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Quotes: Dwane Casey and Masai Ujiri React to Nets Wanting to Play Raptors


Dwane Casey on the performance of his team: "I can't say enough good things about those guys cause it's going to take all of us, especially with Patrick being out"

Dwane Casey and Masai Ujiri have something to say to the Nets.

MLSE Claims Copyright For “Kings In The North” Shirt; RR Prints New Shirts; Partial Proceeds to United Way



There’s been a copyright claim on our beautiful shirt. We’re not going away though.

2013-14 Raptors now litter franchise leaderboards



It’s been quite the season for the Toronto Raptors. What we’ll likely remember about this season years from now is “48,” the team’s win total for the year, the most ever in franchise history.

Look Out For This Play: It Beat Us Last Time, Let It Not Happen Again



We had Amir Johnson guarding Paul Pierce, who as good as a defender he is, shouldn’t be covering a guy like Paul Pierce on the perimeter.

Season in Review



Hot damn, that was a fun ride.

Podcast: Raptors-Nets Playoff Matchup 15-Minute Unedited Reaction


Patterson steals ball vs Johnson and nets game winner

We react to the Nets-Raptors playoff matchup and the Nets’ blatant tanking in a 15-minute quick-fire pod where micro-analysis of the upcoming matchup is performed.

Raps’ year ends with meaningless loss, bring on Brooklyn



No injuries and the third seed? Sounds like a successful night to me.

[GIF] Chuck Hayes Inbounding To Nando De Colo With Game On The Line



This is the play you don’t run if you care about the game.

Morning Coffee – Thu, Apr 17


Mike Woodson: “Am I the guy for the job? I’m the only guy for the job.” #Knicks — Alan Hahn (@alanhahn) April 16, 2014 What do you say to that? You could have ripped off all your clothes and began simultaneously chugging grain alcohol and Mr. Pibb, and ran screaming, “WOOOOOOOODSON” as you hurtled into the oncoming traffic on the BQE (assuming you’re a city-dweller like me), or just collapsed in a giddy, delirious heap of uncontrollable laughter; either response would make complete and total sense.

Playoffs for the first time in 6 years…bunch of other articles about practice courts, rebrands, playoff seeding….PLAYOFFS, BABY!!!

Playoff Schedule Released, First Game on Saturday at 12:30 PM EST


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‘Murica, meet the Toronto Raptors

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