Casey can't believe it

Raptors waste glorious chance against Kevin Durant, Thunder in double overtime | National Post

Durant called it the craziest game he has ever been a part of. The end was particularly wacky, with the Raptors surrendering an eight-point lead with 49 seconds remaining. During that span, Durant hit a banked three-pointer, Derek Fisher hit a three-pointer after missing all night, John Salmons turned over an inbound pass, Durant missed a layup that would have tied the game, Salmons missed two free throws and, finally, Durant won it from the other side of Lake Ontario. That was after Lowry forced double overtime by hitting a late three-pointer in the first game.

Rapid Recap: Raptors lose in heartbreaking fashion to Thunder 119-118 in double OT | Raptors HQ

With Greivis Vasquez fouling out on an awful offensive foul call, John Salmons was inserted and promptly made a mess of things. He nearly turned the ball over right under his own basket on an inbounds play, then missed two huge free-throws, keeping the oxygen flowing into the Thunder’s once comatose frame. And then it was KD time. The Slim Reaper already had 48 points in this one, but hit the 51 mark on a huge 31-foot three pointer with 1.9 seconds left. OKC took the win. This meant DeRozan’s 33 point outing and Lowry’s 25 point effort were all for naught, and Amr Johnson finished the game with 25 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 blocks, moving into second on the Dinos’ all-time blocks list.

Durant’s double-OT dagger dumps Raptors | Toronto Sun

Another kid with a bright future is Terrence Ross, but he settles too much for his jumper rather than put the ball on the floor and attack the rim. Ross has to somehow improve his overall basketball IQ. It’s one thing to rely on sheer athleticicism, quite another to recognize and read situations. For some reason, Ross fouled Durant as OKC’s leading scorer was about to attempt a three-ball. One of the game’s no-nos is to never a foul a jump shooter, but there was Ross picking up his fourth personal, paving the way for Durant’s four-point play.

Durant endures as the Thunder beat the Raptors, 119-118 | Daily

The Thunder trailed 118-110 with 49 seconds left, cuing up the Scott Brooks/Derek Fisher gripes in full. Meanwhile, Durant canned a 3 to cut it to five. A great defensive possession forced a shot clock violation and OKC had it back with 22 seconds left. Fisher, who had been a walking facepalm the entire game, did the kind of thing he’s wont to do, drilling a wild, contested 3 with 15 seconds left — 118-116. Lamb got his hand on the inbound pass and Durant scooped it up heading to the rim. John Salmons stripped/fouled him, and the Raptors survived, it seemed. But Salmons missed both free throws, opening the door for the Reaper to steal Toronto’s soul.

Recap: Westbrook leaves early, but Durant carries Thunder over Raptors, 119-118 in 2OT | Welcome to Loud City

It was the Raptors that controlled the entire second overtime frame, and with the Thunder trailing 118-110 with 49 seconds left, it seemed like the only thing left to do was turn off the TV and pray all night that tomorrow’s evaluation would bring positive results. That’s when Durant decided to answer a few prayers on his own, first. He nailed a three to begin with, and then a defensive stop led to a Derek Fisher three (because of course he hits a clutch three) to cut the lead to 118-116. After a wild sequence in which KD lost a chance to tie it off a steal, John Salmons missed both free throws and left the door open for the Thunder to at least force a third OT after all.

Durant simply unstoppable. Just ask Raps. | Toronto Sun

“We couldn’t go another overtime. I had to live with whatever happened,” Durant said. “I pulled up for it, it looked good when it left my hands and God guided that thing to the basket, man.”

Lewenberg: Raptors suffer heartbreaker at hands of Durant | TSN

“It was tough, man,” he said, asked about defending the league’s leading scorer. “He’s my height, out there shooting from half court. There’s not too much you can do but double team that.” “He did a great job,” Casey added. “I felt for him. He’s hurt. He was all over him, draped over him. (Durant) made a tough shot. There’s nothing Amir did wrong.”

