Doing a diary for my last recap was probably the most enjoyable post-game column I’ve done, and since I really have no real interest in dissecting a Raptors’ game right now, I’m going again with the running diary.

So here we go…


– Showing highlights of DeRozan’s big game against the Mavericks. A career night for DeRozan and he looked fantastic. But who are we kidding. Before the game, DeRozan was being criticized (and rightly) for his inefficient offense and poor fourth quarter decision-making. Yes, he played well, but it was one game. Let’s not start getting carried away, here.

– Too late. Leo Rautins just said that if DeRozan continues to play like that, his ceiling is “way, way up there”.  Of course, where “up there” is is anyone’s guess. If he has another big game tonight, Leo and friends will probably start comparing him to Kevin Durant.

– Will he and Kyle Lowry make the All Star team? DeRozan’s name hasn’t been mentioned by many outside of Toronto. Lowry? Sure, possibly. But I don’t see DeRozan making it over John Wall, Lance Stephenson or Lowry.

– Looking at the starting lineup, you have to wonder if Thaddeus Young is going to go off against the Raptors again. The only team Young has scored more on over his entire career is Phoenix, and I’m guessing their high paced offense had something to do with that. For some reason, Young loves playing against Toronto.


– DeRozan has hit two long jumpers in the first minute and a half. That’s either a good sign or a bad sign for the Raptors. If he starts falling in love with his jumper, things can go south quickly.

– DeRozan just hit another jumper. Philly can’t hit anything.

– Raptors can’t miss. They’re 6 of 7. The only miss was Valanciunas at the rim. Apparently he wasn’t far enough away from the basket.

– DeRozan missed his first jumper. He hasn’t ventured into the paint, yet. He gets FAR too comfortable out there.

– DeRozan either air-balled a jumper or made a sneaky pass to Valanciunas. That’s when you call out to Jonas that he made a good cut and pretend it was on purpose.

– DeRozan has now missed his last three shots.

– Five of my first six points of the first quarter have been about DeRozan. He’s venturing into Rudy Gay territory in terms of Usage. No assists yet, for him, so he’s in Rudy Gay territory there, as well.

– The Raptors seemed to have stopped playing defense and have given up roughly three dozen layups in the last three minutes. Their defense is almost as streaky as their offense is.

– DeRozan got subbed out before Terrence Ross did. That’s rather surprising.

– And now the Sixers have come back to take the lead. The two teams have completely switched personalities from the first few minutes of the game. It’s like Freaky Friday. Hold on, it IS Friday 1.

1. Lindsey Lohan appeared in the remake of Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis as her body-swapping mother. I’d like to see a sequel where they swap bodies again, Curtis snorts cocaine off a naked hooker, shoplifts, gets pulled over for DUI and gets thrown in rehab. Basically, I’d like to see Lohan get a break from doing that herself.

– Why the hell didn’t I know Philly had a guy named Elliott Williams on their team? I remember when I knew every single player on every single roster in the league. I guess the difference now is that I have a life. And two kids. I can’t even watch games when the kids are at home/awake, now. It kind of limits my game watching opportunities.

– M.C.W. is not a nickname. It’s simply Carter-Williams’ initials. I really hate how player’s initials started becoming their nickname. “E.J.”, “K.J.”, “L.J.”. Basically, if your last name begins with a “J”, then your nickname is your initials. Whatever happened to the days of Dr. J. Magic Johnson, The Mailman, Round Mound of Rebound? The whole nickname on the jersey thing was about a decade or two too late. I do like the Slim Reaper, though. Hopefully it starts a new era in nicknames in the NBA.


– This seems to be unravelling now for the Raptors. The Sixers are running layups drills while the Raptors are chucking from outside. Whenever the Raptors get in trouble, this is exactly what happens. They stop playing defense and get jumpshot happy. This is NOT a 50 win team.

– Philadelphia has taken most of their shots within five feet of the basket. On the other hand, the Raptors have taken most of their shots outside of 15 feet. If it wasn’t for Valanciunas and offensive rebounding, the Raptors would have no points in the paint.

– Whoa. Something happened when I wasn’t paying attention and the game is now tied. It felt like Philly was in control of the game but apparently not. Maybe I fell asleep there for a couple of minutes.

– Lowry just hit an “and one” and then Valanciunas grabbed the offensive board on the missed free throw. I wonder if Lowry invited everyone over for another dinner like he did  the last time they were in Philadelphia. So far they seem to be unbeaten in Raptor players’ hometown. I’d like to see a stat for that…

– Young has scored two layups in a row, including a dunk.

– Raptors are now -18 in points in the paint.

