Yes, there’s a game tonight against the 21-6 San Antonio Spurs, but first I want to discuss something that I have been seeing in Raptorland.

Being a fan of a sports team is not always easy. And when you’re a fan of a team that has had as little success as the Raptors have had over their franchise history, it’s even more difficult. Being a fan of a team often leads to disagreements but in the end, we’re all still Raptor fans.

We all still want the Raptors to succeed, in the end.

We all have different ideas and opinions of how that success can be achieved. In many instances, that can lead to passionate and intelligent debate. Other times it can bring out the worst in people.

And unfortunately that’s what I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, including here on Raptors Republic.


The fact is some Raptor fans feel the only way out of the Raptors’ current predicament and what will give the team the best shot at real success is to tank and get a high draft pick. On the other hand, some fans hate the idea of tanking and want to build a competitive team without losing.

Two different philosophies with the same goal.

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Sometimes it can be. A few months before he became a regular writer on this site, I was introduced to William Lou through a very passionate debate we had about tanking in the comments section. Despite the anonymity the internet allowed us, things remained respectful. He brought up points, I countered and brought up other points, and so on. In the end we agreed to disagree, but remained friendly. Sometimes we got frustrated when the other didn’t see it our way, but that frustration never turned personal. It never devolved.

We both understood that we had completely different ideas of what the Raptors needed to do and both of us were sure we were right. And we still do. And that’s alright.

For some fans, though, it’s not alright. For some fans, if you believe in tanking (or rebuilding or whatever you want to call it), then it’s okay to hate you for it. It’s okay to call you names and attack you personally.

And for some fans, if you don’t like tanking, then you’re the epitome of everything that has been wrong with the franchise for the last 18 years, and possibly even responsible for it. And you should be damned for it.


And of course there are the ridiculous claims by both sides that only THEY are true fans, as if there’s some sort of empirical measurement of such.

Recently things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, and it’s getting out of control. When the Raptors win, the anti-tankers come out in force wanting to rub the tankers’ nose in it with unbridled glee. When the Raptors lose, the tankers yell at the top of their lungs how anyone who wants to win now knows nothing about basketball.

It’s pathetic and embarrassing.

I realize that this is the internet, and common courtesy often goes out the window, but all these people are doing is crapping in the pool which ruins it for everyone. Who wants to swim in a pool full of crap except people who like that? And what’s wrong with the people who actually like that?

Not liking someone because they beat their children or are promote racism or homophobia are good reasons to do that. Not liking someone because you have philosophical differences over a basketball team is silly.

Basically, I’m asking people to behave with a little more respect towards one another (at least on here) and act with a little more decorum. When you call someone a loser and they respond with an insult, it shouldn’t be a surprise. And it’s not exactly constructive criticism. All it does is bring down the level of debate to that of 10 year olds who don’t have the control over their emotions that adults are supposed to.

I mean, what I’m really saying is…

But onto the game at hand.

The last time the Raptors played the Spurs was just under two weeks ago and the outcome was pretty much what one would expect when a 15-4 team plays against a 7-12 team.

Since then, though, the Raptors have won four of five, including beating Dallas and Oklahoma on the road. If there’s no such thing as addition by subtraction, someone better not tell the Raptors because they are a completely different team without Gay, and a lot of it has to do with the fact Gay is not on the court.

The Raptors are 5-2 since Rudy Gay got on a plane to Sacramento, after going 6-12 with him. And it’s not as if the schedule has been any better since the trade. Since Gay left, six of the seven teams the Raptors have faced have had either the same record or better than the Raptors.

Of course, teams often have a bit of a honeymoon period after a trade or when a coach is fired. Players feel rejuvenated and the sum often looks better than the parts for a while. But it’s usually temporary. The same thing often happens when a star player goes down. The team bands together for a while, but in the end talent always wins out.

It’s a reality in the NBA.

