Cognitive dissonance is high on this ‘baby’ as the week that was is recapped using 10-dollar words including ‘transcendence’. Will actually falls into a trance and we discuss the guy who will boo Rudy Gay on Friday. We run down topics like DeRozan does defenses, analyse what’s right and wrong with Vasquez and there’s also talk of my dad’s view of selfishness.

There’s also a bit about Blake’s boyish looks, how Sam can’t be trusted, and the face of RR. The week is recapped, including a discussion of what the best win of the season was, a key play from the Wiz game, and the Raptors’ Achilles’ heel. Of course, we look back at the predictions from the last podcast and make fresh new ones.

Bryan Colangelo’s back on the scene and talking about how he tried to tank while with the Raptors, we muse at how just how poor of a job he did even at that (ahem, Ben Uzoh). There’s that a lot more including what to work on on the four-day mini-vacay and it seems that a return to a particular type of defense is top priority.

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (27:05, 29 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • afrocarter

    Congrats, Zarar, on the new addition to the family!

    • A G

      Yea congrats and thanks for all your contributions to RR.

  • Tee

    Who cares if they boo gay?
    Embarrassing ?

    Is it embarrassing when Knicks fans boo ex players?
    Nobody cares if fans boo guys.

    Nice podcast, go raps.

  • Bendit

    May the basketball gods favour the new addition to RR with a TerenceRossian-like jump shot. Congratulations.

  • why

    The Raptors are what, 27-14 since they acquired Vasquez? As a back-up point guard he is fine – I think we are spoiled by the memories of Jose Calderon as the BU when TJ Ford was the starter – very few BUs are as good as Jose was at that point-in-time …and Vasquez is infinitely better that the BUs we had before he arrived.

    • Will

      Completely agree. How many backup point guards are better than Vasquez?

      • asifyouknow

        You basically have two starting PG. He is healthy now but not in shape for 25 minute yet, he will he his stride soon.

        The plan was to bring his slowly into the season. When he got to Sacramento he said it would take half a year to get back.

        And here we are.

        Many folks here including some bloggers on this site don’t know about his situation. I had an e mail conversation with a main stream media guy (I wont tell who but it was up north) and he had no idea that Vaz played with a bad wheel half of last year and still had 15 pts. and 9 ass. 4 rebounds etc.

        The paid columnist had no idea he had surgery. I thought to myself how in the hell can anyone make derogatory comments about anyone’s game when they don’t know the whole story.

        That is the reason why I challenge so many comment s on Vaz or JV for that matter.

        Forget about the pre all-star Vaz and support the post one..

        Funny thing the GM loves Vaz , he brought him to the states to play ball when Vaz was a teen. I personally hope he is gone next year specially if Casey is still here, but you may get stuck with him so I suggest the hater club gets over it…lol

    • afrocarter

      And he’s only getting better as he gets more games under his belt. Recently he has definitely provided a huge offensive spark off the bench.

  • Team

    Zarar is a calm , common sense appreciative writer and fan of this team . Enjoy everything he puts forth . William Lou had to be shut off after listening to his negative hating voice , Raptors lose by 20?? Golden State is the better team ?? How do people like this get to write on this site?? He bitches about Rautins , but at least Rautins is a class act that puts forth positive criticism . Since the Raptors have a new and winning attitude maybe somebody can see fit to tell the truth to the likes of Holako Lou Tim W that they are no talent hack wannabes that are lazy negative writers that shouldn’t be allowed to post anywhere near a basketball site . Toronto deserves better. Once again Zarar pleasure listening , and congrats

    • DDayLewis

      I’m worse than Rautins? That hurts.

      • Team3

        You couldn’t tie Rautins shoes. . Your a hack that shouldn’t be allowed to write greeting cards , let alone for Toronto basketball fans . That goes for Haloko and Tim W .

        Their is a fine line between spewing vomit and jock sniffing. Toronto fans deserve neither. Zarar gets it , class analyst , solid points with positive criticism . Is that to much to ask ? …. Hack.

