“You pound and pound that rock until one day, it cracks” – Dwane Casey, referring to people’s negative perceptions of him, apparently.

The Raptors went 8-6 in the month of December and have won 9 of their last 12 games. I’ve been one of his biggest detractors (see here for example), but he looks to have turned the corner since the Rudy Gay trade. The offense looks considerably more fluid and effective – less soul-sucking isolations, more actual basketball sets – and although the changes may merely reflect changes in personnel, Dwane Casey has done a better job calling time-outs, distributing minutes and his rotations are much tighter. Congratulations Dwane Casey!

(per NBA.com)

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  • Borg

    Great new isn’t it Tim. W? Or have you completely giving up on your home team now?

    Go Raps!!!

  • RNsteve

    The horror…..the horror.

  • ibleedpurple

    Raps on some linsanity shit lately. Media coverage has hit an all time high.

  • mike, prague

    Wait a second Scotty, just wait one second! They went 8-6 in December yet they’re 9-3 in their last twelve? … Something isn’t summing up … congrats to DC by the way/

    • Garrett Hinchey

      One of the wins was in January (yesterday).

      • mike, prague

        D’oh … thx

  • mike, prague

    Nothing against RR, but I’m glad that it’s not my only source for Raptor news as of late.

    • DDayLewis


    • mike, prague

      In other words … I’m glad to see Raptor news outside of the RR. Like on the (other) big boy websites like espn.com, grantland.com, nba.com, btphard.blogspot.ca … RR is still the best though …

      • DDayLewis

        Honored that you’d shout out my old stomping grounds, but it’s as “big boy” as Austin Daye is fat. It’s nice for me to see too. I really can’t remember the last time the Raptors headlined both NBA.com/ESPN. Zach Lowe also wrote an excellent piece about the post-Gay Raptors last week. Things are good right now.

  • HappyNewYear

    Usually COTY will be fired in the year, will DC be fired in this month.

  • GetLicks

    With all the heat this guy has taken since the start of the season (myself included), a big congrats to DC for keeping this team playing at a high level and giving us fans the most entertaining basketball we’ve seen since Vinsanity.

  • Real Raps Fan

    And here come the hypocrites…lmfao. A child could have known that ALL he needed was a consistent roster, healthy guys, and guys that needed to play WITHIN their roles and play like a TEAM, for him to be successful in his coaching. Yet immaturity led to nothing but silly remarks of him getting canned. Smdh.

    • GetLicks

      When you have no set plays coming out of timeouts, and mess up something as simple as the difference between the game & shot clocks, of course people will criticize. But at least he has bounced back

  • roman

    No comments!

  • Age

    All Casey needed was to rid his team of Defenceless Bargnani and Ballhog Gay….
    who knew it would be this easy, eh Masai?
    Congrats DC, your players are believing in your system – keep playing tough. Us TDot fans love the tough attitude (Amir, hansborough, JV)

  • Lets Play

    Congratulations Coach Casey! Well Deserved!!!

  • mountio

    Congrats to DC – there is absolutely no doubt that he has been coaching better since the Gay trade. I guess when your team is playing better, you have a chance to be a better coach. Either way – good on him .. hes a super nice guy that means well for sure.
    Having said that – hes still a bad coach. Lets not get sucked in by a nice little run .. Ive seen enough inexcusable things over his tenure here that there is no way we can extend him.

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Casey’s strength: Teaching and encouraging average players to play the right way. Casey’s weakness: Pandering to or designing winning strategies around ‘stars’ or one-dimensional players.

  • Feather Ruffler

    Really happy for Casey. Hope the team plays amazing in January and he gets another! GO RAPS!


    Been poundin the rock for 3 years and yesterday some of the rock finally started cracking a little lmao. Now we have to break it which might take another 20 years

  • Oaktown

    “You pound and pound that rock until one day, it cracks” – Dwane Casey, referring to people’s negative perceptions of him, apparently

    Ummm, wouldn’t the quote be more related to how the team is finally getting some results after all their hard work?