The Spurs are still the Spurs. Ironically, they lost Saturday night against the very team that the Raptors beat last night, but they are also 5-2 since they beat the Raptors. And that’s despite Tony Parker sitting out a couple of games with a shin injury, as well as Tim Duncan and Ginobili sitting out a win against the Warriors due to advanced age.

Let me just reiterate, here. The Spurs, missing three of their top four scorers, and their only two All Stars, beat the Stephen Curry-lead Warriors who had recently gotten Andre Iguodala back from injury.

How did they do it?

That’s the interesting thing about the Spurs. While it’s true that, as I just finished saying, the Spurs would not be able to compete at the same level over a long period, what allowed them to do it against the Warriors, and more importantly, why they have the most productive bench in the league despite not a whole lot of household names, is because they are the best coached team in the league and run a system that allows them to plug in just about any player who knows it and they will compete.

Amir Johnson; Manu Ginobli; Patty Mills; Marco Belinelli; Boris Diaw

It’s not a coincidence that players tend to play most efficiently when they play in the Spurs system. Marco Belinelli has always been a decent, although inconsistent, player, but he’s having a career year with the Spurs. Boris Diaw looked as though his career was finished when he was in Charlotte. In San Antonio, suddenly he’s a useful rotation player, again. I couldn’t imagine what they might do with Rudy Gay!

Okay, maybe not.

The Spurs should be at full strength tonight, but watch what happens when the bench players come in. They end up playing the same.

Garbage time is usually unwatchable because guys who don’t normally play come in and try to do too much to show why they should play more, and it ends up making them look bad. It’s sloppy, selfish and just bad basketball. Not the Spurs, though. Spurs players are so well coached that they all do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it even when they’re up by 20 with 2 minutes left. You’re still watching good basketball.

The Spurs have lost just 6 games all season, all against teams that are considered legit contenders (Oklahoma twice, Indiana, the Clippers, Houston and Portland).

The Raptors did get out to a 36-24 lead after the first quarter in their first matchup, but the lead didn’t last and when the Spurs turned it on, the outcome was never in doubt.


Will the Raptors great play continue?

Like it or not, the Raptors simply aren’t talented enough to sustain the level of play they have been playing at. And playing against the Spurs is probably going to be a bit of a rude awakening. The Spurs are coming off a loss and haven’t lost back to back games all season. They are well-rested (relatively) and probably a bit grumpy from having dropped their second game to the Thunder.

This might not be the end of the good play, by the Raptors, but tonight will most likely be a hiccup at least.

What’s with DeMar DeRozan’s shooting?

Before the Rudy Gay trade, DeMar DeRozan was having his most efficient season since his rookie one, when he was the team’s fourth or fifth option most nights. In the ten games before Gay was traded, DeRozan averaged 24.2 ppg and shot below 50% from the field just three times.

In the six games since the trade, DeRozan is still averaged over 21 ppg, but has only managed to shoot 50% once, during that time. He is passing the ball more and racking up more assists, but it’s obvious he’s feeling the strain of being pushed into the number one option slot.

If the plan is to trade DeRozan, then it’s probably better to do it sooner rather than later, as his struggles will likely continue.

How well is Amir Johnson playing?

Back in the middle of November, I praised the game of Amir Johnson and opined the fact I felt fans were underrating just how valuable he is. At that time, Amir was not playing as well as we had become accustomed and some questioned whether his newfound parenthood was having a negative impact on him (those with children will understand why).

Well, in the last ten games, Amir is averaging 16.2 ppg on a sizzling .673 shooting, and grabbing 8.9 rpg. Those are better numbers than David West, and Paul Milsap is averaging 16.2 ppg, on .492 shooting and 8.2 rebounds in the same amount of time.

Both those players make substantially more than Amir does, by the way.


I did the breakdown the last time the Raptors played the Spurs, and nothing has changed since then. The Spurs starters are better, their coach is better and their fans probably don’t hate each other nearly as much.