– They’re now showing the All Star Starters. Kobe in no way should be starting. He’s played six games this year, is averaging 13.8 ppg on .425 shooting. He is averaging 6.3 assists, but he’s also turning the ball over 5.7 times. 5.7 turnovers a game. And that’s in less than 30 minutes a game. And fans have voted him in over Chris Paul and James Harden 2.

2. To make matters worse, Jeremy Lin finished fourth among guards in the West, ahead of his teammate, Harden, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker and Damian Lillard. Just to be clear, fan voting is stupid.

– DeRozan has just missed eight straight baskets.

– They just showed a graphic for the odds for guards in the East of making the All Star game. DeRozan is fifth. Considering only three will probably make it (on top of the starters), then I’d say he’s not going. Lowry is second. What this graphic does highlight is just how crappy the East is, in terms of guard depth. Of course, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo would make it any other year. Let’s hope this year’s draft brings an infusion of guard talent in the East.

– Surprise, surprise, both Matt and Leo think both Lowry and DeRozan should make the All Star team. And which one of  John Wall and Lance Stephenson should not make it, then?

– TRIVIA TIME: Who are the only two rookies since 1950-51 to lead rookies in points, rebounds and assists? Mmm. That’s actually a good one. Oscar Robinson has to be one, but I have no clue who the other one is. Maybe Magic or Elgin Bayor? Or possibly a guy from a really bad draft.


– Why do the Raptors commentators constantly say the Raptors shouldn’t underestimate their opponent as if the Raptors are an elite team? They’re not. The Raptors simply aren’t that much better than teams like the Sixers or Bobcats.

– Leo handing out his mid-term grades. I’m guessing he’s going to grade on a curve. Dwane Casey gets an ‘A’. Yes, I’d say it’s a curve. And Ujiri gets an ‘A+’ for trading two team killers and getting a decent return for them. He didn’t acquire one player in the starting lineup and most of his free agent signings have been disappointing. The A+ seems to be for not being Colangelo and screwing the team up financially. Imagine what he’d get if he actually did something.


– Amir takes a long jumper. While I’ve been a defender of him taking, those, considering how many jumpshots the Raptors have been taking tonight, I’d probably keep those to a minimum.

– Carter-Williams leading all rookies in points, rebounds, assists and steals. Yes, he’s playing great and should have a fantastic future, but it also speaks to how bad this year’s rookie class is 2.

3. If there was a decent (healthy) big man in last year’s draft, then Carter-Williams’ 5.9 rpg wouldn’t lead all rookies. And his .486 True Shooting Percentage is beyond awful. Definitely a case of a player being given too much responsibility because of circumstances. Carter-Williams has been impressive, but the only reason he’s putting up the numbers he is is because the Sixers traded away most of their roster and grabbed a bunch of guys from the local Y to replace them.

– More on Carter-Williams (yes, I refuse to call him M.C.W.): He apparently puts every after-tax cent from his salary into trust and only lives off his endorsement money. VERY smart guy. Maybe Antoine Walker should hang around him for a bit.

– Neither team taking control in the all important third quarter. Thanks to Amir (and Lowry), Raptors are relying less on the jumpshot and scoring more inside. All they need now is to start playing defense.

– And now Casey takes Amir out. Obviously he’s looking for more jumpshots from the Raptors.

– On cue, Lowry shoots and misses a jumper.

– Lowry is now two rebounds away from a triple-double. He’s easily the best Raptor on the court, again. Lowry is averaging half a rebound less than DeRozan is despite being more than half a foot shorter.

– Quarter ends with Raptors up by two. If they lose, they will be 2-4 in their last six and Raptor fans will start demanding trades. If they win they’ll start wondering if the can beat the Heat in a 7 game series. There is no in between.


– Raptors start out playing well to begin the quarter.

– DeRozan hits a three. Will he fall in love with his jumper again after getting to the basket more in the third quarter? After hitting his first three shots, he proceeded to miss his next nine. Not many players will continue taking shots after they miss nine in a row.

– Raptors hitting shots. Sixers not. That’s basically the difference right now.

– After Chuck Hayes draws an offensive foul, I wonder where Toronto ranks in this category. Anyone have an idea where I can look up those types of stats? Tweet me if you do.

– DeRozan hits another long jumper after Sixers miss one. Now up by 11.

– Sixers can’t hit a shot. Raptor defense is good, but Sixers are just missing shots.

– Sixers just had their best defensive set of the fourth quarter and then turned it over on the other end. Things are not going well for them.

– Carter-Williams just took and hit a three. He’s shooting .292 from beyond the arc this year, which begs the question, “why are you taking threes at all?”. He takes 3.4 a game.

