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What’s his source? This page which has tons of lines and charts and stuff.

Looking at it from an “Avoiding Brooklyn” perspective, the Raptors got to make sure that they finish, at worst, tied with the Bulls thus avoiding a 4-5 matchup with the Nets.  Chicago and Toronto are tied, and in case of a tie-breaker the Raptors would get the higher seed on account of their division title (forthcoming, we hope).

Here’s Chicago schedule:

@ Minnesota
vs Detroit
@ New York
vs Orlando – Back-to-Back
@ Charlotte

Here’s Toronto:

vs Philadelphia
vs New York
@ Detroit
vs Milwaukee (Back-to-Back)
@ New York

Winnable games everywhere for both teams, although Chicago has one more road game than the Raptors.  The realistic chances the Bulls have of dropping a game is probably in New York and in Minnesota tonight (Kevin Love returned from injury last night).  If Chicago drops one of those two games, it gives the Raptors a margin of error and affords them a loss in New York in the final game of the season.  Until then, though, we got to sweep things – starting tonight.

If the playoffs started today the Raptors would face the Wizards in a 3-6 matchup.  They have won the season series with the Wizards 3-1 and tied it 2-2 with the Nets.  The Raptors are also 2-2 against Chicago, which comes into the play in the unlikely event of Brooklyn grabbing the third seed.

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8 Responses to “Raptors 83% Chance to Finish 3rd; Bulls Breathing Down Our Necks”

  1. GetLicks

    I was pretty worried Chicago would pass us, until we beat Houston & Indiana. Now I think we have the edge, seeing as how Chicago’s 3 toughest games will be on the road. Our only ‘tough’ game should be the final one @ NY. Hopefully we can take care of business so it doesn’t come down to that final game. F*CKIN GO RAPS!!!

  2. jakdripr

    Yea let’s hope the boys can stay focused, we literally have no excuse to not secure the 3rd seed so let’s go out and take care of business.

    Final week of the season begins today, feels so good to actually be playing for something other than ping pong balls.

    • GetLicks

      YESSSS!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve watched raptor games into March and April. Feels strange, but awesome

  3. Matt

    Has everyone forgot that Washington hasn’t come close to securing the 6th spot? It’s not just about the race between Raps and Bulls. We need to keep an eye on Washington and Charlotte as the Cats are only 1 game behind Wizards and they’ve been on a roll. If they pass Washington and take 6th seed to face Raps, let’s not forget Charlotte has season swept us, so it wouldn’t be an easy first rounder. We need to stay ahead of Bulls as Wizards need to stay ahead of Bobcats

  4. Alex Rosario

    Bulls are gonna get the 3 seed… Sorry Toronto but the Bulls are a better team and deserve it more. Also the Bulls play with so much heart and they won’t drop another one while the Raptors could drop either game to New York based on how desperate they are.


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