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9 Responses to “PHOTO: The bane of my existence”

  1. Ds

    From Doug Smith:
    He sat facing his locker with a towel over his head; a locker room Do Not Disturb sign. Teammates came by to pat him on the back and he didn’t move. No one felt worse.

  2. Eunys

    Salmons is not the only one to be blamed! You could blame anyone: The coach , (no brainer) Lowry (for the last air ball facing Ibaka) and my good friend Demar; the all star who is alway
    terrible with the ball when he has the last shot of the game. Just read this somewhere else: On his
    last 10 attempts – to either win or tie a game with the last shot – he
    hasn’t even hit the rim. I’m not blaming him for the losses … just an
    observation that I would rather put the ball in Lowry or vasquez hands with the
    game on the line

    • OvertheWall

      Still, I gotta say this: Screw Salmons. I don’t wanna see him on the floor.

    • Nerius

      Agreed. I don’t understand why they don’t just take a long 3, it’s a higher percentage shot than the spin jumper over two people of DD.

  3. Niagara_dude

    Eunys you are bang on, the trip up the floor while still holding a 5 point lead reaily killed us.Lowry facing Ibaka needs to drive to the basket with around 30 sec left.The lane is open and he hesitates and waits too long and then gets his shot blocked with 1 sec left in shot clock.He can close this game out with a basket to the rim or foul shots, Salmons yes could of closed out this game with two foul shots but it should not have come down to that.Also in the future the Raptors with late game leads should play it like the game is tied and the other team is playing for the last shot to win the game.


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