– Lowry now has a triple double. I’ve never liked Lowry’s decision-making (he still takes too many threes when the team is struggling rather than getting the ball inside) but he’s been phenomenal tonight.

– Answer to the Trivia Question….. Oscar Robertson and Alvan Adams. Well, I wouldn’t have guess Adams. Adams is a player I must admit I don’t know a whole lot about other than he played for Phoenix 3.

3. A quick look at Adams’ draft class. David Thompson went number one, but started his career in the ABA. Thompson was a sad case. He averaged 25.8 ppg in his first four season before succumbing to substance abuse and injuries. He was often called Michael Jordan’s idol when he was growing up.

– Raptors up by nine with less than 2 minutes to go. Sixers simply not playing well enough to make you think they’ll come back. Looks like 22 wins for the Raptors.

– Valanciunas has only played 20 minutes tonight. In last four games he’s averaged just 18.6 mpg. Casey is going with veterans in order to win.

– Raptors win 104-95.


– Amir, Ross and Valanciunas played 24, 20 and 20 minutes respectively. Patterson, Salmons, Hayes and Vasquez played 29, 23, 28 and 22 minutes respectively. Is it safe to say that Casey is going with his veterans now to squeeze out as many wins as he can?

– Kyle Lowry had 18 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds with only two turnovers, but was one of only two Raptors to have a negative Plus/Minus stat. The other was Ross.

– Thaddeus Young scored 16 points, which is a hair above his career average of 15.9 against the Raptors.

– Just for some perspective, the Raptors record of 22-20, which is good enough to be tied for third in the East, would put them out of the playoffs in the West.

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  • Mitchy

    Coach Casey putting wins (and in turn his contract re-signing) above developing talent? Literally the only explanation for the rotation in the last few games

    • ItsAboutFun

      Or maybe he’s knowledgeable and smart enough to balance both, an indication of why he has the job he has, and you have yours.

      • Mitchy

        bit over the top there…you think its a good balance that Chucky Hayes plays 28 minutes against one of the worst teams in the league, while Jonas only plays 19? and that that happens 3/4 games in a row? thats actually really not balanced. you think its ‘smart’ and knowledgable’ for Casey to bench JV for entire games at a time because his opposing big scores 2/3 early buckets????

        • JayTeam

          You’re the one over the top. When has Casey benched JV for entire games at a time?

        • ItsAboutFun

          It’s smart to make JV earn being part of the winning formula, when he’s so much a part of the losing formula when he’s on the floor. When he has played well, he’s seen more minutes. Pretty simple actually. The balance isn’t about balancing minutes, but balancing development with winning. wtf is so over the top about such a simple concept?

          • Dr,Scooby

            I would argue that even when JV loses his man defensively,doesn’t box out properly or misses easy short jumpers on some of his possessions, he still has an overall positive effect on the Raptor’s defense and often the offense too.
            He should regularly get more minutes than C. Hayes.

    • cdub

      Considering MU said this year is not based on wins and losses but player development and growth I’d say hes looking not to get extended. If we can’t play these guys against the sixers and win who can we play them against? is the future of the raptors Vasquez salmons and hayes?

    • JayTeam

      Is granting players a sense of entitlement, giving them extra minutes whether they deserve them or not, a good way to develop talent? You may think so, I don’t. These aren’t Anthony Bennett situations where they get sub-10 minutes or DNPCD’s.

  • Carbon

    U sound mad about them winning…

  • MIles_Legault

    Thanks for killing the vibe after another win buddy boy. Derozan scores 40 on a career night and in a much needed win, and you bash em. Last night, great win, and yet all you do is spread negativity. Raptor fans don’t wan’t to hear that garbage, give us some rosy feedback please..

    • Watchyatone

      “rosey feed back” from Tim? dude your lucky your comment isn’t deleted (The Picket Fence)

  • MikeDahBoss

    This guy should stop writing. Derozan has been mentioned by a lot of analyst outside of Toronto. Thursday on TNT alone, everyone agreed that Demar has to make the all star team. This guys just an ass

    • ItsAboutFun

      “This guys just an ass”

      One needing attention, and we sadly keep giving it to him.

    • Tinman

      or stop applying for Grantland He lacks the wit. This article is like InSync trying to do a Stones cover song. Outta his league.
      Reading it you would think it was a Philly writer commenting on the game.

    • Sowce

      ‘This guys just an ass.’

      This makes so much sense, cause every time I read one of his articles, all I can picture is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

  • joshmantis

    Hater alert!

    • MikeDahBoss

      Obviously I’m hating, who wants to read about their hometown team being talked about so negativly after a win

      • joshmantis

        I wasn’t referring to you. I was talking about Tim W, king of the haters.

