• OzRapsFan

    I don’t think Hedo had any malice intended, but hes still a piece of shit.

    • Phil

      Hedo’s response: Ball?

  • The Mega Sage

    It’s easy to be an armchair player, but if DeRozen stopped settling for those long, off balance two’s…

    • FREEJV

      lol this is what i said and everyone started hating.

    • Gman

      There’s nothing off balance about Derozan during this shot.

      • CJT

        I wouldn’t say he is off balance, but he does move his legs toward the basket as part of his normal form. Not really great form. Should be going straight up and down. He kicks his legs forward.

        • GetLicks

          Not really great form yet he’s in the NBA making millions and you’re commenting on raptors republic? Who are you to say he has bad form? And look closely at the gif, he doesn’t really kick his legs toward the basket, Hedont comes in and brushes his right leg from under him, forcing him to land awkwardly on his left foot. Open your eyes people. Why would landing on one leg be part of his natural form? Sometimes I wonder whether or not this site should be re-named raptor hater republic..

          • CJT

            that’s a great point. you should probably look at the video. he legs are clearly in front of his body. Leaning backwards. And there are lots of guys with terrible form that make it to the NBA, I am not trying to insult the amount of work he has done to become a very good player. But the fact remains the best shooters typically jump and land in the same basic spot with very little movement of the upper or lower body.

            • DTF

              VERY DEBATABLE, watch pro shooting system videos on youtube. This guy breaks down a lot of the great shooters of the NBA and fact of the matter is most NBA shooters nowadays have a slight turn in the feet when they shoot. I’m not saying by all means that DeRozan is a great shooter but his shot is fine. There is almost a video on pro shooting system that defines good shooters and how great shooters like Reggie and Bird who DIDN’T have “proper” mechanics were still great shooters.

              • CJT

                Agreed, not saying you have to have perfect mechanics by any means, all I am saying is that DD happens to lean back with his upper body and move his legs forward during his shooting motion making this type of injury more likely. Dick Hedo get under him? Sure a bit, but DD also had something to do with it.

                • Gman

                  It’s called a fade away. It’s a type of jump shot that has been popularized for the last 30 yrs or so.

    • GetLicks

      You & FREEJV are complete morons. He wasn’t off balance, and to suggest he got injured cause he settled for a long 2 has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Stop watching basketball, just stop.

      • FREEJV

        getlicks nice screen name lmao go lick derozans balls

        • GetLicks

          Since you can’t seem to get man balls and dicks off your mind, let me educate you so you don’t look like such a dumbass next time. Licks in Trini means beats. I’m half Trini, and you really need to catch some licks upside your head. You actually sound like a child.

          • KJ-B

            Full fellow Trini Respect!!!

          • Yogi

            Pow! Half Trini hear too. Respect!

        • SaySum’n

          You’re a clown, dude. Your reason for DD’s injury proves you shouldn’t even be watching ball. You’re a size 12 clown shoe. FOH!!! I got ya back GetLicks….

    • DryDry

      Stupid Rap of the Day

  • Yogi

    Honestly, I can’t say that he did do it on purpose but I have seen that guy step under shooters and cause the same kind of injury many times. I believe it is illegal to step under a shooter like that.

  • Do we play them again? Maybe we’ll see Salmons or someone accidentally hurt the Turkeyburger.

    • mike, prague

      On the 7th of Febuary

  • vino

    Injury update from hoopshype:

    Smith: Xrays negative for DeRozan. Patterson, it’s believed, has a
    broken nose. He’s being taken for further tests to confirm. #rtz
    #raptors Twitter @Eric__Smith – See more at:
    http://hoopshype.com/rumors.htm#sthash.M2J5sy7Y.dpuf“Xrays are -ve” according to Eric Smith

    negative for DeRozan. Patterson, it’s believed, has a broken nose. He’s
    being taken for further tests to confirm. #rtz #raptors Twitter
    @Eric__Smith – See more at:
    negative for DeRozan. Patterson, it’s believed, has a broken nose. He’s
    being taken for further tests to confirm. #rtz #raptors Twitter
    @Eric__Smith – See more at:

  • Milesboyer

    These guys are smart enough to know what the implications of getting under a shooter are. He may not have done it “on purpose” and it might just be that he’s fat and slow now but he should know better. I mean when someone does that to me in a rec game I give them shit – it’s like “are you trying to sprain my ankle?” Too bad Hansborough wasn’t playing, Casey could have asked him to guard Turkeyglue with a little wink and “don’t hesitate to foul him”.

