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  • Wes mantooth

    I love ur podcast. With that being said ur refusal to acknowledge the very questionable refs is annoying. Ur wrong!
    The only the reason the fouls were even is because the refs call for the raps at inessential times of the games and absolutely make momentum stopping crunch time calls against the raps. It’s happened every game but tonight was the worst. The charge the foul and tech on GV the call on kL where he got a bloody lip. 4 of the Jonas calls were bs. Yes kg fouled out cause he legit fouls on every play!
    It is bullshit. I understand ur theory about not wanting to blame refs as an excuse but ur wrong and it’s getting annoying to listen to. There’s truth to the conspiracy. Wake up.

    • Blair Miller

      A good conspiracy theory is neither provable nor unprovable, so don’t say there’s “truth” to it beyond the fact that the officiating has been really bad in general. If there’s more bad calls against Toronto it’s a simple fact on its own. Saying it is some directive from above to intentionally call games in favour of the Nets is lazy and bitter loser talk. Did the refs make 2Pat miss those 2 free throws? Have the officials forced Lowry and DeRozan to shoot a combined 37.2% from the field so far in the series, or Ross to score 11 points in total through 3 games? Two Raps (Jonas & Patterson) have played well overall in the 3 games, that’s it. Any player worth their salt will tell you it shouldn’t come down to the refs if they execute their game plan. Bottom line: bad play has let bad calls determine the game; if there’s a conspiracy for a Nets series win, a handful of Raptors players are in on it too. And let’s not forget that Lowry has spent all season yapping at the refs and getting on their bad side. I’m not saying that anyone deserves bad calls – far from it. But bad calls happen, whether or not people want to play the tired, cliched No Respect For Canada card. That just comes across as whining, even if you try to sound angry instead. Oh – and the Raptors are 1 win away from going back home with home court advantage, so even IF it’s a conspiracy it’s not working too well.

      • Wes mantooth

        I’m not disguising whining with anger nor is loser talk. Pj calisimo was baffled as well. A nudging for the nets is occurring. I respect your firm stand on not being a sick about losing but it’s blinding you.
        With that being said do you agree that the nba has a mandate that is decades long to build stars? To the degree that stars get star calls? The theory being that it promotes the league. In fact the league is built on it. David stern would tell u that. So why is it so far fetched that the same thing can occur with teams?? As I said to phd I live in LA I watch all the espn shows and they all refuse to talk about the raps. In fact bomani jones insults them and our country. The reason is that there is no espn in Canada so when they talk about our series they’re only talking to one market. When we won game 2 the whole story on first take was about what pierce said fter the game. Nothing about the budding star that is demar going for30! Both teams have played bad but one team is being nudged if the game is close into the winning circle. Not gonna point out all the plays but it seems obv. Dwayne Casey’s biting his tongue seeing the same thing. Paul pierce can’t take 4 steps get tapped by someone and get an and1 two games in a row and have me not dbl take.
        There is truth to this Brooklyn Miami better matchup rd 2 for the league. There are alotta small market teams in playoffs and the nba is desperately trying to catch the nfl ! It’s in here best interest to have Brooklyn move on. Just because the series is close doesn’t mean it’s not happening bit last night seemed obv.
        Anyways live the podcast go raps game 4

        • Blair Miller

          I agree that stars get star calls and that Canada is underreported, but the fact is that it’s still a jump in reasoning to take it to the argument that the refs are trying to (help) determine a series outcome just because the Raptors are from Canada. I dislike refs more than most people, but I still find those theories a bit fantastic. (Trying to rig series; not star calls.) Just once I’d like to see a small market team get bad calls and have fans NOT trot out the conspiracy theories. Bad calls are evidence of bad officiating; there needs to be more to it to “prove” there’s deliberate bias being acted upon. Obv we’ll have to agree to disagree.
          BUT – One thing I’d like to point out: It’s a sad irony that Bomani Jones makes fun of Canada. When I used to work at The Score, a sports TV channel in Toronto (now owned by Rogers and called Sportsnet 360) Bomani Jones used to travel to T.O. to do a weekly radio show, so now he’s poking fun at a place/people that put food on his table and help spread his brand (which is a lame, bad-joke brand at that), which is in very bad taste, no matter who that target is.

