Sources have confirmed that there was a two-car collision on the corner of Palace and Auburn Hills on Sunday afternoon. The victim, identified as one Kyle Singler, came into direct contact with a freight truck driven by one DeMar DeRozan. Singler, according to witnesses, chose to deliberately cross paths with the freight truck, much to his physical disadvantage and dismay. The below CCTV footage was released by the Detroit Police Department as a way of caution to others who might consider crossing paths with indestructible vehicles (video).

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17 Responses to “[GIF] Demar DeRozan Reduces Kyle Singler To a Pile of Leaves”

  1. GetLicks

    Disgusting dunk, I wanna see more of this from DD.

    The big black guy’s reaction in the bottom right corner is the best.

    • ahoang

      lol i cant tell, was he scared ? or was it more of a GOD DAMN!

      The best is DD’s “FK YAH!” Keep that confidence up young buck!

    • FREEJV

      you wont see it. he does this every once in a blue moon. last time he did this was on a guy named mozgov.

      • GetLicks

        How many guys have multiple poster dunks in a season? It’s not easy as you make it sound sitting on mama’s couch at home. Derozan been dunking since you were in diapers, kid… He’s posterized and thrown down more than his share of nasty dunks. If you didn’t have such a hard-on for JV, you might be able to appreciate them.


    we control our own destiny now after bulls loss. we have 2 options: 1) win next 2 games and play miami second round if we get there. 2) rest starters and drop to 4th for a tougher 1st rd matchup but an easier 2nd round matchup. Good problem to have.

    • jakdripr

      I say we play our starters in controlled minutes and let whatever happens happen. Give the bench players some extended minutes and such. Although it would be nice to hit 48 wins so I don’t know…

  3. jakdripr

    I wish Demar would do this more, but I’m beginning to doubt he has the type of first step required to do this on a regular basis. I mean he really only did this because he had a big guy on him.

    • noname

      one does not peak at the age of 24, a ball player’s peak is around 28, so he can still do it i think he just wants to be known as more than just an athletic wing who can throw down.

      • jakdripr

        I guess I should have mentioned that I do believe he can still get to this level, I was simply pointing out that with his current skill set I don’t think he can do it consistently….. yet. Knowing Demar and how he improves his game every season it wouldn’t surprise me if in a season or two he has the handles to do this more consistently.

  4. acfaubs

    Does anyone have video of the Detroit feed for this dunk? Haven’t happened to see it anywhere.



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