• Ion66

    The GIF that keeps on giving?

  • Louvens Remy

    When did he play defence?

    • cesco

      Last night he had 11 rebounds ( 7 defensive) and a +6 playing playing the entire game along side Anthony who was a -5 ( Carmelo played 40 minutes to Andrea 30 minutes ) . In that gif , Carmelo did nothing to prevent Carroll ( I believe ) from penetrating and it was Andrea worst mistake of the night . It was a much better game for Andrea that any game he played with the Raps last year , A. Horford had 5 rebounds to Andrea 11 and was a -3 . Andrea is playing with team mates which are mostly poor defenders like him ( Carmelo in particular ) and they are obviously missing Chandler defense . NY won btw .

      • Ds

        Still going strong, cesco. Good for you. Until death do us part!

      • aaron.in.toronto

        ok do you watch basketball at all ,or play even occasionally? they are guarding a guy coming off a screen… in that scenario he is supposed to “switch” onto the guy that has the ball after melo runs into the screen…he completely bailed on the play and the rest of his team and let them score with a lay up… that is the exact way he coasted through games for us and created negativity every night… then to top it off he looks around at the next guy like “why didnt you do something about that?” in his mind he actually thought smith was supposed to cut off the guy with the ball…even a rookie would get nailed to the bench for a brutal mistake like that, he is 8 years in the league and if you watch that it looks like he did that on purpose…maybe he just still does not understand what he is supposed to be doing out there

        • cesco

          If he was a decent defender he would have been an all-star by now ( and still with the Raps ) . If the fans at the MSG start chanting ” Hail Caesar ” ( him being from Rome ) instead of booing him he may be going on a roll like never before but that is unlikely .

      • Nilanka15

        Cesco, you keep forgetting one important, undeniable fact: Bargnani sucks.

        • cesco

          You can’t let it go do you , Nilanka . In fact the team , from the old administration , the coaches , the players paid better than him ( JO , Hedon;t , Mr MVP , Gay ) and above all the fans that booed him all sucked more than he did . You are all still convinced that the NY trade has ended the period of sucking by the team but from the desire by most fan to go the tanking route the sucking continue . I have said it before and I repeat , I would like the team to succeed , Andrea is gone to a better place for him and it is up to him to continue on the road he undertook two years ago which ended with the calf injury ( caused by the medical staff/ coaches ill advised opinion as to his recovery time ) . Will he succeed ? time will tell .

          • Nilanka15

            I can’t let it go? You’re on the wrong team’s website.

  • Jackson

    J.R.’s expression said it all

    • Jimi

      J.R.’s a douche. That was, what, the second game he’s ever played with the guy? And he’s already selling him out on the floor like that? He’s the definition of a cancer.

      That said, that was also a perfectly illustrated definition of matador defence.

      That also said: guys, let it the f*** go.

  • consmap

    His defense isn’t missed, it’s missing.

  • Sangaman

    Stats don’t lie. He is an effective one on one defender…You can find a clip of any player in any game missing an assignment. By the way Bargs had 20 pts 11 rrbs…in that game. Keep up this post. When Bargs becomes an all star you phuckers will eat your words. And the raps are going nowhere with Rudy their go to gay,

    • aaron.in.toronto

      man, are you completely insane? go support the knicks if you love bargnani so much, he is a brutal playerwith no toughness or heart period, reading what you wrote there makes me embarrassed for you… if thats not a joke… i really just dont know what to say actually

      • williamblake1

        so far of 3 games won by the knicks 2 were won because of and not in spite of bargnani…. only in the game against league best San Antonio did Barney look out of place in his last 3 major minute starts… and what did TO get for him … a guy averaging 1 pt a game… two guys they cut … and some draft picks… wow… guess the raptors got fleeced again

        • KustomKulture

          bet your feeling stupid right about now… lets see knicks were a 2nd round playoff team last year. they have gained 3 players bargs, MWP and tim hardaway junior, MWP may not be doing the best but now knicks’ def is waaay worse. everyone can see it. 9 game losing streak and toronto is not great but better without bargs’ defense.

      • Sangaman
        • Nilanka15

          WOW! Bargnani’s played 3 whole good games! Only 10 more to go before he reaches his 13 game plateau.

  • Sangaman

    For years Bargs development was stunted by raptor ball hog guards who would ignore the big man even when he was hot. Now they have Gay and Lowry to carry on the tradition and ignore Valanciunas. Just lucky to beat Memphis..this team will self destruct very soon.

    • rapsinlimbo

      when did they ever ignore bargs? that is completely the opposite. for yrs the raps fed him the ball and gave him the green light to chuck as many shots as he wanted. hes just not a star player. if he ever got it together he could be a very good #3rd option on a team but alas, he has no heart, no concept of team defensive, rotations etc. he is what he is and its not his fault we were serviced lip service by BC.
      Still dont understand the man crush on Primo.

  • c_bcm

    Can we please just let this go? Holy crap.

  • dd12

    look at tonight vs dwight. and think about it the next time howard comes to toronto

    • Sangaman

      Yes look at the game…Howard 7 points..Bargs 24 pts 3/3 threes …Bargs shuts down the big man…
      YET ignored in the fourth quarter, just like in TO.

      • Nilanka15

        Clearly this means Bargnani is better than Howard.

  • dd12
    • Nilanka15

      lol, and Bargs still couldn’t get higher than the rim.