Video Compilation: DeMar DeRozan vs GSW/Iguodala – Makes and Misses

DeMar DeRozan had a big game against one of the NBA’s best defenders in Andrew Iguodala. We got the highlights.

Fancy some DeMar DeRozan highlights as we begin these four days of no Raptors basketball? Fear not.

DeRozan had one of his best games of the season against one of the NBA’s best defenders in Andre Iguodala. He went 10-16 and sprinkled jumpers all over the place (shot chart), almost making you not cringe every time he takes that long-two.

If he starts making with this sort of dead-eye efficiency, he’ll be edging closer to Joe Johnson in his prime-territory. Note that I didn’t say Joe Johnson right now-territory because Joe Johnson right now is nothing but an All-Star spot-stealing crook who has weird shoulder-neck-face proportions.

Usually when we create these videos we only show the misses, but as requested by our esteemed readers, we’ve now included misses. Sorry about the order of some of these clips, however I think you’ll get the point.

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