Ed’s Note: RR would like to welcome Nick and Barry from Talking Raptors to RR. Along with Steve, they’re going to be headlining RR’s podcast offerings.

This week, we’re talking with TSN’s Gareth Wheeler about all things ball, the topics include:

  • Rudy Gay and the last five minutes of games
  • Sunday afternoon games
  • The Raptors bench
  • TankNation allegiances
  • Andrew Wiggins’ desire for Toronto
  • Dwane Casey late-game play calling
  • Rudy Gay off the bench
  • Stripes the mascot is lost
  • Talking to people about Stripes
  • Jason Kidd thing
  • Grown men wearing jerseys
  • Kobe Bryant being the highest paid and mimicking Michael
  • Favourite Raptors jersey
  • Raptors hanging with the Lakers – weekly predictions

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (52:34, 50 MB). Or just listen below:

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7 Responses to “Rapcast #172: “Talking Raptors” with Gareth Wheeler of TSN”

  1. Tanks-a-lot

    How come RR never gets an interview?

    Why is there a pic of sepia losers on the page?

    I do like the analysis. The insider access is abominable

  2. stealth mode till i die

    Good listen, welcome. Steve and these guys are a good mix for the site, not sure about the TSN guy. I agree with Tanks, where’s Blake, ZarArse and that guy who hated Bargnani (Adub?)

  3. rapierraptor

    Come on now… we know Westbrook is going to be the dude to bring back the short shorts. A good listen, fellas — I liked the grown men wearing jerseys discussion. Ha.

  4. black angus

    this was horrible – no new info – nothing insightful – and any defence of Rudy Gay is ridiculous – trade him or bench him – he is hurting this team – you can see that Amir, Jonas, and now DD have had enough – they work their asses off and never get to see the ball

  5. Tanks-a-lot

    the warriors destroyed the raps
    after being down 27

    41 4th quarter points


  6. vik

    this was pretty interesting, i would definitely listen more…one thing is i know being a raps fan has made raptors fans very negative about the team, but you guys seemed almost angry throughout the podcast…also i agree that kobe should’ve taken more of a pay cut, but i still think hes a good player and can win a ‘ship with him

  7. Andre

    I love PHDsteve and his podcasts, but this new podcast on RR sound awesome (the quality) hopefully PHDsteve can get the same equipement as these dudes. good work


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