The Bulls were laying one on the Rockets on Thursday night and as the night was ending, Marv Albert in passing mentioned how the Bulls were a game behind the third place Raptors. Kerr took the opportunity to acknowledge the Raptors’ season, albeit bombarding Dwane Casey’s name:

I’m glad you brought up Toronto. Earlier we were talking about the East, how Brooklyn and Chicago have played much better. Toronto’s one of the best stories in the NBA this year. They’ve found some magic up there, they’ve really got a good group, good team chemistry, one of the best defenses in the league since the new year.

Don Casey’s…did I call him Don Casey? Dwane Casey, Dwane Casey and his staff have really….[Tony Snell dunks, ending the conversation]

Damn Tony Snell. For once the Raptors get some airtime on TNT and he has to throw down a meaningless dunk to ruin it all.

Full video clip below:

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  • Adriiian

    On the Rockets, you mean. That sad face on McHale. Priceless.

    • arsenalist

      Fixed, thanks.

      Yeah, McHale wanted to get out of that building like an hour ago.

  • HemiBlueJay

    Also didn’t realize that the Bulls with their history have the same promotion as the Raps except with Big Macs. Got a kick out of the dudes running by when they hit 100 tonight.. They have had similar issues with fans booing when they miss out on 100.. I bring this up because the Raps fans are criticized for the silly pizza promo but Bulls fans have done the same….

    • kayell

      I’m a Raps fan and I criticize it just because it’s pizza pizza, ugh. Big Mac!? Now that’s awesome

    • FREEJV

      philly fans also

  • ckh26

    Unfortunately for us the ESPN ratings don’t count in Canada so we may as well not exist. Its not personal just business on their part. US media now pumping up the tires of the Bulls as an elite contender in the East all the while missing the elephant in the room that they are STILL behind the raps in 4th and down two games in the loss column.

    You just have to grin and bear it till playoff time where not even the mighty TNT/ESPN devils alliance can create a series where you only see one team on the screen vs the raps… If you think that puss of McHale’s screams let me outta here in Chicago when we win the first round matchup there will be some seriously long faces in boardrooms in Atlanta and Boston as TNT and ESPN figure out how they are going to spin one of the better stories of the NBA season they never touched.

  • golden

    This is nice and all, but at some point Canadians just need to stop giving a shizzle what those American media folks say about us – good or bad.

  • kayell

    Kenny Smith also gave a shout out to the Raps on NBA Gametime. The Jet said the team “has all the right pieces” and it is “just a matter of finding consistency.” He also drooled all over Derozan, but didn’t mention Lowry or other Raps.

    • DandB

      Anyone who drools over DeRozan doesn’t follow the Raptors closely enough to realize how much he needs people to set him up for his offence (the pass, the screens, the picks). But yes, his midrange game is vastly improved. You know anyone who drools over Lowry follows the team much closer, though. The man is an engine.