There will be series preview coverage all throughout the day here on Raptors Republic (pieces at 9, 11, 1 and 4, I believe), but if you want to sneak across enemy lines and read what those who cover the Nets are saying, here are three resources.

The Brooklyn Game – Not only is their layout fantastic and their coverage incredibly deep, Deven Kharpertian joined us for a Q&A that will be up later this morning.

Nets Daily – Reed Wallach has a really nice tactical breakdown of some key strategic elements of the series, which we had discussed over email.

Basketball Breakdown – A six-minute video on the tactical side of the series, well worth a watch. Coach Nick is neutral, by the way, covering the league as a whole, not just the Nets.

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One Response to “Eating Ice Cream with the Enemy”

  1. c_bcm

    Raps getting slammed on ESPN leading up to this series (mostly by commenters on articles). I was actually really starting to question my own confidence in this team against BKN. Coach Nick has restored my faith. Gad, I am so fickle.


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