  • Toronti
  • hotshot

    Hedo is like “fuck you Toronto, Hedo don’t forget!!!”

  • Gman

    He completely skipped his feet underneath him. It’s hard to believe that at the level they are at that he would do that and be clueless to how far his feet had dragged. It’s not like it was a boom boom split second thing.

    • mike

      Let’s look at this situation from a psychological perspective. Hedo’s at the backend of his career; his play has been lacklustre. Unexciting. He’s riding the bench most of the time. Hedo’s coming to Toronto. A change of feeling occurs – the fans are booing him. Just imagine the emotional shift that would occur in him at that moment.

      Studies have shown that people make stupid mistakes when they become “preoccupied” with something else. It’s quite possible that being booed shuffled his emotions a bit, causing him to “try harder” – as almost everyone does when they’re being challenged like that. And by trying harder, he went a little too far – he went under Demar Derozan when he shot, probably because he “really wanted to defend him”.

      That’s what likely happened. It was a mistake – yes, a stupid one. But that’s just what being human means. We can’t be mindful all the time of what we should be.

      • Gman

        I appreciate you looking at this from a completely assumptive and elemental psych 101 perspective. You didn’t take into account about a dozen factors that we already know about Hedo which is that he is a bit of an a**hat and this is the place where his career came crashing down around him. Also balance in the pathological narcissistic ego that we’ve witnessed from him…so of course he would blame the franchise and not himself for that rapid decent. BALL!!! And how easy would it be under Doc Rivers to establish a win at any cost mentality. Doc Rivers who created the Celtics that we all love to hate because of their tactics on the court. Even after the game when somebody brought up Terence Ross’s 51 Doc basically said, yeah whatever, we still won the game…showing just how classy an individual he is.

        So here you have both personal and systemic reasoning to back up the potential of this being true. Not saying it is definitive, because that is virtually unprovable. That’s why Bowen could get away with it so often. There’s a difference between jumping in to somebody with your whole body, and skipping into somebody which causes your feet to end up under the feet of the shooter. Here Hedo does the latter. As a veteran player and a guy who’s made his living with his long distance shot, I believe he knows the difference and acted intentionally.

        And just a personal thought, if you’re going to cite some field of expertise you should have a deeper grounding of it, because otherwise you can end up looking a little foolish. Especially if you bring up random studies that apparently prove truisms…some friendly advice.

        • Yogi

          This is the best comment I’ve seen so far on the subject. There is no way Hedo, a professional basketball player, had no idea where the lower half of his body was while defending a jump shot. I saw him do this in the Finals against the Lakers a few years back. He knows what’s up.

          The whole angle on Doc, you have a sound argument. I just never thought of it that way. So let me go and digest that for a bit.

        • mike

          LOL. Ever heard of occams Razor? It’s hilariously ironic that you would criticize my “assumptions” which basically took into account simple emotional dynamics, while you made assumption (he’s clinically narcissistic) after assumption (Doc Rivers lacks integrity and instructs his players to hurt other players) after assumption (that I’m some random person without an education – I have 2 degrees in psychology and work as a psychotherapist), building a completely irrational conspiracy theory that goes against all logic.

          I can see you think you’re a really intelligent guy and you really want other people to know it. Do yourself a favour and bring yourself down a few notches – read Daniel Kahnemans “Thinking, Fast and Slow” – so that you become more aware of the type of biases that govern our thinking.

          • Gman

            Occam’s razor. Really? Occam’s razor would be of course predicated on figuring out what’s right based on the information available. Correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t want to appear as if I think I’m too intelligent. So let’s look at my opinion…

            I think that Hedo did this intentionally based on three observations…

            1) He skipped his feet under Derozan instead of going up and trying to block the shot extending his body. We’re talking a veteran of almost twenty years of professional play who has played perimeter defence in countless games…and yet he did this. One of the weapons that he prides himself in is his three point shot so he has been guarded countless times on the perimeter and has built up the awarenesses that one would have after almost twenty years…and yet he did this.

            The muscle memory that is required by an athlete of his calibre, like a dancer, is incredibly finely honed. It is honed that way for the precise reason that you make very few mistakes in high pressure situations. You do things the same over and over again in the interest of perfecting it.

