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  • Statement

    No…there’s no way you can make me comment.

    I’ll never…..oh wait.

  • kkb003

    spurs are such a strong team this year! hope they win the championship again ! raptors shld use them as example!

  • DDayLewis

    Just throwing this out there. What do people think of a potential trade for Kevin Love?

    TOR receives:
    Kevin Love, Alexey Shved

    MIN receives:
    Amir Johnson, John Salmons (buyout), Terrence Ross, 2014 1st rounder, 2015 first (NY/Denver), future right to swap a first rounder in 2016

    • Wick

      Minnesota could do better

      • DDayLewis

        That’s probably true, but I think this package is better than what the Celtics, Lakers, Houston or Warriors could offer.

        • BlakeMurphy

          Celtics have a gang of picks and are on record saying they don’t need Love to guarantee an extension. Lakers can’t offer anything. Rockets can dangle Harden, which is huge from a marketing perspective (“not starting over”). Warriors are a great fit but may need a 3rd team to swing Lee to. Bulls could do it if they get real creative and whiff on Melo. Cavs can offer #1 pick. Knicks can offer Bargnani if Wolves wanna kick in a few firsts to even it out. And then all the rebuilding teams could obviously offer plenty of young assets, if they decided to get in on it.

          Not sure the Raptors would crack the top-10 in terms of packages you could offer.

          • ac1011990

            Dont think Houston wants to include Harden, they want to add a third star to the Harden and Howard pairing from what i understand. But ya don’t think that offer is anywhere close to wht the wolves can get from other teams.

          • DDayLewis

            Celtics have picks, but they need a third party to take on an expiring (which isn’t hard given their horde of picks). Beyond that, they have no actual prospect or useful players to offer in a trade.

            Rockets won’t dangle Harden. There’s no point in trading Harden for Love because it’s just less security on their stars, plus Harden is moderately cheaper, and Love’s rebounding value is mitigated in part by Dwight.

            The Bulls do have a lot to offer between Mirotic, picks and perhaps even Gibson.

            LOL Bargs.

            In terms of teams actually in the running for Love, I’d peg the Raptors somewhere in the second tier of potential suitors.

            The front-runners, as I see it, are Phoenix (picks, sign and trade with Bledsoe, a prospect), Bulls (picks, Mirotic, Gibson), Warriors (Klay, Draymond, if they get someone to take Lee), Cavs (first pick, expiring varajao).

            Edit: Plus, we can swap Drake for Prince to sweeten the deal.

            • TheSpiceTyrant

              I don’t see how Love would fit with GS. He would add rebounds. But If Bogut is healthy… Don’t see that making sense

              • DDayLewis

                He’s the best floor-stretching four, an elite passer, a good post-scorer and is an great offensive rebounder. He would fit just about any team, IMO. A Love-Curry pick-and-roll would be borderline unstoppable.

                • Chatham_Cathy

                  He’s been the best player on horrible teams since he came into the league. No defense and overrated in my opinion. He isn’t as good as Bosh when he was here and Bosh got us into the playoffs a couple times. Listen, would I like him on the raps? Yes. But I wouldn’t give up the farm for him let alone the package you suggested Bill. Top 10 player? Geez. I bet I can think of 20 I’d rather have.

                • DDayLewis

                  We can differ on our opinions on the guy, but his numbers, rate of scoring, and general output is undeniable. He’s a bonafide star, and when one becomes available, half the league bends themselves backwards in an attempt to get him.

      • Sam

        They can always do better, but you look at what all-stars have been
        fetching recently, and that’s a pretty damn good trade, and gives them
        young assets to build around.

        Interesting follow-up scenarios to that trade:

        Sign Vasquez
        Let Patterson go since we don’t need a stretch-four anymore
        Sign Carter
        Move DeMar back to shooting guard
        Pray Durant signs with us in 2016

        • DDayLewis

          Kevin Durant + DeMar DeRozan + Kevin Love + JV + filler = championshipzzzzz

          • Haim not Feldman

            Yeah right, and maybe Bettman will win an executive of the year award.