          • Wesmantooth

            Well it’s impossible to prove at this point because “it’s science” at this point. Happy to “agree to disagree” “when in Rome ”
            For whatever it’s worth even that ref that screwed us against the nets last time Donahue or whatever his name is. Said it’s fixed. Whatever.
            It’s not only a matter of a small market team it’s a good story for the nba. Swan song for pierce and garnet and the largest payroll in the nba.
            It will never be proven cause it’s done in a relatively subtle fashion.
            Anyways out me in the podcast ! Let’s talk for real some. Real talk

    • raptors phdsteve

      Wes mantooth it has been crazy frustrating to watch the refing in this series. I agree. And as a Raps fan, you are right it’s upsetting. But it’s not a conspiracy. I mean, there is no way the refs call an offensive foul with 30 secs left ON BKN, at home, off a free throw miss to give Raps the chance to tie if the fix was in. If I was a BKN fan I would have lost my mind there as Refs NEVER EVER call that. The bigger issue here is the lack of consistency from the refs makes it difficult to know what guys can and can not do. Lastly, jump shots don’t get the calls. If Raptors want the calls then they have to be more aggressive inside on the offensive end.

      • Wes mantooth

        Most of the calls that im talking about aren’t on the offensive end. However the charge call with Paul pierce having a foot inside! The circle wasn’t a jumpshot. the pffensive foul that sent PP to the line had to be called he ran right into him! The call that led to the tech was total nonsense there was zero justification to call that. He lowered his shoulder an bumped him while GV was standing still.
        There are a ton of examples I can bring up. Pierce traveling getting and 1s on game one and two at the end of the game ! Conspiracy is a prickly evil word I say it half tongue and cheek but there is def a mandate of some sort to nudge Brooklyn if at all possible in to rd 2. I live in the usa an watch a ton of espn, they don’t even like uttering the wor raptors or Toronto. After we won game one first take did a whole segment on paul pierce saying his team is soft. Didn’t even mention DD going for 30 Simple fact is they don’t get espn in Canada so there fans aren’t there tarrget. This bleeds into the nba I think. And look they can’t be obv about it but sometimes they are. They really are

        Anyways love the podcast don’t wanna argue about it. As far as conspiracies go you’re in grade 5 Blair’s probably in grade 1.. Haha enjoy game 3

    • rapierraptor

      Love the name, Wes. Dorothy Mantooth is a saint! The refs undoubtedly impacted the game when it mattered most for the Raps last night. We had our chance in the third to take advantage of the major foul trouble of the Brooklyn bigs by pounding it down their throats at the rim and we didn’t seize the moment. Thus, a potentially huge moment related to the refs ultimately looked inconsequential because the Raps failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

  • That other dude

    Very good podcast, guys. Made some very accurate points. Personally I didn’t like the way Raps played at all and I don’t know if that mess can be even called a game plan. It looks like they forgot how they got to the playoffs – good D and ball movement on the offensive end. Maybe Casey was feeling a bit sentimental to the old Rudy Gay days and that is why he allowed so many bad shots. Most of them by DeRozan. I don’t understand how DeRozan’s game can be called “superstar-esque” (from quick reaction). The guy shot 8/22. He was really good on offense in the 1st half and his free throws are very impressive, but there were too many horrible shots. In the 3rd Q he was 1/6 and in the 4th Q he was 2/7.
    That’s 3/13. Not to mention his atrocious defense. Superstar-esque my ass. JJ was 11/17 with 29 pts. That’s impressive.

    And like Greg noted, Brooklyn bigs were in foul trouble in 3rd Q. Plumlee and KG had 4 fouls each. And the total amount of shots taken by Amir and Jonas in the 2nd half were 3 (2/3 scoring). How can you not pressure Brooklyn’s bigs, how come there were no plays for JV, who’s been outplaying Brooklyn’s bigs in all three games? I was watching it and couldn’t believe that Casey didn’t react accordingly and didn’t exploit this situation. In the end, lets just hope that they will be able to tiethe series on Sunday and then the home court advantage will help us to reach the second round.

    • raptors phdsteve

      Couldn’t have said it better myself