  • raptorstand

    lolololol hilarious stuff Timmy, You made my day buddy . There are a group of us here that think the Raptors need to win this year to help this organization along to the next level. I don’t know about you Timmy but I stood and cheered both times the GM traded our so called big name talent away so our young team could gel and grow. Chuck Hayes bellies up to his man and it really seems to intimidate offensive players getting in their space. Jonas would do well to learn . Once again . thanks Timmy for some comedy relief , you the man lol.

    • truth be told

      Were you standing and cheering when Colangelo brought in the starting 5 and coach of this team?

      Masai has got rid of some players for financial purposes but the roster is squarely Colangelo’s.

      • raptorstand

        5 years no play offs.

      • JayTeam

        JV, DD and TR were high draft picks because the team’s Colangelo built sucked the year prior. Traded another lottery pick for Lowry and capped out the team by trading for Gay. A proud legacy.

  • LTFanatic

    I started this season feeling better about things than I had in a long time. And I’m always, without fail, overly optimistic about what’s to come compared to what (I know) I should be. But this year … Masai had me believing. Believing that he was going to do all those nasty but absolutely necessary things that need doing to build a future contender. And now … I’ve pretty much stopped believing that that’s gonna happen, maybe ever. What I do believe is that Masai’s gonads just aren’t nearly as large as I had thought or hoped they might be. It’s such a shame. And I don’t understand how most here aren’t seeing it, that this team isn’t, just Is Not, anything near being a team that one might hope to one day contend. Sorry folks, if that ‘kills your vibe’. But this team sucks and so few even see it.

    • raptorstand

      lol lol Timmy shows up and its like the clowns come scurrying up from the drainage ditch. I’m sick of defending my team. They are winning more then they are losing half way through the season, this has not happened in 5 years. I can turn on my nba package and see a relatively decent team that is going to improve , lots of cap space, and a GM that wants a TEAM. Seriously Ltfanatic Milwaukee fans are practicing watching ping pong balls , go watch that team .

      • truth be told

        lots of cap space??? haha

        • raptorstand

          Honestly why are you a fan? Like I don’t get it. Snap the fingers and the lottery pick gets us a title? My God , I have watched shitty damn basketball for 10 years , this team couldn’t stop anybody and I mean anybody . We finally have a team that can shut people down when they lay it on the line. I don’t know what you think tanking is gonna do , for something that may or may not happen. We have to learn to win, before anybody has the audacity to suggest we are championship contenders we have to make the play offs. Honestly man give it a rest and enjoy this team for what it is, a damn good team that is learning to win. Winning cures a lot of ills. To make fans feel bad when our team wins because you don’t like the fact we arnt losing is really damn insulting. Move along nothing here to see…..

    • GoingBig

      “But this team sucks and so few even see it”

      Since the Rudy Trade, the Raptors are 16-8. They have a quality bench. They have at least one all-star. They have two developing talents (JV and Ross.) Not being the Champions is not the same as sucking.

      I see your point about Masai. Great clean-up work in turning dead-weights Bargs (a 1st round pick and Novak) and Gay (an actual game-winning bench an cap-space) into value. But nothing epic like Bryan Colangelo would do.

      But what hard, nasty decisions are we talking about? Be specific. Lowry for nothing? Waiting for a lottery ball to solve all problems? That’s like the existential play “Waiting for Godot”

      We’ve won the lottery ball bingo before – had Carter and Bosh – where’s our ringz? They should be auto-magical when we’ve won the lottery ball bingo.

      The most consistent answer is good management each and every step of the way.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        Nothing makes me happier than knowing that Carter and McGrady are each “The Man” with no Championship wins.

        I like Bosh in the sense that he knowingly decided to be a third banana to win titles.

        • LTFanatic

          But … Bosh being a third banana on a championship team should give you an idea of how far this team has to go. (Do you really not see that?) Sorry to be the one to say it, but this team, as is (never mind if we lose Lowry for probably nothing … and even if we don’t), is so far down the list of even contenders-to-be … the Sixers and the Jazz will probably get closer to it, faster, than we do.

          Then again, if Carter and McGrady NOT winning makes you so happy (which is messed up but not atypical in these parts, these days) … well, maybe you’re lucky to be so easy to please.

          • rapierraptor

            So what is your solution?

    • onemanweave

      Is that you, Flux? Welcome back.

      • FLUXLAND

        Nah playa.. I only roll with one handle. Hope you`re doing well, also.

    • truth be told

      And he’s running with Colangelo’s team and NO ONE is mentioning it.

  • Feather Ruffler

    The panel on TNT were asked for their picks in respect to the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves and ALL of them picked Derozan, there was a discussion about the positive things he was doing in Toronto and how much he deserved the honor. I don’t really understand your comment of “DeRozan’s name hasn’t been mentioned by many outside of Toronto”.

  • jlongs

    Tim W is the total opposite of Tommy Heinsohn.

    Quick Poll: if you had to pick one, who would you rather have on your team, Timmy or Tommy?

    • jjdynomite

      Tammy Faye Baker.

    • Tinman

      I listen to Tommy every chance I get. One of a kind and a Living Legend

  • you suck tim w

    i swear you are the most negative writer on this site, I absolutely hate it when its your turn to write

    • why

      why torture yourself – don’t read his postings

  • moe

    so what if their record would make them put of the playoffs in the west? every team but Miami/Indiana would be out of the playoffs as well so its irrelevant.

  • Bendit

    Congratulations Tim, you managed not to mention/weave Vince into the narrative…being Philly and that Matt & Leo are spearheading an image makeover.

  • jusadud3

    I am a frequent reader of RR and I cannot understand why Tim W. gets featured so much on this site when all his articles are constantly negative and undermine the team. Tim what are you so bitter about?

    • Tinman

      Tim actually has some prose. Read his past writings, but you’d have to go back four years to find an original thought on the Raptors. Sad.
      Believe he is searching for his writing identit, now he is resorting to copying of more successful writers. Not an original thought.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Anyone watch the youtube channel ‘CinemaSins’?

    I imagine a ‘DING’ and a basketball sin counter rising after every point made here.

  • JonasBrother

    “…since I really have no real interest in dissecting a Raptors’ game right now, I’m going again with the running diary.”
    If you’re going to feature a diary, at least tell us how you really feel Tim. Just let it all out, it burns doesn’t it? Come over to the dark side already. It’s too agonizing for you to go into detail about the raps sealing another routine win with help from the likes of solid vets like salmons and Hayes eh? Well they did what they were supposed to do and tonight they need to dig in and protect home court. It’ll be interesting to see how val responds against griffin and jordan. Let’s go raps! Tim w, U MAD BRO?

  • Raptor Jesus

    Serious jokes.
    Also to all the blind faithful, this is not a contending team.
    Of the two most likely outcomes, I much prefer a trip to the playoffs than the 7 the overall pick.
    Realism in fandom isn’t hate, it just tempers optimists’ temporal euphoria from a 46 win teams eventual dismantling.

  • raptorspoo

    It’s refreshing to have a voice of reason as to the state of the Raptors franchise. Truth be told, without Lowry, we are no better or do not have a better future prospect than any and I repeat “any” rebuilding team – not clev, utah, phil, bos, sac, det, wash, orl, etc. And our record would be among the bottom feeder teams if Lowry weren’t on the team. It’s sad considering 1. we could lose Lowry for nothing 2. a team devoid of a superstar is so dependent on one player for wins and 3. all these bottom feeder teams will get a chance to get better prospects in the draft which will only help them leap frog us.
    That point about the minutes to vets was a good point. Just shows that we’re getting superficial wins playing players that aren’t core peices to our team.
    So I can understand Tim’s perspective and that he’s not short sighted as many Toronto fans are (all sports) and does want to win it all.
    Me personally, I’m just enjoying them win because I’ve succumb to the fact they’re hopeless in any type of title contention and have no confidence in management or the fans that drive management decisions, so might as well enjoy.

    • raptorstand

      Why watch the team at all? 5 years I have watched this team unable to stop anyone on a consistent basis, we have that this year. We have 9 guys able to contend on the court, havnt seen that for over a decade. I think Jonas and Tross are going to improve and develop into great NBA players. I think we will sign Kyle. I think we are going to get a very good player before the trade deadline to help us in the play offs. I cant wait to watch the Raptors play in the play offs, everything is a plus all around this team , and yet you find the time to fling poo at them. lololololol Its a Timmy day in Raptor land lolololol.

    • truth be told

      Not sure why so many others can’t see it. We’ve seen this movie already.

  • Dagger

    Tim W. has not yet discovered that you write for your audience.

    It’s no crime to publish an unpopular opinion, but you should at least keep your audience interested and entertained. Otherwise, why should anyone read what you have to write?

    This is just repetitive and predictable negativity, devoid of balanced analysis, lacking any new insight.

    • Watchyatone

      We did, but i stoped reading after the third DeRosan

  • Had enough of Tim W.

    Tim W., you do not have a clue. Tell me, have you ever played the game? Are you aware being number 3 in the league in points against is a good thing? That trading players with bad contracts is something most other gm’s cannot get done? I do not think you could manage a fantasy team in the grade 4 league. Stop acting like it is a sin to miss a shot.

    • ItsAboutFun

      It really is sickening, isn’t it. If he was responding, he’d be whining again and again (as he has before) about how he’s not here to serve the rose coloured glasses crowd, or something like that. I’d just like him to try serving the intelligent, team supporting crowd for once, but that doesn’t seem to be within his capabilities. Perhaps coming from a mindset of any attention is good attention?

  • realistic rap fan

    Maybe you should watch more games if you are going to write articles like this. DeRozan is an All Star this year. Lowry as well. You are so negative, go write about another team. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with constructive criticism, but yours is unbelievable. I logged off this site for a couple of years due to the ridiculous columns such as this. I hope you do this as a hobby, because if you get paid —– the world is more F’d up than I thought.
    No one cares about your family, or whatever else you have going on in YOUR life.

  • SR

    Dear RR admin: you’ve shown a willingness to turn readers into contributors (William and Tim). Why are you giving so pany pieces to the one guy who uses “I really have no interest in writing a game recap when I’m on to write a game recap” (paraphrase)? Some of your other writers are great – please give them some of these pieces. Sone of your readers could become contributors – who are actually interested in contributing.

    I’m all for varied opinions and perspectives, but this is too bush league. RR is capable of better.

    A loyal reader,

    • lewro

      Indeed, Hinchey does a really good running diary. tim w is ok at writing columns (albeit overly pessimistic/borderline obtuse).

      • lewro

        also, there is more reaction here to tim w’s writing than there is about the game itself. tim w = rudy gay of RR site.

    • Abused Raptors Fan

      Unfortunately, the reason Tim is featured so often is because his articles garner a tremendous amount of attention from RR readers… whether it’s positive or not is another issue entirely. Just take a moment to consider the number of comments his posts usually receive. Tim W. is basically our Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Rielly.
      As far as his opinions and perspective on the Raptors, I think its at least partially a result of a phenominon known as cultivation theory. The most notable example of this is the mean world syndrome, whereby the disproportionate amount of violent news coverage causes people to perceive the world as far more dangerous than it really is. In this instance, the total lack of positive coverage and/or attention received by the Raptors over the years have conditioned a lot of basketball fans (myself included at times) to perpetually view the team as hopeless and destined to fail, regardless of what’s actually happening.

  • jjdynomite

    Funny seeing the contortions Timmy turns himself into when the Raptors pull out a hard-fought win on an opponents’ homecourt. You’d think DD is the most inefficient chucker in the league instead of scoring 34 points while getting to the line 16 times. Wonder how long until Tim’s kids will sue him for emotional abuse?

  • ItsAboutFun

    lol, everybody should be used to this kind of crap by now, but it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. There’s so much that could be torn apart in this poor excuse for a post-game write-up, but two glaring examples of the man’s lack of knowledgeable, adult perspective:

    – The overwhelming anti-Demar babble is clear indication of foolish bias (aka desperation to support previously stated “opinions”), but lack of knowledge of the game and the mindset of a shooter takes the cake: “Not many players will continue taking shots after they miss nine in a row.”……. DOH, like ummm, every scorer in the association, doh.

    – Then the 2 gems about Casey:
    “Valanciunas has only played 20 minutes tonight. In last four games he’s
    averaged just 18.6 mpg. Casey is going with veterans in order to win.”
    “Amir, Ross and Valanciunas played 24, 20 and 20 minutes respectively.
    Patterson, Salmons, Hayes and Vasquez played 29, 23, 28 and 22 minutes
    respectively. Is it safe to say that Casey is going with his veterans
    now to squeeze out as many wins as he can?”

    DOH, it’s the coach’s job to win games. It’s the young guys’ jobs to pay attention to how the vets are doing it, so they don’t continue to screw up like they are. It’s pretty simple.

  • Wiley

    Tim W; please shut the fuck up. No one wants to read a negative recap on a game which the team won!
    And Derozan is making the all-star squad, deal with it.

    • Tinman

      Negative – you are missing his point. This was Tim’s attempt at humour.
      He’s no Bill Simmons

  • j bean

    I’ve watched the Raptors since the beginning and believe this current edition, since the Gay trade would beat any of the old Raptor teams. They have been turning up the D in the fourth and have the lowest opponents scoring % in the NBA for the final quarter. That, plus winning 2 out of 3 makes this one of the most exciting teams in the league to support.

  • why

    It is hard to know all the players when there are so many teams.
    I am old enough to remember when Alvan Adams was a rookie – year of the famous triple OT game between Boston and Phoenix in the NBA Finals. I wonder if the answer is correct – Paul Westphal was on that Phoenix team and was their primary scorer. It wouldn’t be the first time they gave the wrong answer to the trivia question.

