This was not met with rave reviews on some corners of the internet:

Drake is quite possibly the biggest bandwagon celebrity sports fan in the history of modern professional athletics, as he has a hilarious-yet-sickening tendency of latching onto the biggest athletes in American sports and celebrating their wins with them like his season tickets belong with the other WAGs.

Haha…little does this deluded writer know that “latching onto the biggest athletes in American sports and celebrating their wins with them” is the first step to making said athlete come sign for the team you support. RR salutes Drake’s master plan to land Kevin Durant and wishes him the best of luck.

As for the ESPYS, unless they have Anne Hathaway hosting it in her birthday suit, count me out.

Other corners of the vast bunghole that is known as the internet has taken a new swing at things, and go as far to suggest that he might be a candidate to replace Letterman:

He’s more than just a rapper, or just a singer. Regardless of your feelings about him, Drake can be charismatic and funny, and he’ll serve as a decent replacement for Jon Hamm, who was always a somewhat curious host. Maybe he’ll parley this into replacing Letterman. There is some precedent, at least.

At this point you might be wondering just why this is even on RR, and to that I remind you that he’s a global ambassador, which basically means he gets to park in handicap zones anywhere in the world and get away with it.

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  • Tanks-a-lot

    Lets see. He’s a combination of Jew and African making a living as a top flight hip hop merchant that happens to be a total fan-boy of the NBA.

    The personification of the NBA ethos.

  • jjdynomite

    Zarar, you really don’t need to maintain 4+ posts a day to make this the best Raptors-related site on the web.

    /backhanded compliment with regards to this post

  • Tanks-a-lot

    What the hell?

    I made a legit comment on Drake. He embreces his Jewish/African culture as shown on SNL

    Making money and playing Ball is the “Essence” of the NBA.

    booooooooo, booooooooo.

    Don’t hate on this playa. Bring your best rebuttals. I’m here and always willing to get down and dirty with FREE EXPRESSION

    • GetLicks

      How the fuck is he African? His dad is black American. Wow… Ever consider moving to Alabama? And a basketball fan forum is not the place to engage in these kind of convos.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        You pretend blacks aren’t native of that continent.

        I know, I know, in reality American Citizens that happen to be black don’t care if Hutu blacks kill Tutsi blacks. It doesn’t change the fact that the slavery whiners demanded that blacks be identified by their continental origins. South Africa and Zimbabwe have been turned into natural African hell holes based on the idea that only blacks should be African.

        • GetLicks

          But that’s like classifying Canadian or American people that have been here for generations as ‘European.’ A person’s culture trumps the colour of their skin every time

          • Tanks-a-lot

            I can’t speak to the North American paradigm. It’s impossible. No human ever “sprang up” on this part of the world. “Natives” are merely Asian land bridge migrants.

            • GetLicks

              But why does it matter where the origins of someone’s race is? If you put a black American in Africa, he’d be lost as shit. The language, culture, food, everything is different. So classifying them as just African is simple-minded and inaccurate.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Since you PC morons feel that comments need to be deleted for PC reasons, I demand you take your RACIST crying Jew pic down right now.

    Do you think it’s ok to make a Jew like Drake look like a crybaby?


  • Tanks-a-lot


  • johng_3

    What does this have to do with the Raptors?

    • Haim not Feldman

      Looks like a cross promotion between sports and um *ahem* music(?) I’m old skool doe, I’m not familiar with Drake, but from what I hear, he promotes the Raps well and is a real fan. The Raps should try to hire Avril LaVigne to represent the franchise. She’d be a great team ambassador.