No Salary Cap Space For You Toronto Raptors | Pro Bball Report

If the Raptors let all of their free agents go and bought out all of their non-guaranteed contracts, they could possibly get $20 million in salary cap space (minus holds for open salary slots and their first round draft pick) and take a run at a bigger name free agent in July, but that seems like an unlikely scenario. There would be just too many holes to fill on this roster to actually get better going that route. Keeping Johnson, Lowry and Patterson means this team will not have salary cap space to play with and it’s pretty hard to imagine just which high end free agents will be available that Toronto could realistically pursue that would make this team better anyway.

Will Toronto Raptors’ Surprising Season Change Masai Ujiri’s Plans? | Bleacher Report

Between the qualifying offers for Greivis Vasquez and Patrick Patterson and rookie salaries, there isn’t room to make any major free-agent deals before brushing up against the luxury-tax threshold. So the Raptors are relying on internal improvement and a pick likely to fall in the late teens or early 20s to boost their ceiling from playoff squad to true contenders. That’s not going to happen. Ross and Valanciunas could both make leaps and bounds, but it’s important to remember this is only a third seed by virtue of a historically weak conference. Even those improvements, as well as sizable ones from other players, wouldn’t guarantee status as a true contender. For that reason alone, Ujiri’s vision should not change. He should still be striving to make a few blockbuster deals and drastically improve the fortunes of this franchise, ideally through landing one of the elite prospects in the current draft class. Don’t expect Toronto to sit still this summer.

Kevin Durant just what Raptors need: Kelly | Toronto Star

“(I)’ve always been a big Toronto fan. I was definitely a fan (an upward tilt of the head and a small smile) but I play for Oklahoma City now.” Yeah, we know. We saw you. Durant played sentimentally for the first half, missing gimmes and worse. The refs helped ease him into the contest. Just around the time when you began to think “Kevin Durant is having a totally crap night” you realized he was leading all scorers. With seconds left in double OT, in a game they should have lost, it was Durant who found himself with the ball, his team down two. He had the presence of mind to wait a few beats. Standing nine feet — nine feet — behind the arc, in traffic, he drew up and won the game. It ended 119-118. Durant finished with 51. He should have scored 60 (and in regulation). It was also the second night of a back-to-back. He played 53 minutes. Another comme ci comme ca outing for basketball’s form player.

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19 Responses to “Morning Coffee – Sat, Mar 22”

  1. Ds

    The Raptors are good. Really good. But they are missing something. Can’t go 1-6 in overtime + lose so many close games in the last minute. Can’t put my finder on it.

    • jakdripr

      No closer, we don’t have a player that can pull our asses out of the trash like Durant did for the thunder tonight.

      • noname

        nah i think the whole team does well to set ourselves up for overtime wins…but what ends up biting us in the ass is Casey vegetating over which plays to call, opting to set up demar for failure with a terrible iso play, or vegetating over whether fields or salmons should play, opting to go with his idol salmons who shows up acting like he doesn’t wanna be here and bricklays/ruins the game, meanwhile the one time fields gets pt he plays like a true utility guy off the bench (forget his contract). And then there is the refs who have a beef with canada and want the opposition to win thus deciding to screw the raptors over on the whistle. I don’t think we need a closer, we just need casey to stop doing drugs when overtime comes so he actually coaches properly, and the raptors need to do well in the playoffs so the refs just stop treating them like a shitty team that doesn’t deserve to beat good teams. CASEY STOP FUCKING PLAYING SALMONS!!!!PLAY FIELDS!!!!!

        • Slick

          Thank you! Read my post. Said the same dam thing! Fields plays well as far as grabbing Rebs better defense and will get some points lay ups etc!

        • jakdripr

          I think you missed my point, the point of a closer is to save your ass when other people made mistakes. Derek Fisher messed up on his cover of kyle lowry, that’s why lowry hit the 3 that put it into OT, the thunder missed a bunch of open shots that’s why they were down 8, but they had a closer in durant who hit a bunch of improbable shots and won them the game. That’s what we lack, we lack someone who saves us when we don’t execute properly.