    • why

      MISREAD the question – Phoenix ran their offense through Adams so yes he would have gotten alot of assists

  • Com’N

    Why you sound so mad? You say the Raps are not that good, yet complain about the not so good things there doing. There’s no pleasing you.

  • onemanweave

    Tim, You have two kids to raise. Your wife has three. Bet she’s doing a great job on two of them.

  • EmarErozan

    This recap was the perfect mix of pre-determined negativity, crabbiness and poor writing. I’ve liked Tim’s longer analyses but this was biased, uninformative and a waste of my time. The purpose of this post is to encourage RR to reallocate Tim’s recaps – he obviously hates doing them.

  • morgan c

    Ya, the writing is overly negative, but christ people – stop calling this dude an ass, and telling him he’s worthless, etc. Personal attacks are stupid.

  • A G

    After all his tanking talk he’s too stubborn to just be happy with the raps and has been sulking about it for a month. Criticism is fine, but let’s have pieces written by someone at least close to being a fan/someone who can actually write.

  • Saud

    I love RR and most fan dedicated sites like theleafsnation for my leafs fix. I feel many times the quality of writing and analysis is superior the the mainstream media outlets. However this specific writer of this article is so blatantly negative of this team it is as if he is much less a fan but despises them almost. Do I think the Raptors are an elite team NO. Do i think they are only slighlt better than the 76ers as mentioned in this article NO. You say there is no inbetwen for raptors fans but Tim W clearly you have no in between as for you if the raptors acn not beat the heat then they should tank. Well do you really believe there is a lebron in tis draft, I dont and if there is not guess what we are not gonna be the heat. You have to win to attract free agents , another rookie is not gonna help our cause but a winning team with a decent core who when a few more years in will be a couple pieces away, i will take that.

  • GLF

    I respect Tim W and his opinion because he makes good points but my real question is why do you even watch the Raptors or consider yourself a fan? If you want them to tank and you believe that if we don’t tank we are fucked for the future and are going to be mediocre forever why continue to follow the team? It is clear we aren’t going to tank at this point so why put yourself through this? There are SOOOOO many teams out there doing exactly what you want the Raptors to do and look like they will have a good future, why not follow them? Because to you Raptors are going to be mediocre forever and you want championships so why not either become a fan of an already Championship team or become a fan of the many teams that are following your game plan? That’s the only thing that confuses me about you Tim W. But hey if being bitter and constantly watching a team that you don’t think is good makes you happy then to each his own. I could never do that to myself though. I follow teams I like and believe in. Not teams I think are fools gold and have no future. Maybe you’re just waiting and hoping that Masai will eventually tank this year, I don’t know. But the solution to your problem seems so simple to me and you make it so hard for yourself. Oh well. Do you.

  • peter_7.701

    You’re just a sad human being eh, you need a hug…

  • Bill

    I’ve been following Sam and Zarar since before RR existed. Through the years they have gained more readership, recruited many talented writers of differing opinions, and built a Raptors site the likes of which did not exist on the internet before.

    Yet somewhere along the way, they picked up some worthless baggage.

    If you think I’m talking about Tim W., then you are EXACTLY the type of baggage I’m talking about. You don’t have to agree with him, you don’t have to like his opinions, but when you start commenting about how “his kids will sue him for emotional abuse” or other types of immature, disrespectful personal attacks? Show some goddamn class. This is a Raptors site, not a forum for 14 year olds to spout “lololol umadbro” junk.

    • raptorstand

      Tims wife chimes in ………….

      • Bill

        Doesn’t school end at 3:30 for you? Keep it classy, stay in school.

        • raptorstand

          lolol come on that’s funny . I don’t care who you are. We have a winning team . why write an article on a win like we are 10-30 like previous years. He fully knows what he is doing , if he cant take a little flack maybe he should stop writing here. One question Bill .. Does Timmys undies have skid marks when you wash them for him?

          • Bill

            Aiming for the ball = basketball play
            Aiming for the player = flagrant foul

            See the difference?

            Again, whether you agree with him or not, you should be talking about basketball, not his kids or some other irrelevant personal factor.

            • raptorstand

              Tims coming down the lane , heading for a sure lay up. Raptors fans against tanking and cheering for our team ….. Aim for the ball or flagrant foul ?? He would be stretched out in the third row………….

              • Bill

                Sure, let’s continue with this analogy. If Tim represents tanking and is a player on the other team trying to score and hand the Raptors a loss you STILL make a play for the ball, even with the fans booing him and cheering the team. A flagrant foul doesn’t help your team, which you represent, and you look like a bush league player who would take elbow swings to the back of people’s heads like Ron Artest. The other team gets points and possession, and hey, you might even get ejected.

