Tim Chisholm has come out of hibernation and has tagged Sam along. Of course, we must talk about the Portland game and its million intricacies but we don’t just stop there. On a hard-hitting agenda we include:

  • DeMar DeRozan’s first and second half – what did he do different, if anything; and more pertinently, what has this Raptors team shown us that previous versions haven’t
  • Terrence Ross’s dunking and flunking – par for the course? We do a draft day/Drummond retrospective and see if Colangelo got this one right
  • Dwane Casey’s late-game play calling was called into question, we talk about the decision to test DeRozan’s handles and just what happened on that Lillard bank-floater
  • Trade deadline is coming up, what do the Raptors do with Lowry and just how high is Ujiri’s asking price
  • Forget Lowry for a second, the Raptors have areas to strengthen if they want to make a dent in the playoffs and what does this panel think they should do? Sam suggests a Philly link
  • We peek at the remaining roadtrip and notice a sulking Jazz side which serves as caution for tank enthusiasts
  • Rudy awaits in Sacramento but which one will show up? We discuss his shot against San Antonio and see if he’s going to help or hurt the Raptors on Wednesday night
  • Jonas Valanciunas’s offensive and defensive progression, and who the ‘perfect coach’ for him is today’s NBA where the big man role has gone a complete transformation over the last 15 years; we look back at his European play and see what’s changed
  • Dwane Casey – will he be back, and more importantly, what happens to that rock if he’s not? Chisholm has a solution

This and a whole, helluva lot more in this packed Raptors Weekly Podcast!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (37:14, 40 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Gip

    I’m worried about the Kings game because Casey thinks Gay is so awesome. He’ll probably double Gay early to take away his ability to “see over the defense”, which will lead to Gay racking up ten-plus assists for the game.

  • Sam

    That intro…I’m sorry, but it’s all I can do from laughing like a maniac at my desk LOL

    • arsenalist

      Go to hell.

  • Bendit

    I believe it was Tim C who alluded to the play of JV in Europe as being in the mold of a Noah or a Chandler (lithe and reactive) as compared to now. Surprisingly no one mentions his weight gain over last summer which in my view has hampered his defensive movement. Even his running up/down the floor seems laboured compared to those Euro years. Yes he is playing heavier mins. but hopefully he gets used to his new weight/trains for more cardio going forward.

  • Stef 511

    Good podcast. Enjoyed it. Well moderated, sound is good, interesting talk. Pretty near top notch all ‘round, which isn’t common. Original opening – kinda clever – as well.

    After last night’s game in Utah, I gotta go with the Raps in Sac. Rudy’ll be up for it but so will the boys, I think. Could actually be a good game in its way, we’ll see.

    • Stef 511

      there’s a bet I would’ve lost.