[Video] Steve Kerr Gives Raptors Some Props on TNT

Steve Kerr reminds the American public that the Toronto Raptors are in fact a pretty good team.

The Bulls were laying one on the Rockets on Thursday night and as the night was ending, Marv Albert in passing mentioned how the Bulls were a game behind the third place Raptors. Kerr took the opportunity to acknowledge the Raptors’ season, albeit bombarding Dwane Casey’s name:

I’m glad you brought up Toronto. Earlier we were talking about the East, how Brooklyn and Chicago have played much better. Toronto’s one of the best stories in the NBA this year. They’ve found some magic up there, they’ve really got a good group, good team chemistry, one of the best defenses in the league since the new year.

Don Casey’s…did I call him Don Casey? Dwane Casey, Dwane Casey and his staff have really….[Tony Snell dunks, ending the conversation]

Damn Tony Snell. For once the Raptors get some airtime on TNT and he has to throw down a meaningless dunk to ruin it all.

Full video clip below:

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