MLSE Claims Copyright For “Kings In The North” Shirt; RR Prints New Shirts; Partial Proceeds to United Way

There’s been a copyright claim on our beautiful shirt. We’re not going away though.


We had over 200 sales on our awesome-looking Kings In The North shirt before we received communication from Teespring, informing us that they are unable to process the order due to a copyright claim. We presume it’s because we used the phrase “Toronto Raptors”. All orders have been refunded – sorry about that, we’re obviously very sad, we were kind of hoping it was George R.R Martin making the claim because that would be awesome.

It’s disappointing that they’ve come after us, a site that provides constant and continuous promotion of the Toronto Raptors brand, but hey, we understand that at the end of the day it’s about money and for every dollar you spend on RR, you give one less to MLSE. Also, guys, just contact us next time – way easier that way.

Where do we go from here? We print new shirts with the offending words removed, of course – same price, $14.99. Thank you in advance for purchasing – we appreciate it and will also donate partial proceeds to United Way.

Click here to purchase for $14.99 – we love you for supporting us.

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