We had over 200 sales on our awesome-looking Kings In The North shirt before we received communication from Teespring, informing us that they are unable to process the order due to a copyright claim. We presume it’s because we used the phrase “Toronto Raptors”. All orders have been refunded – sorry about that, we’re obviously very sad, we were kind of hoping it was George R.R Martin making the claim because that would be awesome.

It’s disappointing that they’ve come after us, a site that provides constant and continuous promotion of the Toronto Raptors brand, but hey, we understand that at the end of the day it’s about money and for every dollar you spend on RR, you give one less to MLSE. Also, guys, just contact us next time – way easier that way.

Where do we go from here? We print new shirts with the offending words removed, of course – same price, $14.99. Thank you in advance for purchasing – we appreciate it and will also donate partial proceeds to United Way.

Click here to purchase for $14.99 – we love you for supporting us.

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  • SeattleRapsFan

    Wow. Unreal they come after a fan site. Good luck guys.

  • tortacular

    Not surprising at all, given that it’s MLSE. Still a fine looking shirt though.

  • KJ-B

    Not to be pissy–but while we’re @ it — what’s the date of the copyright???

    Lightning rarely strikes twice in the same spot at basically the same time. Marketing firms are notorious for cutthroat plagiarizing more than we want or care to know.

    I always question coincidence…

  • webfeat

    Man, if only you could claim copyright on “Kings in the North”, you could claim infringement on their “We the North” campaign.

  • Frazzle.

    I mean, I don’t know Canadian copyright law but I do know UK copyright law and australian copyright law and their claim would be pretty frivilous and unless you’ve copied the design from them directly they would have no chance. Trademark maybe but again it would be doubtful. What were the details of their claim?

    • arsenalist

      Very generic. I didn’t bother pursuing. It’s no sweat, I just felt bad for the people who had already paid and got a refund, they must’ve been like WTF. Much easier to simply send them a different shirt than go through the process again.

      • Mack North

        No big deal man. Are these shipping from the States or Canada? Just wondering on the ETA… I’d love to wear it during the Nets series.

        • arsenalist

          States. Teespring is a U.S company.

          • Mack North

            They cancelled my order again!! WTH!

  • tweed8

    Funny thing is now that “Toronto Raptors” has been removed, I plan to buy a shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Raptors, but they have more than enough shirts. This is “Raptors Republic” and there is something nice about that being printed on a shirt.

    We all get along – to some degree – most of the time – Don’t kick me in the balls. 😉

  • Steven

    I assume MLSE has more priorities than claming copyrights

  • llaen

    Good to get a reminder once in a while about how the world really works.

    In the end, we are all nothing but cash cows.

  • Eunys

    No shame at all….Leweike only cares about his cash…by the way are the playoff tickets already available? can not found them on raptors site

  • j bean

    All nba teams have to actively protect their trademarks. Cheap looking knock-offs would be everywhere if there was no control on their use. The Raptors claw is part of their brand that needs permission to use. Sure you can get away with a small run before there would be a cease and desist letter but is that the relationship you want to have with the club?

    • arsenalist

      I hear you, but that claw is the RR logo, it’s custom built, paid for, and we own the rights to it. It’s got nothing to do with the Raptors claw.

      • j bean

        So no problem then.

  • Brain Colangelo

    I know people who have been high-ups in the Raptors and they clearly think that RR is the main fan blog for the Raps. They really should have found a way to get back to you other than through lawyers.
    My suggestion to you is add a copy of the letter they sent to the back of the new shirts/post it to the site. They should be accountable for their brand decisions.

  • RNsteve

    ….copyright cancelled again.. Terrible.

    • Doc

      Really curious to know what it was this time. *sigh*

  • Maputo88

    My 2nd order just got cancelled too. Can the blocker not tell you what is offending them, so you can make something that does not infringe them?

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