        • DDayLewis

          Sometimes it’s hard to motivate myself as an amateur blogger, but comments like yours really keeps me keeping on. Thanks man

          • Tanker

            Readers are supposed to give u a break because you don’t get paid and your doing this out of the goodness to the downtrodden lowly stupid loser Toronto Raptor followers? That’s what you so called writers write like– I hate Vazquez , I hate I got to do this , JV is the biggest loser and he will suck forever, I got better things to do . You don’t like my analysis fuck right off.—- Disgusting bush league writing , Toronto Raptor fans deserve better

            • afrocarter

              It sucks that Disqus has switched up their voting format; I’d love to see how many downvotes this comment has received.

            • DDayLewis

              Instead of being butthurt, maybe look in the mirror once in a while.

              • Old man river

                21 yrs. of age , shit I got gotchies older then you . Butt hurt at my age means some sob named Raoul is gonna be greasing me up for a colonoscopy . That mirror is a real bitch to it says I’m starin at my father. I’ve watched shit basketball your entire life from this team . Suffering is not the word for it . Give us long timers a pass when we get all giddy like a little school girl when this team looks like it can dribble and chew gum at the same time. 21 … The only thing you should be writing about is your latest conquest in Penthouse Forum . Their is reason why Doug Smith writes about beer , he ain’t hunting anymore.

              • asifyouknow

                Man you are getting pounded…Take cover~~~!!!

          • morgan c

            Dude, don’t listen to that dick. You’re a good blogger. People criticizing you for being “negative” are just idiots who lack the intelligence necessary to objectively analyze something in front of them. You have serious journalistic talent.

          • asifyouknow

            DDayLewis my tweet front page says:

            “FanNation blogger . Crossover fan who came into INDYCAR when Montoya left NASCAR..blogger/writer, victim of about one million comments calling me an IDIOT”

            Don’t feel bad, when they slam you that means they’re reading I have some folks who have been fallowing me for years just to abuse me, I love them ……lol

        • sleepz

          You don’t speak for all Toronto fans so keep it down. Your attitude doesn’t represent me or the feelings I have about the writers on this site so speak for yourself and leave it at that.
          You don’t speak for all Toronto fans.

        • DC

          If you’re going to criticize writing, maybe you should learn to spell and type first?

      • Guest

        With all respect intended…

        You absolutely are worse then Rautins. Seeing as he has a wealth of basketball knowledge you’ll only dream of acquiring. Yes he can be annoying, yes he can be a company man. But, he’s been around bball his whole life and I’ll lend more weight to his opinions than ANYONE on this website.

        I enjoy coming on this site to discuss a few opinions and get a FANS perspective on the team. For a more insightful and knowledgeable perspective I will go to professionals though. Granted you have to get your salt shaker out and think critically, but analysts see and understand things you and I don’t. Devlin’s my main issue. I want Jack as play by play and Leo rocking analysis.

        P.S. I’m biased. Go Cuse.

    • afrocarter

      Why is it such a crime to be critical of the team? If you’re getting upset at somebody calling the Dubs the better team, then you clearly need to take a chill pill.

      • morgan c


    • Team 2

      Zarar was the one that predicted a loss to Washington, not William.

      Also, Golden State is a better team than the Raptors, as anyone with common sense will tell you.

    • sleepz

      Thats right, because if you write anything remotely negative you must be a
      Nazi fans that feel righteous and should dictate how writers should express their opinions shouldn’t be allowed to post anywhere either.

      • morgan c

        Glad most people here realize that commenter is the real hack…

        • Team

          Look … It’s the Timmer w brothers

    • morgan c

      You think William is bad because he sometimes criticizes the team? Because he accurately points out that JV has been a disappointment this year? Because he’s not an idiot fan-boy who simply dreams of unicorns and rainbows whenever the Raptors win? Dude, Raps are fun, William appreciates that. At the same time, Raps are not close to being a real championship contender, and William acknowledges that. But thankfully we have hardcore “unbridled optimism only” police making sure anything negative is not allowed!

