This week on Talking Raptors, Nick and Barry discuss the week that was but more importantly, welcome a very special guest. On this episode, the guys were privileged to head down to the ACC and be joined by Raptors broadcast legend Jack Armstrong for a great chat.

They discuss:
-How Jack got his start in broadcasting.

-Preferable first round Playoff Match-ups.

-Is this team “one piece away from being a true championship contender”?

-How Chuck Swirsky is doing.

-Refs and the seemingly terrible relationship the Raptors have with them.

-Drake and what he’s doing for the team.

-How does this team stack up against the past teams in franchise history?

and so much more.

Jack is genuinely a great guy and the guys had a fantastic time talking with him. Thanks for listening and as always enjoy!

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (48:43, 70 MB). Or just listen below:

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23 Responses to “Talking Raptors Podcast, April 15 – With Jack Armstrong”

  1. dunkmycat7

    The real dinosaurs are extinct, time to put these guys down for their nap. Permanently.
    What a bag of crap JA is, same old nonsense every nite , endless apologies for the all sport TERRIBLE officiating in the NBA, and really if he says gym rat, jimmy, stuck 4 or MGD one more time.Now that we have a real team lets get some real announcers, not some second rate never was coach, and the even more never was Leo RATins.
    Think these douchebags get ANY TV analyst job on ANY NBA team in the USA ?
    Not a chance.
    And really, although Matt is a pro and a sports Wikipedia – he’s just TOO Annoying .

    • bizzy

      Jack is awesome he brings hype and calls it like he sees it. Leo on the other hand…

    • Right Clique

      Of Jack, Leo, Matt, Hamilton, Jones, Eric Smith, the little black dude (sorry, don’t know his name), Jack is easily the most reasonable guy and one I enjoy listening to.

      I agree, it would benefit to have an ex-NBA player or coach provide commentary, like most other teams, but I think MLSE puts a lot of weight on toeing the company line which the current crew is great at.

      I mean look at Eric Smith, the guy might be the worst, most boring reporter of any kind. I really hope he doesn’t sneak his way into TV play-by-play or color commentary.

    • GetLicks

      Wait, wait, wait..lemme get this straight: You want less homer-ism & less annoying commentators who are more knowledgeable…but you’re screaming for more Paul Jones? Dude is one of the biggest yuppies in the entire broadcast team. He’s good as a radio announcer but that’s it. If I had to listen to him night in & night out, discussing the raptors and breaking the games down I’d go mentally insane. Might as well have Rod Black doing it (by the way, does he have to say ‘closing time’ going into the 4th quarter EVERY single fkn game?).

        • GetLicks

          Of course they are, comes with the territory. But with that considered, plus the fact that I’ve listened to other team’s broadcasters, I think Matt, Jack & Leo do a pretty good job.

    • Gary Gill

      Jack Armstrong gets very annoying at times. He acts like a clown most of the time. With his “MHD” Bacardi. They all suck d$&@!!!!! One of the worst in league. For example chicago announcers r much better than these shameless dogs. Neil funk and Stacey king much better than these fu&&$&@ clowns!!!!!!

  2. cc

    jack’s great. case in point that derozan dunk on singler where he blurts out ‘take him’ at the top of the key. great instincts. yeah him and matt are corporate shills sometimes with the catch phrases, and a bit too pro-raptors on the officiating front, but jack’s one of the more knowledgeable colour commentators out there and u can’t deny that.

  3. j bean

    I used to try to listen to the other teams broadcast team when possible but actually, lately the Raptors crew has grown on me. I’m not really looking for a lot of insight from them, just a little entertainment to go along with what has become one of the leagues best teams to watch.

  4. jakdripr

    I don’t know why people always complain about our broadcasting crew, I love em. I love their passion, but I also love the fact that they aren’t too biased, when the raps get a bad call that goes their way, they’ll say. And when a call goes against the raptors but is a good call, they’ll say it as well.

    I mean I still miss Chuck Swirsky, but life goes on.

    • stretch bigman

      Aren’t too biased!lol
      “Contact no call” on basically every play that there is not a foul call against the opposing team.
      I’ve actually thought that the announcers, particularly Devlin, has turned from a good honest play by play guy, to T.Heinson wannabe in a matter of a few seasons. Listen to Devlin call a normal game in the playoffs without the Raps being involved and you will see the difference.

      • jakdripr

        At the end of the day they’re still fans and fans will always be biased, when that passion is there you just can’t help it. But they also criticize the team, like in the Miami game, I mean Jack calls out the refs for being a little biased, but then he calls out the team for not putting pressure on the refs by attacking the basket.

      • Marco belchior GOON

        Contact no call is legit!! It’s the biggest flaw in the nba. They call fouls based on who’s being fouled. Derozan gets calls now for the exact same plays that he did his first 3 yrs. there’s no logic that justifies that. Devlin is ballsy and I enjoy him pointing it out

    • Paul

      Swirsky was the worst. Even though Devlin is a little wooden, I’ll take him over annoying catch phrases and endless hyperbole (salami and cheese, “banger brothers” etc etc) any day.

  5. Marco belchior Highlanders

    Great interview guys!!
    Why the RR readers hating on raps tv team. Leo can be annoying but Devlin is a world class guy. There’s a reason TNT uses him for the playoffs and I think he genuinely loves Toronto and the raps. And jack is just the man plain and simple. I live in the usa so I watch in league pass and If you heard some of these others bums you’d probably stop watching ball. On that note of living in the states, the lack of respect the raps get from espn ,first take specifically is insulting. Just watched an entire segment about the heat playoff run where they showed the seed graphic and they went right to Washington as the heats second round matchup! Didn’t even utter the words Toronto or raptors. If I was DD or Kyle and I won a round I would look at the camera and tell hose idiots to wake the fuck up$ disrespectful!!

    • Kkb

      Agreed man. Best come back would be a Spurs Raptors final ! See how their tv rarings go !? Haha

  6. the dude

    Excellent interview, guys. Thank you for being unlike the majority of interviewers and failing to let their guest speak by talking to much and constantly interrupting.
    Jack’s great. Armstrong > Rautins

  7. bistricky

    A very intelligent ….. and informative interview. Ready for the playoffs and the future of the Raptors. XD

  8. dunkmycat7

    Someone EDITED my comments ?
    Who does that ?
    The blog Nazi ?
    Oh it’s Doug Smith.
    Free speech guys, NOBODY should be able to delete or edit comments…I didn’t violate any comment rules, who TF gets to decide what is right or wrong.


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