2 Responses to “Post-game Interviews: Raptors 100 Nets 95”

  1. plaid coast

    these boys are so charming. it’s kind of cute how demar never actually answers the questions, i’m not sure he even realizes.

  2. Wes mantooth

    Not now question from a us network or paper. The amount if play the raps got today on espn is despicable. Watched first take do a 20 minute segment on Paul pierce saying the nets were soft. Not once mentioning a raptor or the raptors.
    Numbers never lie did the same thing. In fact Michael smith went out if his way to dis demar derozan.
    TNT everytime chuck brings up the raptors winning they change the subject.
    It’s all too obvious at this point that there’s a mandate to talk about stars and teams that have espn in there homes.
    The raptors have such little respect in the us media it’s becoming painful to watch.
    Fuck Brooklyn and espn. The nba should so a much better job of promoting Toronto to force fees the us the raptors


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