DeMar DeRozan’s play mirrors Toronto Raptors’ year-end surge | National Post

“Everybody could see that it’s just not a fluke,” DeRozan said of the importance of the wins over the Mavericks and Thunder. “We’re not winning games because of luck or because the other team had an off night. It goes a long way when you go out there and have a game when you’re struggling, come back from adversity on the road in a hostile place against tough teams. That goes a long way, and shows a lot of character.”

Ball is ‘zinging’ for Raptors | Toronto Sun

More growing will be required in order to survive one final brutal stretch of an early schedule that has been a daunting one. According to, Toronto has had the fifth-toughest schedule of any NBA team (adjusted for days home vs. away and days of rest) and is the only East team in the top 11.

How high can Terrence Ross fly for Raptors? | Toronto Sun

In the 10 games since Gay’s departure, nine of them starts, the Washington product has shot 48.3% from three-point range. Ross nailed a career-best seven treys on Saturday against Washington and has hit 18 of his past 31 attempts. With opponents keying on Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and even Jonas Valanciunas on the strong side, Ross has constantly been lurking on the weak side, ready to connect from outside. “Huge,” Casey said of the contribution Ross has been making.

Could Raptors colours be turning black and gold? | Toronto Sun

A report Monday said a black and gold scheme has emerged as a contender and that makes sense, since global ambassador Drake has built his OVO brand around those colours. An advertisement on for “Drake Night” at the ACC on Jan. 11 depicts a black and gold Raptors logo beside Drake’s similarly coloured owl trademark.

Raptors Report: Assessing the Raptors two months in | TSN

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22 Responses to “Morning Coffee: New Years Eve Edition”

  1. jjdynomite

    Black & gold colours? Really?? What are we, Hamilton East?! Who cares what Drake’s predilections are, let it be the third alternate or somerhing. Toronto’s other 3 major league teams have blue as a strong accent (well, 2 and the Argos). Colour me non-plussed.

  2. Bo4

    Tim, if you want to be the GTA’s basketball team, go blue & white. If you want to be a leader & become Canada’s basketball team, go red & white. If you want to be a followwer, listen to the marketing experts and go whatever colour combination is in vogue at the time, … but don’t complain when that combination is no longer in vogue & those same experts tell you to change them up … . GO HUSKIES!

    • afrocarter

      Being a follower & listening to marketing experts are why this team is called the Raptors in the first place. Learn from the past, or be doomed to repeat it. Go Huskies, indeed!

  3. tweed8

    I was just reading that DD article and had one thought; I am really happy Rudy was here. Rudy was such a ball hog that it may just have opened DD’s/the team’s eyes a little more and helped him/them share the ball a bit more! Not to say this change wouldn’t have come without him… Obviously this is just speculative but, I’d like to think it happened. Who can forget that moment when RG, decided to take the ball all the WAY FOR THE misssss, instead of passing it off to DD for the easy basket leaving everyone shaking their heads?


    Soo.. DD is delusional?

    Brah, you won vs OKC due to catching them on a back to back AFER they beat the Spurs. A Kobeless Lakers, a Roseless Bulls, @ 2 time Meloless NYKs, Philly!, and an off night Dirk DAL. So, you’re not winning because of luck or because the other team had a night off?. Riiiight.

    • GetLicks

      Yeah, every raptor win is cause the other team had an off-night..and every loss is cause the raptors are nothing but a bad team. I think you’re the delusional one, ‘brah’

      • GetLicks

        And in what world are you living in? Kobe was playing when we beat them in LA, but I guess you couldn’t see through your poo-coloured glasses

        • FLUXLAND

          Guy, he went 2 for 9 with 8 TOs. So, chalk that up to an off night Kobe if you’d like, doesn’t change a thing.

          I sure don’t live in Delusionville like you and DD, brah.

          • GetLicks

            That’s not my point..the point was to prove that you always have an excuse for winning. All your posts on this site have the same tiresome narrative. ‘Oh they won cause *insert star player’s name here* had an off night.’ I’m definitely not the one in delusionville buddy. I’m just a fan that’s enjoying the way this team has been playing. I’m sure I can speak for a lot of fans and say this is the most enjoyable stretch I’ve seen a raptors team play since the VC era.

            What I would honestly like to know is why you come on a raptors fan site? With your Lakers avatar, constantly trashing everything about this team, making bullshit excuses (OKC was on a back to back. Really?! LOL), Knicks didn’t have Melo (yeah cause he’s really helped them to an awesome record this year right?), the sky is falling, your dog are your homework, Russian spies are onto us, etc. All jokes aside, I really would like to know why you come on a raptors fan site when you’re clearly not a fan of this team.

            • jjdynomite

              All jokes NOT aside, I think his dog IS Fuxland’s homework. Kobe knob slobberers are so tedious.

          • onemanweave

            Why Flux, great to have you back. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the ghosts are gone. Figured you wouldn’t be back TO lost one, but with all this new-found jocularity on RR, it was good of you to surface in spite of the win streak and spread some holiday jeer.


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