Yes, the Raptors beat the Thunder last night, but that’s all the reason they probably won’t beat the Spurs. Especially since the Spurs are coming off a loss against that same Thunder team.

Score: Spurs 108 – Raptors 94

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  • consmap

    Go Raps.

    • consmap


  • Adriiian

    Can’t wait. Can we make it three in a row? Would be euphoric.

  • onemanweave

    Tim, Beautifully written, including a lovely analogy of pooping in the pool. I would think you are one of the fairest-minded, most magnanimous individuals on here — if I hadn’t read your smug, holier-than-thou comments for longer than I care to remember. i realize, as the #1 house man, you are often just stirring the pot. However pragmatic antagonism is much preferable to laminated hypocrisy.

    • robertparrish00

      Isn’t your opinion of Tim here laminated hypocrisy?

      • onemanweave

        No, to the best of my understanding, it’s the plime blank truth. It may be wrong. It may not, but that’s how I feel. Thanks for asking.

    • Duke

      He just had to throw something in there to puff out his chest tho, ‘back in September I wrote about how Amir is underrated by most raptor fans’… Truth is: most raptor fans love Amir and what he brings to this team. But yeah sure Tim, you were right and we (the poor mis-guided masses) were wrong again. Oh… Btw you were also ‘right’ about how many games the raptors would win in the first part of the season even though they’ve won almost twice as many games as you predicted (6). Gotta love a guy who praises himself for being right, even when he’s wrong. Smug is an understatement

      • ItsAboutFun

        For some weird reason, he just doesn’t acknowledge that smug, holier-than thou thing, even as he says “my shtick is being right”. He thinks people insult him simply because they disagree with his opinions, and keeps repeating it, even after multiple people have told him it goes much deeper. Half this article is repeating it all over again.

        When William Lou posted a similar call for decency and understanding, it was easy to read as sincere and genuine. This one is tough to swallow.

    • ItsAboutFun

      Well said, and that “laminated hypocrisy” is spot on! I’ll borrow that when the time comes again,,,,, and it will.

  • morgan c

    Excellent points made about decorum. I have been guilty of making harsh comments. Go Raptors. I go back and forth about wanting them to tank. When they lose to Charlotte, holy shit. When they beat OKC, holy shit the other way. I think we are all just frustrated.

  • Garrett Hinchey

    Sure, beating tough teams like OKC and Dallas on the regular might not be sustainable, but I think chalking this up to a honeymoon period is a bit simplistic and probably incorrect.

    I think I’ve said this before, but I tend to believe that the improvements we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks are real, rather than just a blip during the season. It’s not like a bunch of players are out-performing their talent levels – it’s just that it turns out with the talent level each of the core Raptors have + the extra touches offered in the landscape post-Gay (and the change in system that comes along with it) that the team is actually pretty good.

    Terrence Ross is a good example. Gay goes, his touches go up, and even though he’s shooting the same percentage as before, surprise! He’s actually a valuable rotation piece.

    I doubt we get the win tonight but I’m excited at what we’ve seen on the floor lately, and the schedule gets more favourable in the new year. Hey, if we’re too good to tank, why not shoot for a division title? Right?

  • Slick

    I don’t get it. This is raptors republic. I’m thinking they should be a fan of how raptors are playing.what I don’t understand is why every article I read from this site is about trading players? Like for real? Guys are busting there add to get better and there names are continuously being mentioned it stupid articles. Don’t y’all have anything else to write about man. Like how fun the game is. How better we’re playing. Leave the trade talks for masai and staff of raptors people. #realfantalk. Forget tanking. Make playoffs get experienced. Get better get free agents in summer. And for the fans who wanna tank. I should say so called fans. It’s like saying raptors are gonna sigh both Carmelo and Lebron this offseason. That’s the exact chances of raptors getting the 1st overall pick. Get real man. Get to playoffs and help shape the francise going toward not taking another 4 years going backwards!