          Don’t get me wrong, Casey’s timeout plays leave something to be desired but if that was Durant/Dirk/Kobe shooting that final shot as opposed to Derozan we might have won that game.

  2. Ion66

    First I went to the fridge and threw out the salmon. Then I walked over to the pantry, and found an old box of KD. I tossed that from across the room. It went over the island, through the ceiling fan, hit the window, went off the glass in in. Bastard. .

    • Ion66

      So I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. It’s going to be a gaping hole where my heart used to be, and Kevin Durants, head sticking out, kind of like Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

  3. Age

    Although i want to strangle Salmons, and the hand of god was on Durant side last night, this was a great game by our raps. So proud of them this year. Lowry and Amir are the heart of this team and where ever we land in the standings, I’m sure no team wants to face us in the first round.
    We play hard and even when we lose, we put punishment on the opposing team.
    The future is very bright for our core.

  4. nutcup

    Ok . everybody take a breath , its a new day and it was just another step for this team to understand what winning means. This team is learning , they played one of the top teams in the league and should have won. Great game , one of the best of the year, this taught us that nothing is in the bag and every play is important. It will focus this team , it will focus the coach, we are learning how to win, every loss like this makes everyone on the team get it. We will turn the corner just like we have all year and we will start winning these kind of games. Everything is all right.

  5. tank

    The refs cost this game for the raps. The foul on Vasquez shot caused the raps to have to use the useless Salmons. Referee’s in the NBA must be the worst in all sports. They gave russel Westbrook free throws on a finger roll from three point line after derozan fouled him on the dribble. Sadly though it was Salmons inability to hit just one free throw that cost them the game.

  6. tank

    The raps need another legit wing player. Ross is too inconsitent and salmons is too crapy. I was thinking someone like Kyle Anderson or Mcdermott might fit the role from this draft.

  7. Slick

    People could say what you want. We need this we need that. We need another wing player bla bla bla! We are playing great. But we need to do the fundamentals like hit free throws at crunch time wtf.
    Please tell me. Salmons stats has been horrendous lately. Wake up raptors. Why wouldn’t you play Landry. Will will get you atleast some points and def Rebs and a better defender! Time to give him some playing time. Put salmons on bench to re group for a bit.
    That was a blown game! But I still give them credit. We could beat any team. We can’t afford mistakes like that!

    • Roarque

      THAT was NOT a blown game. Every team in the NBA would do anything to duck the Raps in the first round of the playoffs. THEY FEAR US. Make no mistake about that. Kevin Durant is a profoundly gifted athlete and that’s why the OKC Thunder won last night. Do you really believe for one second that Landry would have made those two free throws? Seriously.

  8. Savvi M

    Blame John Salmon’s, if he hit both free throws, Raptors would’ve won by 1 point even if Durant hit the 3. What a loser, he better not be getting playing time or I’m gonna boo him more than Carter.

  9. Guest

    John Salmons can’t buy a DRINK in this city till he redeems himself, and I don’t know how he’s gonna do that…

    Will be interesting to see how he’s portrayed in the next Open Gym

  10. troy

    yes it was very frustrating what salmons did, but do not judge him on 1 game,,,,he plays great defense, and knows how to play,,he got put into a game and he was cold, not an excuse but its a fact,,,hes a veteran who has the know how, and even plays point guard at the end of some games, and his presence will be made in the playoffs

  11. Niagara_dude

    Hope are General Manager is awake and seeing that it may be time to search for any vet free agent bigs out there because we need help and these guys cannot continue to log these type of major minutes.Our bench has been lousy the last couple of weeks and this guy does nothing but talk about development of young players (who cares).I want to know what you are doing today not 3-4 years from now.Get off the pot and start giving out coach more to work with (all other east playoff teams added help) We stand around and do nothing (your starters will be worn the time playoffs begin).



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