to make the team
Especially compared, to Landry Fields

Never got any run, in preseason
All without, rhyme or reason
Julyan played, and you took a seat
Never heard, the sound of your feet

Now you’re gone, taken with you, your shooting range
I know they were wrong, surely as, the seasons change

Chris Wright, Chris Wright
What a man, never wrong, always right

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5 Responses to “Ode to Chris Wright”

  1. Sub

    Clearly you have a massive mancrush on Chris Wright. Im glad hes gone so you can stop crushing so hard.

  2. Quirk

    Arsenalist, I used to think you where so wise
    in the ways of basketball,
    now I have opened my eyes
    and realize you don’t know much at all
    if you think that Fields is worse than Wright,
    Then I think you’re wearing your hat too tight.
    Though I would still invited you to a kegger,
    I wish this site was run by Craiger.

    • arsenalist


      Thought I not, that Fields is worse
      ‘Twas a joke, made only to rhyme
      Mostly because, I was short on time
      This poem sucks, so I’ll end the verse

      • Quirk

        I met you in league of summer
        You played OK
        Especially compared to Austin Daye
        Now you’re gone, what a bummer.

        OK. Fixed.

        PS, thanks for the ROTD, could you fix the typo in the second last line, “invited” should be “invite”


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