According to head coach Dwane Casey (and an in-game video on Friday), The Raptor is due to return from his Achilles injury on March 23. Stripes will be assigned to the D-League as a result.

Obviously, this is huge for Toronto, getting a key cog back just in time for the playoffs. Get your Ewing Theory garbage out of here – The Raptor can only help.

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  • jjdynomite

    Love it. Look forward to The Raptor gimmick in the playoffs where he dons the blow-up PVC suit and starts nom-nom-noming “plants” wearing the opposing team’s (insert Wizards/Bulls/Nets here) jerseys.

  • GoingBig

    Hahaha… Casey genuinely surprised by the sending-Stripes-down to D-League question
    Good fun

    • Stephen

      The best part is the “… yeesssss!” from whichever scribe got Casey with the question.

  • Bendit

    All’s fun when the team is winning!!

  • Stephen

    Poor Stripes. Doesn’t even know that he’s headed to Bakersfield. He needs to Tonya Harding Raptor.