            Thus, I find your overtly simple analysis that he just made a mistake because he was self conscious doesn’t hold water. Especially because your entire analysis is based on a generalized conception of his situation and zero observations of the actual man.

            2) The fact that I think he has narcissistic tendencies…and I used the BALL episode as an example. There are others, and I’m sure other fans on this forum could each come up with one…

            He gets traded to a new team. He is given a generous contract and lauded in the media as the prize of the free agent market and he dares to show up out of shape. Hmmm…
            He finally has a good game and he’s being asked a sincere question by Jack in an interview. He’s asked why in particular was he more effective in this game…and he snidely looks at Jack and says…Ball. And as has been widely interpreted by everyone including Jack…is that he was saying if you give me the ball that’s how we will win. That sounds pretty arrogant to me, both in how he conveyed the information and in the content of the information itself.

            Another thing was his reaction to injuring Derozan. He tried to walk up to him afterwards and joke with him about it. He thought it was funny. He was even laughing about the whole thing a few minutes later when he was over on the Clipper bench.

            Again, these are observations of the man himself. Something you would think a good psychotherapist would advocate but hey, thanks for the book suggestion. I hope it serves your patients knowing that they can be read to as opposed to empathized with and understood.

            3) He also trashed the franchise both before and after we got rid of him, showing extreme lack of character. And again one of the qualities of a narcissist is there inability to be responsible for their own personal short comings. Something he showed time and time again in different ways both during his tenure here and after.

            The Doc Rivers comment was probably a little emotionally reactive on my part, but he’s an old school player and he’s carried that into his coaching. His teams are knowing for doing whatever it takes to win. His reputation permeates the reputations of the teams that he coaches. Still, any suggestion on my part that Rivers sent Hedo out to take out our best player is definitely reaching…

            But lets talk about reaching…your analysis is based on starting out with a generic man, who is at the back end of his career with lacklustre play, who rides the bench and gets boo’d when he comes to Toronto…and then, oops he makes a mistake. Scintillating work Doctor.

            Again let me reiterate, your entire analysis is situational with zero observation of the man himself. According to you, he was just trying to do his best and made a mistake because of the pressure of the moment. Which is a lovely sentiment but has nothing to do with Occam’s razor, because the most likely scenario based on the information that observant people have is that he did it on purpose. it’s actually more common than you think it is. A lot of players actually admit to doing it once they’ve stopped playing. Check the youtube vid link Toronti posted above. Jalen Rose admits he did it to Kobe and insinuates he did it to other players. Hopefully that will get rid of your Rose coloured glasses.

            And I’m sorry that you feel so insecure about your intelligence that you feel the need to put your curriculum vitae in a response on a sports blog. Something for self reflection later perhaps. First, I never said you didn’t have an education. I was making a smart a** quip about how thin and simplistic your sense of Hedo’s emotional dynamics were. And lets not get into the Ocean full of bad therapists that you might actually be a part of. Not really something you should be trumpeting considering how shallow your analysis was. I will take a peak at the book you suggested however. I won’t impune the book based on where I received the recommendation from. Who knows maybe if you showed your comment to your alma matter they would be willing to refund you the cost of your degrees.

            • mike

              If you think I’m gonna read all that – seriously, based upon that innocuous comment I initially made about what I think was going on in Hedo’s mind when he went under Demar – you’ve assumed, again, wrongly.

              • Yogi

                I read the whole thing…and it was great! It is always entertaining to watch two well spoken lads have a go at something. But equally disappointing when one simply abandons ship.

                • mike

                  Working as I do as a psychotherapist, I sense a little bit of narcissism/bpd like aggression in gman; not saying he has any of those formal diagnoses – but the general tone of his writing is denigrating and disrespectful.

                  What I wrote was basically me taking into account what recent research into the unconscious – from neuroscience, psychology, and social science, from thinkers as diverse as daniel kahneman, antonio damasio, michael gazzaniga, louis cozolino etc – tells us about peoples behavior.

                  Gman is frantically fixated on assuming the very worse about hedo – not even having the calmness and balance to consider: “maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about”. He’s speaks with absolutism, as if he could see directly into Hedos mind, and his fallacies are endless: taking an example from one person, Jalen Rose, and generalizing it to all players.