    • TheSpiceTyrant

      I like love but don’t want to give up TRoss for him. We know love and his ceiling but TRoss… His defence could improve even more. Any concerns that this would slow down our game even more?

      • DDayLewis

        If this is Love’s ceiling, he’s a top-10 player. The chances of Ross developing into that level of player is pretty slim.

        Honestly, if the Raptors were able to net Love, they should play whatever style fits him best.

        • TheSpiceTyrant

          We have a great pnr game, fun to watch but is predictable. Love would probably force us to run more set plays for the 4, which would be interesting since we don’t do that often

          • DDayLewis

            Agreed. Sets could start with Love getting the ball at the high post. He’s a great passer.

    • mike, prague

      If this were to go through, what would make him more than just a rental?

      • DDayLewis

        To be honest, not very much. The hope is that his first trip into the playoffs surrounded by a young core would be enough to entice him to sign an extension.

        • mountio

          Im pretty sure the premise of any KL trade rumour is that he would extend with the team he gets traded too. No way the raps (or any other team mentioned) would / should give up this haul of young talent and draft picks for one year.
          As for my take, Im not convinced even if he does extend … the fact is hes a stat stuffer who hasnt shown any ability to win. Having said that, I obviously realize hes a great talent, it would be tough to pass up him on this team for the next 4-5 years (especially if we still keep a good core beside him, which we would in this case with KL, DD and JV)

          • DDayLewis

            I don’t get this idea of Love being a stat stuffing loser. It’s a bit baffling for me.

            1. He must be the best stat stuffer in the world, because his numbers are insane.
            2. If you accept the premise that things like efficient scoring, rebounding and floor-stretch as determinants of victory, then you should love Love (weird wording)
            3. Aside from the nebulous argument of “his teams never win”, of which includes a myriad of factors with respect to his teammates, his conference, luck, injuries, coaching, etc etc, what distinct factor can you attribute to Love as a reason for his team’s being unsuccessful?

            • mountio

              If you are looking for one .. defense would be where I would start. He spends a lot of time looking for rebounds at the expense of defense (either individual or team) .. and when it doesnt come to rebounding, hes a bad defender. Beyond that, I agree, there arent glaring weaknesses in his game.
              My issue is not so much “is kevin love a good (even great) player” its “is he as good a player as his stats (advanced or otherwise) suggest?”
              The answer to the first question is for sure yes. The answer to the 2nd, which depending on what metric you are focusing on would suggest he is a top 10-15 guy in the league. I would say no to that. To me, hes more like top 25-30. And yes, his inability to win (whether thats based on coaches, injuries, teamates, luck, or whatever) plays a role in that assessment from my perspective.

              • DDayLewis

                Okay, say the part about his defense is true, and he is truly awful on defense. Does that off-set his other attributes? Ask yourself, is his defense any worse than Dirk’s? I would contend that Love and Dirk are both top-20 players. I would further contend that Love better than Dirk because they’re equals on offense, and Love’s better (read: less harmful) on defense. Securing rebounds is also a part of defense. He’s certainly not a good defender, but I think it’s certainly not as bad of a problem as you’re suggesting.

                I’m not arguing on the basis of his advanced stats. I think it matters not. No matter what you want to look at, be it the raw boxscore, advanced numbers, synergy stats, a scouting report, with your eyes, the conclusion is similar: Love is really good.

                • mountio

                  All fair points. I think the biggest difference between Dirk and Love is that Dirk has an absolute money, go to move that can work in the 4th quarter, in the biggest games, when the pressure is on. As a result, he has been able to take teams that have had pretty average supporting casts and make some solid playoff runs (in addition to consistently getting there .. something Love has not).
                  Love on the hand, is Mr consistency. Scores and rebounds throughout the game, puts up his 20 n 12 on a nightly basis and you can count on that. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. But, you tell me, clutch situation, game on the line, do you feel like Love will put it out for you, by either beating his man or creating for others? Im not so sure.
                  There is a long list of players in the league I would take over him. Many on that list may not be as consistent as Love is … but their ability in the clutch is greater. Dirk is on that list as are (not surprisingly), many people still alive in the playoffs (LBJ, DW, TP, even manu?, KD, RW, maybe PG?) …

                • DDayLewis

                  Dirk is an All-Time great. I’m equating the two now, 10 years apart. In his prime, Dirk was definitely better than Love, no doubt.

