As reported by the Toronto Sun, Amir Johnson has spoken about how injuries have been hampering him of late:

“Just with the injuries we have, it was a tough month of January and especially for me,” Johnson said initially only hinting at the severity of his injury. “Guarding their bigs we just have to do a better job.”

Johnson admitted he’s not only playing with just another injury, he’s playing with one that prevents him from doing the sort of things he needs to do to be effective.

“Just certain movements on the floor,” he said. “I feel like I can make a move and then I can’t just because I’m babying it. Just little stuff like being able to box out a defender and go grab the ball and do other stuff. That nagging pain is just bothering me.”

If you’ve seen him play in the last month this is pretty obvious, as pointed out numerous times on this site. Historically, Amir has always suffered through minor niggles when asked to play out of his position against bigger players who he regular gives up 20-40 pounds against. This year is no different as he’s switching over to the center role quite frequently due to Jonas Valanciunas’s defensive inconsistencies combined with the Raptors lack of depth at the position (Austin Daye is next).

The injury to Tyler Hansbrough didn’t help Johnson’s cause, but Dwane Casey has made an effort to monitor Johnson’s minutes in face of injury by using Patterson as a stretch four. Johnson averaged 31.2 and 28.2 minutes in December and January, respectively, but has seen playing time drop to 21.9 minutes in February.

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19 Responses to “Amir Johnson: I’m Playing Hurt”

  1. Bryan Colangelo

    Bring him off the bench, at least. Hansborough can handle starters minutes for a spell.


    if you re gonna bitch about it than take a week off noone forcing you to play especially when you re hurting the team.

    • Will

      I wouldn’t put it all on him. It’s up to the coach to decide if he’s effective or not. If he’s not getting it done early, Casey just needs to pull him. Look how everyone’s reacted to Hansbrough being out for so long with an ankle injury. Everyone was questioning him and now that he is back Casey won’t give him minutes anymore.

  3. A. Finol

    AJ, take it easy man… chill out for a week and come back strong as before.

    We need a back up C urgently….

    • Delabar's Weighted Balls

      As young as Amir is at 26, he’s an old 26. He’s logged a lot of minutes and *grinded* through 8 seasons; You have to wonder how much he has left in that body

  4. Alex Vostrikov

    amir is playing out of position on most nights…. he is far from starter on most nba teams.
    its great when you are motivated to go as long as he did… but you cannot overwork everyone every night. skill is still dominating the nba. and amir is forced to play starter minutes for the past few years.
    in his 26 years, he is older than 90% of all 26 yrs olds in this league

    • FREEJV

      he is older than 90%of 26 year olds? lol are you sure hes not the same age as 26 year olds looool

      • Alex Vostrikov

        the guy is 26, playing for full 8 years in nba…. plus undersized at his position. skill can give you extra few years for sure. athletism is great while it lasts.
        huge difference when you take player who enters the league at 22+.
        let me rephrase it: amir is 26 yrs old by heart…. in a 32 yrs old body.

        • Bendit

          His first 3 yrs in Detroit were about equivalent in total to his 4th. His heavy years have really been in Toronto with last year being the most. “8 full years in the nba” is not exactly true in terms of heavy usage. That said he should try and get some rest.

        • bballi bballi paradise

          so when players play in college they experience no wear and tear on their bodies?

  5. Azih

    Considering Hansborough is in Casey’s doghouse do you think Casey has some bullshit attitude about expecting players to play through pain? That is a sure way to aggravate a minor problem into a major injury. Take a break and get healthy Amir.



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