    • B-rocula

      You saying ” so called fans ” is the ignorance Tim was talking about I’ve Been a raps fan for a long time like 14 years and am pro tank …
      the best our team can be as constructed is a weak 4-8 seed every year and get swept first or second round I personally would like to see us compete for a title some day. Reality is Lowry is going to want big bucks to stay in T. Next season if he will stay at all, and in the days of super teams no big name A list free agents are comming to Toronto. So where do we get the talent to win a championship?

      I’d rather shoot for a top 5 pick that could be a potential superstar to grow with Jonas Ross and maybe one of demar or Amir then be the new Atlanta hawks stuck in the middle . If we can tank and keep young assets this team could be really good some not just alright

      • sleepz

        That’s my point. Posters who I don’t agree with telling me how I’m not a real fan because I want the team to be in a good draft position, should check themselves. I don’t agree with taking the Colangelo route but I don’t call your allegiance into question because of it.

        If you want to make that claims maybe I should take the outlandish argument further. I was born and raised in Toronto and have lived here all my life. What if I as a fan don’t think that fans outside of the city should be making claims about anything Raptor related especially if you’re from another province cause you aren’t ‘invested’ as heavily as I am, how would that be received?

        Not very well huh?

        For any one who wants to present that argument to me in the future and proclaim me to not be a real fan, make sure you live in the GTA, or I’ll be just as ignorant.

        • B-rocula

          In your earlier post you said ” and to the fans who wanna tank . I should say so called fans” you are the one questioning people no one is questioning your fanhood and who said anything about where anyone lives? I was born in Toronto lived there 15 years and live just a few hours out of town …. But who cares ? And if we do move forward with the current roster that is pretty much the collangelo route … be mediocre then over pay free agents to come play with us then boo them out of town when they don’t meet the hype lol …

        • nyStef

          Agree a thousand percent. Raptor fans who’d like to see a rebuild starting with taking a shot at getting a player who might end up a star, maybe a super-star (in a perfect world .. and this draft by the sound of it, will give much better odds for that), don’t, that I see, call out those who are ‘anti-tank’ but … there sure is a lot of hostility from anti-tankers towards those of us who like to imagine the possibilities of contending for a championship, one day. (But maybe that’s starting this on the wrong note …)

          The Grantland article (by Zach Lowe, today) that addresses the tank subject is kind of interesting if someone hasn’t seen it. There’s a link or two that brings up past articles on tanking … and sort of shows how prevalent it’s been over the years … and how it’s worked and also not worked. Nothing that I haven’t seen before but, as a converted anti-tank fan (I was actually near-rabid about it up to not long ago), I’d say some who might wonder about what’s what and who’d like to know more about what the actual realities with it are – instead of only listening to what, say, someone like DSmith yammers on about – would find it interesting as well.

          Fwiw, being pro-tank is very difficult. Personally, I can’t help but cheer games like the last two, and I can’t help hoping they win tonight. Can’t help it. I leave it in Masai’s hands to do whatever dirty work there is to be done (and there may-well yet BE some dirty work – it seemed pretty clear what he meant be ‘not being in-the-middle’, to my ears) but I take no joy in losing ANY game. And I’d bet that it’s much the same for any others who want a championship but knows it’s ridiculously unlikely without a high pick, to start with.

          Lastly, I appreciate Tim W putting himself out there (sort of) with today’s plea for civility. (He had to know there’d be blow-back.)
          A while back, I ranted at Tim (here) for similar reasons that have been expressed by some above … and then I thought about it for a long time. Eventually, I came to a different understanding about it all (my own understanding) and I (not that long ago) sent him a note to apologize for being rude to him, publicly. He was gracious about accepting my apology and I was glad of it. I won’t speak for him (I couldn’t and he would not need me to or, I’m sure, allow me or anyone do so, at all) but … I’ve come to enjoy how uncompromising he is about what he believes regarding basketball and how unapologetic he is about it. Imo, it’s just a solid and rare quality … and I now sort of count on it, even when I bristle and disagree with his take on things.

