Despite the weak East, Raptors opting for rebuild | Sportsnet.ca

As the Raptors try to pick themselves up from the wreckage in Golden State where they frittered away a 27-point third-quarter lead and ended up losing 112-103—”We were hit by a three-point train,” Raptors head coach Dwane Casey said via text message. “We played as well as we could for three quarters and as bad as we can for the fourth”—there is an uncomfortable reality setting in around an organization that can no longer fool itself about what it might take to get out of the mess they’re in. And that reality is that it’s going to take time to make this right. A lot of time.

The Raptors Record Is Very Misleading | Pro Bball Report

The Raptors have shown they can be as good as any of the bottom 5 playoff teams in the East and when the schedule turns in their favor, their record will likely reflect that. The real question for Toronto becomes, is that an acceptable level of play? It is hard to believe that it is. Whether Toronto ends up as that middle of the pack also-ran playoff team probably comes down to what President and General Manager, Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri decides to do over the next month.

Raptors Delusions Of Grandeur Come Crashing To The Ground | Dino Nation Blog

Many are calling for the head of coach Dwane Casey at this point. While a game like that is one that I think ranks right up their as one that can get you fired I doubt we will see that happen anytime soon. After all the Raptors most likely will be making the shift to rebuild mode sooner than later. Casey’s contract ends at the end of the year and I doubt the Raptors will be in a rush to find his successor.

Keon Clark sentenced to 8 years prison | CBC Sports

“I, uh, did a lot of stuff in my past,” Clark tearfully said at his plea hearing in Vermilion County Circuit Court in Illinois, The News-Gazette reported. “I have to own up to it.”

Could we boo rudy gay out of toronto? | RealGM

If Ujiri really does decide to blow it up, and Gay truly can’t be traded, then we have to hope that Rudy doesn’t opt in next year. Perhaps if we treat Gay even worse then Bargnani, booing him every possession for the rest of the season, we can hurt his feelings enough to not return. I say we as raptor fans, turn on him harder then we did on BC, make booing Gay viral and make the opt out happen.

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  • steve fisher

    Massive booing of RG would be immature and stupid because it would impede potential growth and change as well as diminish his trade value not to mention making it even harder for MU to get decent value for him which if given time he could probably pull it off, (remember the impossible AB trade. Hopefully the TO Fans will do what is best for the future of the team and show some patience! There is no QUICK FIX!! Steve Fisher

  • Richard Garcia

    don’t know where to post the Ujiri interview


    scroll until you find it. I think it’s #1