OK, so the Raptors have two options:

  1. Sign Lowry to an extension, which basically means pay a high price based on a stretch of play.
  2. Don’t do anything and negotiate in the summer, when maybe he’s cooled off and his asking price isn’t as high. Obviously you risk losing him for nothing.
  3. Trade him now in a “sell high” situation.

I’ve always liked Lowry and would want to see him here. The variable in that statement is what exactly his market value is, and if there’s a team out there willing to overpay. That’s what Ujiri is trying to do as well and I can’t blame him. If we can flip Lowry for a starter + pick in this year’s draft, it would be a hard one to turn down.  At the very least, we should be asking the question of what his value is.

Apparently there isn’t a team out there willing to match Ujiri’s asking price and that’s likely because he’s asking for a first round pick.  This might come down to the wire with Lowry being dangled in front of a contender.  And yes, there’s always a third team involved, hopefully that team has a 2014 pick to offer. Or at least that’s what Ujiri is hoping.

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