          So … there ya go. Go Raps.

  • Delabar’s Weighted Balls

    There IS addition by subtracting a negative

    • Delabar’s Weighted Balls

      nice article tho, go Raps

      • Slick

        Dd is the #1 option man. But I agree he has his moments. However some of his shots ain’t falling. But they’re good looks. He will figure it out. He’s a hard worker. A true pro at his age. He is passing and rebounding a lot more and that’s only gonna continue. He’s maturing. Go raps. #realfan. No tanking.

    • Delabar’s Weighted Balls

      p.s. Derozan thinks he’s the #1 option right now & has freedom (& even responsibility) to shoot from anywhere at any time, like Gay did (rightly or wrongly). It would be more helpful if he would only try to emulate Rudy in late game scenarios, & make smart plays the rest of the time… He’ll figure it out hopefully soon

    • Delabar’s Weighted Balls

      & it is a joy to watch the Spurs play. Love their intelligent & systematic approach, & how well-coached they are

  • Raps4life10

    Hey guys thoughts on new drafting system? Won’t be in place for this year but could be for next year. Could change strategy for ujiri, because to tank this year (get a top 8 pick) he would have to trade Lowry, DD, and maybe even Amir. So, to get real good we would have to tank for a couple years with all our other assests gone. But with the new system it is impossible to tank so Ujiri could look to ride with our team and add other players through trade and big future free agents that MIGHT wanna come to Toronto (Durant, Wiggins).

  • vanlivin

    So I usually just read this site. Have for years. But I feel inclined to write this.
    Is it healthy for malicious arguing to take place? No. Can it be healthy to debate things? Yes. These Raptors are playing inspired basketball; brought together by the doubters. I understand strategic thinking. I understand their are few teams that have won championships without a star or two or three. But this team is not devoid of talent. Their are potential stars on the roster. WE DO have a superstar at the most important position. At GM. It is healthy to win. It is healthy for growth on this team. Player values are growing. Player experience and skills are growing. When the time is right for pieces to be moved they will be. The goal is to win the NBA Championship. Hopefully more than once. It is a long road. A journey much easier to make with the support of your family/friends the people around you. This team puts up with enough hate. If they are going to win the Championship, they need the ACC to become feared. Starting ASAP. I mean why is their demeanor more confident in OKC than at home against Charlotte. This is more important than the difference in some lottery balls and 16th pick. Massai can take care of the personnel. Human race constantly divided so we lose. We as raptor fans need to rise above this and support the team we have. All this tank talk is being really shitty teammates.

    • Slick

      Well said man well said! #realtalk#realraptorfans#tanknationworstbehaviourdrake

      • ac1011990

        Lolz please stop that, this isnt twitter.

    • Hendi

      Yup. That’s perfect,

  • Andrey

    If they lose to Spurs I’m not gonna be pissed tbh. They exceeded my expectations already

  • Shadow Of Christ

    Tim, most times — hell, all the time — we don’t agree on points made on Raptors Republic. This is no different. While I concur that #TankNation and those who don’t believe in losing on purpose need to act proper, I think you’re missing point, like so many others who are not just Raptor fans, but NBA fans in general are. Rebuilding is a necessary step that all teams must face… Tanking/losing on purpose with the hopes of trying to land a top 5 draft pick is asinine.

    I totally support a Toronto Raptors rebuild! Go nuts, Masai Ujiri! Trade whoever you think is necessary to get better… But I’ll point out something I showed to a friend of mine the other day:

    When you have fans of ANY team disrespecting the talent on the floor, chanting as the team is trying to win a game “WE WANT [Insert Player’s Name]!”, how would you expect to keep a young prospect who now knows that the fan base will turn on him if things go south?