  • Rap fan 2

    The fans can boo if they feel like it. They paid to be there. However, I think it’s crazy to boo every single Raptor player that hasn’t lived up to expectations. Take the high road!! Stop being a bitter old man. Remember with Rudy Gay and Andrea Bargnani, we traded them away and got better as a result. Every player that played for the Raptors was a Toronto Raptor. They are all part of the Raptor’s legacy and history.

    • why

      IMO the only x-Raptors who deserved to be boo’d are VC and Antonio Davis who bailed on the teeven though they were paid huge amounts to lead the team and Hedo who was professionally irresponsible by being out-of-shape. Their actions all undermined the franchise.
      Bargnani and Gay aren’t worth the bother of booing – we didn’t want them and are better off that they are gone.
      Whatever his limitations as a player Bosh gave his all for seven years and I always thought he represented the franchise with class when he was here – more class than Colangelo and Triano showed when he left where they basically tried to assissinate his character. He fufilled his contractual obligations as did McGrady – though like everyone else I was angry at the time as I thought he and Vince were going to be the next Jordan and Pippin.

      • arsenalist

        Hedo also deserved a full lungs-exploding booing.

    • asifyouknow

      True ..the price of the ticket gives them a right to boo but why go if you going to do that. Maybe is a Canadian thing.
      I’ve been a basketball fan for a long time and been blogging and commenting on post since the internet ..I can tell you without hesitation this are the most disgruntled winning fans I’ve ever come across…lol

      • Guest

        I told you why yesterday homes. Passion.
        Plus, calling Canadians overly emotional is about the farthest thing from the truth. You could probably blame us for not cheering loud enough a lot…. but.
        As I said, you don’t even understand being a raps fan unless you’ve seen the pain of the last 15 years. Spurs fans are…. likely confused about what it means to follow sports because they’ve been such an anomaly. Plus with no other pro teams, that’s all people would have, and all you do is win,

  • golden

    And with the 7th pick in the 2033 NBA draft, the Raptors select….

    Seriously, Zarar, congrats to you and Mrs. Arse, on the little bundle of joy. And many thanks for creating a great place for us hardcore Raptor fans to get our B-ball fix without ever having to read Doug Smith, again.

  • arsenalist

    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.

    • ItsAboutFun

      Congrats to you Zarar, but more importantly, the lady!

  • Andrey

    Awesome podcast. Don’t boo Gay.

  • asifyouknow

    Who ever said on the cast ” we talk too much about Vasquez” is absolutely right . A Vasquez expert like myself can see that you guys are winging it, I assume in Canada that term means the same as in the USA, just in case you don’t know it means to bull-crap your way through something you don’t really know much about.
    My friends there is no crime in that, we all have to do that once in awhile.
    If you need help e-mail me at…lol…lol

    • Guest

      You like Vazquez too much. He’s talented and deserves to be a starting PG on a bad to mediocre team. The way he plays right now will not translate to winning basketball as a starting PG. Those overly emotional TO’s he throws are killers. He needs to harness his energy and emotions if he wants to learn to lead a winning team. I;d love to have him back as the backup, and if someone wants to tank he’ll be a great option as the starter.

      If you’re a vazquez expert you must be an expert on exciting, losing basketball.

      • asifyouknow

        Well ok, at least you did not insult me with vulgarities. Thank you for that…lol

  • De Colo

    I’d boo Rudy Gay all day long, and it’s not because he sucked for the Raptors, I’ve always hated him, he’s a selfish team killer, that’s what he was, what he is, and what he always will be.

  • asifyouknow

    Watching Bulls and Nets …hey Augustine looks good and can play D …will be available next year there is the Vaz replacement for next year…

  • asifyouknow

    Vazquez: Pre all-star: 21 min…… 38% FG…. 30% 3P….7 ppg

    Post all-star 23 min……54% FG ….48 % 3P….13 ppg

    Kyle: Post all-star 38 min ….shooting 34% and 31% 3P and putting up a ton of shots

    A question for all the experts: