Ed’s Note: This podcast was recorded before the Indiana game. PhdSteve will return in his regular time slot (which is this) next week.

Nick and Barry bring in 2014 with some spirited Raptors talk – raptorstalk.com

– Tank Nation is crumbling
– The Eastern Conference is not good
– Kobe the gold fish bet
– Raptors suck at sucking
– Andrew Bynum is worse than Dwight Howard
– Blake Griffin needs to add punching to his game
– Charles Barkley for President
– New Years countdown

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also e (26:17, 31 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Chris

    You should do a Rapcast with TimW, post the phone number and let RR fans call in…I’d listen to that 🙂

    • raptorstand

      Chris you are a very sadistic and evil person , that understands the meaning of hatred, great job!

      • Chris

        Apologies for taking it to another post, but the disappointment isn’t just mine. I’m just riding the wave.

  • pablo

    What an annoying podcast. Its over guys, get over it. A successfull tank job to get a top 5 pick would require the raptors to basiclaly go winless till the end of the season. Looking at the schedule in January and the way they are playing 10 more wins and the deal is done.

  • robertparrish00

    It really speaks to how crap the NBA’s lottery system is that fans can’t get excited when their team does well.

  • morgan c

    Wow, what a terrible podcast. A bunch of rambling producing next to no actual solid points. About seven references too many licking balls references to be considered anything other than offensive and stupid dribble. RR should be ashamed of themselves for putting out a shit product like this, especially as the team is playing its best ball in half a decade. The groundswell of support is there, people are commenting, the posts have been good. But these guys should never be allowed to podcast again on this site. Fucking bush league shit.

  • Andrey

    10 more wins in January and tank talk will finally die.

  • critic

    the guy with the deeper voice is probably the biggest dumbass I’ve ever had the misfortune of listening to. tank now? you’re an idiot

  • raptorstand

    Wow I made it through 5 minutes of that horse shit, I want the 5 minutes back.

  • ManInTheMiddle

    Brutal podcast. Borderline retarded.

  • Montreal

    This podcast it’s the worse podcast i’have heard in my life (trust me I have a journalist background)
    Pls RR respect the fans.

    • DDayLewis

      You have a journalist background and you screwed up worse/worst?

      • raptorstand

        hes from montreal

  • GetLicks

    Was going to listen until I read the podcast breakdown and the comments. Don’t feel like wasting 25 mins listening to 2 wannabes that know nothing about the game of basketball.

    • pablo

      enough with the insults dude. They put a lot of their own time putting together content for this site. if you don’t agree with them that’s fine but that’s pretty damn scummy to insult them when they are providing you a free service with free content.

      • GetLicks

        Oh excuse me, they’re providing me a crappy free service that I didn’t ask for and I’m not entitled to an opinion? There are reasons I come on this site (Zarar, Garrett, Blake & a few others) and I think it’s pretty sad that these 2 are allowed to take credibility away from guys that work hard and have an understanding of the game. Open your eyes, I’m not the only one insulting their podcasts and exhaustive views on this tank bs. If you’re scared of criticism, don’t put your opinions on the internet. You must live a pretty sheltered life if you throw the words ‘dick’ & ‘scummy’ around when someone questions another person’s knowledge of a sport.

        • pablo

          you know what, morgan. C and some other responses kinda of swayed me, but you should be bitch slapped for your attitude . Criticism is fine but being a whiny cunt is another. The words dick and scummy still applies to you because your continue to prove my impression of you. why are you so angry? you sound like you want to burn the world down. lol. You can express your opinion and not blast someone with insults. dick.

          • GetLicks

            The only one acting like a bitch is you. I’ve expressed my views without using profanity and childish name-calling, can’t say the same for you. Yet I’m the whiny cunt? What a joke. I don’t understand why you picked my post (out of all the negative responses, most of which are worse) to bitch at and whine about. You sound like exactly the type of ‘guy’ that would try and slap someone during an argument. Tough talk when you’re behind a computer screen, would love to see you back it up. Of course that’s not gonna happen, but keep being a keyboard warrior lol

            • pablo

              you didn’t even listen to the podcast and you called them ” 2 wannabes that know nothing about the game of basketball” .

              • GetLicks

                I started to listen, and have listened to their stuff before. While they may crack a funny joke here and there, they don’t have the best grip on basketball IMO.

                I can’t understand how anyone that watches this team would still want them to tank. We’re approaching the halfway point in the season, have already played the toughest part of the schedule and come out of it with a .500 record. Even of we traded Lowry & Derozan, the team is still too good to tank. And if we did trade a bunch of players (especially during this stretch of wins, arguably the best in over 10 years), what message does that send to the fans? What message does it send to the players who have been playing the best ball of their careers and are clearly sick of losing? What overall msg would that send when this team is 2 games out of the 3 seed? That we’re willing to throw away a season and team that’s finally starting to turn a corner, just for a shot at drafting a player that may or may not become a future all-star.

                • GetLicks

                  And even if we did land an all-star, how long would it take to start contending? How do we build a team and attract top talent when we’ve been a pathetic pushover of a team for the last 12+ years? It’s way too big a gamble to take considering how well the current team is playing and the way they’re doing it.

                • pablo

                  i agree with everything you said and have stood by that opinion all season.

                • pablo

                  now can we be friends?

                • GetLicks

                  Done. Better than making an enemy lol

      • morgan c

        There are just way better voices / analysts on this site. And especially on the heels of the best basketball this franchise has played in recent memory, perhaps a better product or dare I say, an optimistic and excited cast reflecting the level of play would have been more appropriate?

        Also, sorry, but when jabronies talk about licking balls for the seventh time, I have no qualms with people calling them out on their stupidity. Are they 5 years old? Seriously; who are these jokers?

        I mean, christ…

        • pablo

          point taken, i change my mind, this podcast was horseshit, lets get the better analysts on this site and even reach out to the basketball jones. They should make some contributions. I’ve been listening to them since their mp3 days. I think they are great.

      • GetLicks

        I love how you made a point of calling the podcast annoying, but then call me out for insulting it. Take your self-righteous crap and shove it

      • Allan

        Listen.. I hear ya. Good for them for providing free content. But that dude dominating the podcast with the “we need to tank”…. just doesn’t know his stuff. Tanking just isn’t an option anymore….. it’s not. If you wanted to tank…. you would basically have to trade 5 guys off this team…. and bring up D-league players to purposely lose…. and even then it’s hard. So yeah… I find it hard when someone comes on and says…. “lets just tank and get a top 5 pick”….. His sentiment is a month late.

  • Kyle Weber

    There’s such thing as having a voice for radio (or podcasts in this age)

    Neither of you have it.

    Also, the Raptors are so far out of the lottery already that tanking for a top pick isn’t even possible. No way the Raptors can sink down to the level of the true tankers. Raptors Republic taking a massive credibility hit today

  • Louvens Remy

    This podcast is not a very good listen. Hopefully it gets better over time, like this Raptors team.

  • Rimas

    what a depressing podcast. As someone with Lithuanian background I’ve always kept an eye on the basketball but this is the first year I’ve watched an NBA team religiously (thanks JV & the Raptors!), and I’ve been hooked even when we were losing.

    I don’t have any authority on NBA, but I can’t get used to fans of a team wanting their team to lose for lottery picks. Does my head in. I know all the reasons, just saying as a sports fan it defies all logic to me.

    • Rimas

      ^maybe not defies logic, because I can understand it from a franchise perspective but you guys know what i mean.

    • raptorstand

      Rimas this tank stuff is just about done, These guys are usually pretty funny and they know hoop so it wont belong before they will tell us they have never spoke about that evil word stanking. They had some beers and shouldn’t be taken to seriously , I just turned it off.

  • Son of dad

    Everyone in the audience is now dumber for having heard that. Truly a pathetic podcast. I checked out 3 minutes in. I actually asked my girlfriend how her day was, it came to that. I miss Jo Casciaro and Raptors blog radio.

  • Robert Wright

    Gotta agree with the sentiment
    Wow – this was just bad

  • RR Reader

    I lasted less then 5 minutes with this. I prefer PhD Steve by a long summer 3.

  • afrocarter

    That was….interesting. Note: drinking doesn’t always make for organized podcasts.

  • afrocarter

    Anybody who’s seen a post-game interview recently understands why tanking is no longer an option: the players want to make the post-season so badly. There’s a desire present that I haven’t seen since the VC days. Just let them have this. Let them figure out what it takes to win in this league. Blowing it up now would mean giving up on the players — and in turn the players will subsequently give up on this franchise.

  • Allan

    I have to agree with many others. These guys are not knowledgeable at all. One guy has absolutely no idea how hard it is to tank…. It’s not even an option anymore.