    I believe most people misinterpreted what Masai meant when he said that Toronto won’t be just a middle of the road team. Who’s to say he was insinuating a tank job? Proof positive, Raptors are 5-2 post-Rudy Gay trade. Whether that’s a fluke, or whether it’s legit, the fact remains that Toronto, without a legit star player on the team, is a BETTER TEAM! (caps for emphasis)

    Is this team a championship contender? Let’s not kid ourselves. But with the East as horrid as it is right now, and with the Raptors surprisingly in control of the Titanic — I mean Atlantic — Division, I say go for a serious playoff push. As these past two games have proven, anything can happen in the NBA AND, we never really know what Ujiri is gonna do next…

    The Raptors most likely won’t take down the Spurs… But I said that about OKC as well, and I was wrong… Being wrong can be a good thing sometimes =)

    • cdub

      great point on rebuilding vs tanking. they are most definitely not one and the same
      anytime someone has something negative to say about tanking, which is pretty easy since it’s such a terrible idea, they get the same song and dance counter about not being good enough to be a contender, being stuck in mediocrity forever and they just assume that if you don’t want to tank your fine with the team as is. they make it a very black and white argument when in fact most people have no problems with rebuilding it’s just the broken concept of tanking that is the issue.

      • ItsAboutFun


  • Roarque

    Tim described the strategy. Now please let me describe one tactic.
    Here’s how to contribute to RR debate:
    Pretend that you are at a party and the person you want to disagree with is standing right in front of you, looking you right in the eyes. Now, pretend that your mother is standing right beside you and his/her mother is standing there too. Got that image? Okay, now write what you would say in that party scenario. See how you act in a polite fashion? See how your former antagonist is now a friendly conversationalist?

    • jjdynomite

      Roarque, if this disagreeable person is a condescending douche who spews unfounded pessimistic theories and thoughts that brings everybody down around them, my mother would say to me: “you go first”.

    • What the

      Could someone from RR , please setup this must see video for all Raptors fans. first take:: NBA teams admit they are going to TANK 2014 .

  • Louvens Remy

    Tim, thanks for the article. I appreciate our back and forth. Hope you have a blessed holiday and come back with some great work in 2014. We don’t always agree, maybe never, but I respect your opinion even though I like to take a nice healthy jab once in a while. All in good fun. Go Raps! I’m saying they make it 3 in a row!!!

  • d_1212

    Looking at the easier schedule for the next 3 months, it’s fair to say, if the team stays together, they can at least get 8 wins in each of Jan-Feb-Mar, + say 5 wins in April. Since they most probably will end this month with at least 13 wins, they would end the year around a 42-40 record. Which put the raptors in the playoffs picture (probably 1st in the Atlantic), in the weak Eastern Conference. I have a hard time believing Masai will brake-up a team, and trading DD for example for picks, that has a chance to make the playoffs, for the 1st time since the 2007-2008 season, and as first year as GM.

  • thatpeterguy

    Instead of being PRO TANK or ANTI TANK why not just cheer for competent GM’ing which has been missing from this team since… well since forever.

    • Suspisious Mind

      Best comment I’ve read in ages. Although I’m an anti tank advocate, it’s primarily because I don’t think the current construction of this team allows one to do so responsibly. Too many good pieces in place already to just throw away. That being said, if our Masaia can orchestrate a situation that gets high return on our tradeable assets, and leaves enough in place to hit the ground running, whilst getting a high draft pick, I’m all for it. For now, I’ll just trust our capable GM to do his job, because he’s never given me a reason not to.

      And Tim, as much as I disagree with your (in my opinion) consistently negative and unwaivering pessimism, I appreciate you putting yourself out there to try and clean up some of the aggressiveness that exists on this site right now. We’re all a part of Raptors nation, and weather your vehicle of choice is a tank or a Rolls Royce, we all have the best interest of the team in mind. Now let’s go get us some San Antonio!!!

    • Minks77

      Nuff said.

  • jjdynomite

    Tim W., it’s pretty clear that you’re a feeble-minded pissant, and this plea for harmony and mutual understanding takes the damn bundt cake. Why don’t you spend some time this holiday season thinking long and hard about why you are such a Debbie Downer, a Negative Ninny, and, most of all, why you even post here AT ALL, instead of hanging out with your tankbuddy Francis on the increasingly unreadable Raptors HQ blog. Your passionless, humorless writing goes hand-in-hand with the self-immolating atmosphere on that site. Maybe you were mistaking the “fans” who were “underrating” Amir on RR with the douches on that blog, ‘cuz I sure didn’t see that here, at any time.

    Case in point: In numerous, redundant articles and comments you’ve expressed doubts that Masai can do the job, so we, the Raptors *Faithful*, are dupes for thinking he can turn this franchise around. Masai turned the Nuggets into a consistent winner, but to you, they only made first round exits. To you, it was a huge mistake Colangelo stayed on when Masai came on board (oops). To you, Masai should’ve gotten a pick in the Gay trade, because it wasn’t enough to get rid of his yoke of a contract, free up playing time, and receive multiple assets in return. To you, $30 million in 2014 cap space is immaterial because we live in an worthless basketball outpost like Toronto where we will only succeed if Wiggins/Randle/Parker is trapped here for 4 years on a rookie-scale contract. Whine, whine, whine, nothing is ever good enough, and most of all, nobody deserves the benefit of the doubt — REGARDLESS OF TRACK RECORD. You must be a lovely dinner guest.

    But honestly, Tim, this is bigger than you. My comment goes out to ALL those writers and commenters who feel, for some self-flaggelating reason, that negativity is a more worthwhile feeling to inhabit than positivity (as long as it’s not delusional). And even if it IS a bit delusional, I would rather be a fan fully revelling in the last 2 games than one sitting back and going, oh no, less ping pong balls, and now more of a chance Masai will screw it up and leave us in the dreaded “no man’s land” — even though, time and time again, Masai has proven he can work cap magic with far more constraints than he has now. And with that, I’m looking forward to 8:30 PM EST, to see if our scrappy bunch of (over)achievers can keep proving the downers and doubters wrong.

  • CJT

    Tim, thanks for doing your part in trying to make RR and respectful for all users. We have all slipped in to that pool on occasion and as good Canadians we need to try and remain civil despite our differing opinions. I do not agree with your assessment of the team’s good play continuing. Ido agree that there will be nights that shots aren’t falling and we will likely lose on those nights, but my enjoyment in the recent improvement in play has more to do with playing the right way. If we continue to move the ball on offense and play hard on D I will continue to enjoy watching our team. Look guys no tanking comments involved, you’re welcome.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    I can’t wait to see the Spurs play after Duncan retires, said no one ever

  • nikita

    tim, i’m gonna scrape your nose in the poop pool if the raps beat the spurs tonite

  • Tinman

    You joined Raptors Republic – surprised?

  • RaptorFan

    I wonder if Tim W. Still thinks Danny Green is a top 6 SG in the NBA.

    I sure hope not… Danny lost his starting spot to Marco bellineli…lol

    I still don’t know what to say about the ranking…wow

  • mountio

    I missed the OKC game to to power. I will say, if it was like this one, very enjoyable. The last possession of the 1st Q (ended in a wide open Lowry three) was a thing of beauty. Havent seen ball movement like that around here in a long time…

  • Minks77

    Oh fuck Novak to close the game is so garbage. What’s dc doing putting him out there late and ice cold?

    • jvpres

      Same reason guys like jv and amir didn’t play much. Raps win despite of coaching. Unlike the announcers giving him props for play of late

  • hotshot

    and then Novak happen!!!! what are you doing Casey?!!! everything went wrong as soon as you sub him in the game with 2 minutes to go!! what the hell goes through your head!!