Kyle Lowry called in to ESPN after the game and talked with Chris Broussard.

Lowry spoke about the trade rumours, the turnaround since the Rudy Gay trade, what he thinks of the city and his future. And yes, he addressed the All-Star snub as well.

On the game: “First game after the All-Star game is always tough and we don’t have any wiggle room, so we came out there and put our stamp on the game”

On the rumours: “As professionals, we always hear about it and have our friends and families ask questions, but as professionals we have a job to do and no matter what uniform you’re in you have to go out there and do your job. For me, personally, the rumours don’t affect me because at the end of the day I’m a Toronto Raptor”

On Gay trade: “We got a group of guys come in who all know how to play the game…everyone has accepted the role they’ve been given. The ball is moving tremendously, no-one has an ego and everyone is out there trying to win games for the team”

Chip on shoulder due to All-Star snub: “No, honestly, I’m playing the second half to get our team to the playoffs.”

Lowry had a huge third quarter against the Wizards where he scored 14 points on 6-8 FG shooting to counter John Wall. The Raptors won 103-93 – read the Reaction post.

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  • KazanTheMan

    Atta Boy.

  • Ahmed

    I love the little smirks he had when they asked him the same question everyone else did

  • Ahmed

    I love the little smirks he had when they asked him the same questions everyone else already has

  • Guest

    I Definitely think Kyle is leaving. When Broussard asked him whether he wants to stay here or not, Kyle dodged the question quickly with a cliché answer. He obviously thought about the situation in the summer. Is it just me or do most soon-to-be free agents always say they have the desire to stay where they are. I love Lowry and I think this is by the far the best situation for him to thrive in but maybe his asking price was too high for Masai to take seriously…

    • feylines

      how much is too much to pay for lowry? if we go deep in the playoffs somehow, with him playing the way he has been?

      • FREEJV

        if we get to the conference finals or take mia/indiana to 7 games in semis pay him what he wants, anything less is fools gold in this years eastern conference.

      • Guest

        That’s a hard question to answer because on one hand you have a guy deserving of anywhere between 10-14 million with the way he’s been playing. But he’s shown in years past that he can be injury prone and the contract year situation is what’s scaring someone as forward-thinking as Masai Ujiri. I don’t think he wants to leave but to ask a guy to take less money than he’s earned in his prime is not an easy task. Going to be be an interesting year here at raptors land with the playoff push and the pending free agency of some of our key players.

        • 2damkule

          what he’s worth & what he’ll be offered are not necessarily in line; his play dictates he’s worth what you’re suggesting (though i’d suggest it’s closer to $10M/yr than $14), but the fact is, there has to be a team with space who needs a PG & is willing to make that kind of investment…otherwise, it’s in his best interest to re-sign with the raptors. and it makes a whole lot more sense to let his current deal expire and re-sign than it does to sign an extension.

      • RapFan

        Starting rate: George Hill who by no means is an all-star got $40 Mil for 4 years.

    • Nilanka15

      It’s possible that his agent has advised Lowry to keep his mouth shut….in order to make Ujiri sweat a little.

  • stretch bigman

    A lot of speculation that won’t be answered until the off season of course.

    What i would be more concerned about is will this be the Lowry going forward from now on?

    Players don’t usually make such huge leaps in their game after being in the league this long and have it last.