                This is a basketball discussion site so discuss basketball.

                • raptorstand

                  If its early in the game, yes , maybe he wont come down the lane so happy next time , maybe hes gonna think before he makes that play again.

  • TRUE

    NO ONE that follows the pathetic Raptors should be taking pot shots at anyone else especially not a world champion

    • raptorstand

      NOBODY said anything about Linda Lovelace.

  • Doc

    Soooo, how ’bout them Raptors? Solid win eh?

    • DDayLewis

      Shaky three quarters but they pulled it out. On to the next one

      • GetLicksowcend

        How is that so different than some of the really good teams that have played Philly? With MCW, their record isn’t so bad. And they’ve been in most of their games this year. Didn’t you get annoyed when AB4EYE was trying to discount a win against Dallas one game ago? Now you’re doing the same thing for no real reason

        • DDayLewis

          How was I discounting the win?

  • Chris B

    Derozan had 16 points in the 4th quarter, by hitting jump shots and driving to the paint and getting to the line, last two games he has been making better choices in the 4th. I would liked too see u mention some of this in the recap instead of just shitting all over DDR. Give the man some respect when he does something good don’t just point out his flaws.

  • Roarque

    Always enjoy your ‘against the grain’ insight – hope you rise above ‘the tide’ and keep on keeping on.
    Re the fourth quarter: could it be that Dwane is playing the Kings in the hope of creating demand for Chuck and JSalmons? 2Pat and Greivy appear to have a future in Toronto but only if Masai can crawl out from under the veteran contracts that Chuck and JSalmons represent. I sincerely hope to see a trade in the next two weeks that moves the team in the direction you’ve been hinting at.

  • AnthonyF

    The Raptors are on a 16-8 run and it is tough to be negative and Tim drew the short straw to critique the 76érs game. On the road if they lose to an inferior team he can go off. A win that isn’t decisive and he can be himself. They have quality wins and are competitive at home. Raptors have lost to SAx2, @Indy, Miami, CharlotteX2 (both last minute/second losses) & only 2 teams that TimW could really sink his teeth into and trumpet his never ending mantra, Boston & the Lakers.

    So he nit picks. What else can he do. Yea I’m a little perturbed that JV has looked bad vs. Gasol, Sullinger, Hibbert and sometimes seems disinterested. Yes they’ve blown leads and at times are laissez-faire. I’d like to see TR more aggressive and make shots in the paint. GV isn’t shooting well……

    Oh and we have for the most part taken care of business. Yep sux to be Raptor fan (or TimW).

  • Nikita Kruschev

    Forget the running diary, Tim. The only guy good at it is Bill Simmons and he’s waaaaay better than you in the writing department.

  • Philoveritas

    Man all the Tim W. hate…Ok first off I disagree with much of what he says, but there would be no discourse or debate if no one took the opposing side. How interesting would it be if all the writers on here were just polishing the knobs of the players, coaching staff, and organization. Don’t you get enough of that from the media giants(Bell, Rogers) who own the team and simultaneously control the scripts of the talking heads(Rautins, Amrstrong et al). Tim’s schtick is to see the glass half-empty. I would prefer his overly negative realistic take on things to the carefully worded platitudes of the dependant media hack any-day. It’s one thing to disagree with his opinion, it’s another to revile him for having an opinion that differs from yours.

  • Louvens Remy

    The tiniest of violins is playing right now for this article. How do you make a game recap not be about the actual game? We’re not even talking bout practice!!! Man, your TS% is below league average at best with this output. Even when you’re playing in limited minutes and put in positions to succeed you’re not producing. Isn’t it you that throws around the word mediocre all the time? C’mon dude. Step. It. UP!

  • imzz

    funny how he mentions how demar kept missing jumpers but then in his game facts he doesn’t note that demar had 34 and 9 which included 16 4th Quarter points.

    if any raptor is making the ASG it will be derozan although i do hope lowry makes it as well. Stop hating Tim…I think its time you found another team to cheer and write for.

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    “Will he and Kyle Lowry make the All Star team? DeRozan’s name hasn’t been mentioned by many outside of Toronto.”

    When the all-stars were announced on TNT, the almost the whole panel, Ernie, Shaq, Kenny and Chuck had Derozan as a reserve. This was 3 days before this article was written.

    Marc Stein has Derozan as a reserve in and ESPN article, a day before this article was written.

    Dimemag printed an article outlining why Derozan should be an all-star. 8 days before this article was written.

    CSNChicago predicts that Derozan will be a reserve in the all-star game. a day before this article is written.

    Sometimes, a little research doesnt hurt.