                  I’m not saying he’s wrong. I gave my view – which is far more modest, in that assumes basic human errors in how we think and function. The booing was distracting for him, which likely elicited a cognitive, or unconscious response to up his effort. When things like this happen – when we become to cognitive involved, we leave what psychologists term a system 1 way of functioning – this being the mode that athletes function best in. So, instead of assuming the worse in Hedo Turkoglu – and frankly, gman seems to be an awfully critical person, perhaps he should reflect on transference within himself, a feeling of irritability, annoyance, and recognizing how it dampens his judgements? – I’ve tried to remain objective and consider what I’m seeing in light of what research has shed light upon.

  • mike

    I doubt Hedo did this deliberately. Things like this happen all the time.

  • rap-tor

    X-rays being negative is positive right?

  • Louvens Remy

    No. Maybe DeRozan should have watched were he was landing. Gimme a break, or a sprain.

    • Philoveritas

      Demar was too busy watching his shot rim-out when he should have been aware that Turk was up in his space. Hedo stepped into him plain and simple. But all and all it’s not so bad of an injury, anyone who has played enough ball has sprained their ankle in this way. It hurts, it swells…you ice it, rehab it. You can play through the pain, but most of the million dollar babies in the league will sit on it for a week. Heck I have even ruptured a ligament on the same sort of play and believe me you know the difference instantly.

      • Gman

        Yeah that’s why this has happened to Kobe and Vince and Michael and all the great scorers in the game. You should teach them all how to play. I’m sure they’d appreciate it. And it’s sad none of them knew how simple it was to defend against. You should write a book. I’m sure it would sell a million copies.

      • GetLicks

        Wow. The amount of stupidity and ignorance in these comments. Just wow…you talk as if you’ve played ball but I don’t think you’ve played ANY amount of ball. And cool off with the tough talk, Derozan had played in all but 8 games in his entire NBA career. Grouping him as a ‘million-dollar baby’ just proves how little you actually know. Not to mention you’re taught to follow through and watch your shot, even after the ball leaves your hands.

    • Gman

      Do you anything about basketball? How in the hell do you watch where your landing when you are seriously trying to stick a jumper? And are you seriously hoping Derozan gets hurt? Wow, karma’s a real thing. You better be careful.

      • Louvens Remy

        hehehehe. Everyone is so serious all the time. Relax. My comment was tongue in cheek. Zarar opined that maybe Hedo did it on purpose. I say no because Hedo was just playing defence and sometimes these things happen. Sometimes we try to find controversy where there is none. My point is, that Hedo was following the play and landed where he landed because he was also looking at the shot. I basically was saying if you blame Hedo, then blame Derozan too. It’s a basketball play, I’ve seen Bruce Bowen and others actually do it on purpose. Thanks for the heads up on the karma thing, you can never have enough goodwill.

        • Gman

          So you’ve seen Bowen do it on purpose and you don’t see similarities in how he skipped in and turned his body to the basket to pretend he’s following the ball. That’s exactly what Bowen and other players used to do. We’ll agree to disagree…and yeah I think it’s easy to get a little emotional when your best offensive player gets hurt when your team is finally on some kind of a roll after being bad for a RIDICULOUSLY long time.

          And how was anybody supposed to know you were kidding about wanting Derozan hurt. Emoticon that sh*t, c’mon. 😉

          • Louvens Remy

            Aight aight, I’ll get my emoticon game up. I understand the emotion but this day and age, it feels just like we bring up stuff controversially just because its content. I was just thinking the other day about (different sport) when Karlsson got his achilles stepped on in hockey and then same thing happened to Bolland but there were two different reactions. I understand that it all depends who the “guilty” party is but a lot of the time, the media jumps to huge conclusions on certain occurrences that are just accidents in the flow of the game because these guys are going at a high speed.

            I was watching some Bowen highlights of the same thing….he was really really obvious in how he did things but claimed innocence all the time. But agree to disagree. I’m out…I got an emoticon class to get to. 😉

  • j

    revenge? lol, what a crying kid. I think DeRozan is ok, he is young, should recovery in a week

  • JayTeam

    We can speculate all we want. But if the league believed there was intent to injure, there would be some sort of disciplinary action, no?

  • Johnethan

    Judging from Hedo’s body language, he did not mean to hurt DeRozan. They were teammates for godsakes, NBA is not as fierce the fans think–or hope–it is. He also did this with Demar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9Nfa1jywkc

  • Phil

    I only have one good memory of Hedo as a Raptor. That one game with the Lakers where he hit two clutch free throws and Kobe missed the buzzer to give the Raps the win. Oh and his Pizza Pizza ad with Jay Triano.