                  I trust Love in the clutch. Ironically, he tied with Dirk in clutch time scoring. Dirk shot a tad better from the field. Love shot 10 percentage points higher from three. Clutch stats are pretty iffy, so I don’t buy into it very much either way, but I trust a player who can pass and score to continue doing so during important moments.


                  And perhaps this is where we disagree, because I don’t believe in clutch. I concede that the possibility remains, but there’s mountains of statistical evidence that says it doesn’t. Either way, I can’t be sure that it does exist, so I choose to believe it doesn’t.

                  The players you listed in Lebron, Wade, Parker, Durant, Westbrook and George are also in my top-10 ahead of Love. I think he fits in a group with LaMarcus and Duncan in the 10-15 range.

    • Roarque

      Amir dies a Raptor => repeat in your head until you understand.
      Shh! Don’t speak!. Just think about defense winning playoff games.
      Now, who you going to trade?

      • DDayLewis

        Well if Love was the return, I’d part with Amir, but I’m also a heartless bastard.

        • jakdripr

          Nah, some things are more important. We’re a franchise that lacks consistency, and loyalty from it’s players. There’s already a phobia around Toronto about free agents and americans not wanting to play here, last thing we want to do is trade one of the few americans that has grown to like it here. It’s really not a good look imo.

          • DDayLewis

            Don’t get me wrong, I love Amir as much as the next guy, but if a superstar becomes available, I’d part with him. Loyalty only counts up until the point it doesn’t. Players around the league wouldn’t look down on Toronto for trading a hardworking player for a star.

        • Bendit

          You didnt say that Love needs to be contractually locked up before contemplating a deal like that? (currently he can opt out after next year).

          • DDayLewis

            Ideally, he would be, but he’s pretty much guaranteed to test free agency in 2015.

      • ItsAboutFun

        Yeah, Amir is a very big part of the culture that’s building with this team. If MU and TL are serious about “building culture” thing, anything short of Amir doing some 180 about face, and he’ll retire a Raptor.

    • Sewerfly

      I want to see Amir around for a long, long time. If I’m Minny, I want something more concrete upfront. I think Love would be a great fit, and may be persuaded to a long term stay. He seems to be of the right character to fit in with our team. It would hurt to loose Amir though!!!! Keep Amir and bring back Ed Davis!

      • Roarque

        Ed can play D. That guy had hops. I got to feel sorry for ED.

        • Sewerfly

          Yeah, he has a way of piling up easy baskets on loose balls around the rim too. Thought for a minute he was catching on in Memphis, but that didn’t last. Got to feel sorry for Ed!

    • JCREX

      theres nothing we have that they would want for love. he is a top 5 player

  • arsenalist

    Atletico up 1-0 at halftime

    • DDayLewis

      Fuck Real Madrid

      • arsenalist

        Atletico lose

        • DDayLewis

          5 minutes of added time gave Madrid enough life to make that comeback.

          How many times will Sergio Ramos “surprise” teams with headers off corners kicks? I feel bad for Athletico but they choked.

          • Hala madrid

            That five min was deserved gabi was on the ground rolling wasting time

  • Roarque

    If the Cleveland Cavs want to win now and feel that a shooting guard who can play with Kyrie is the needed solution then may I respectfully suggest the Raps need to trade Demar DeRozan to the Cavs for Andrew Wiggins? While I like DDR, I believe he is at his peak right now and that his inability to play defense will taint his future. Young Mr Wiggins on the other hand is a superstar defender already and able to play the SG or SF position. Nurturing Terrence Ross at the SG would enhance his ability to become the Raptors 3 n D player and leave the small forward position to Wiggins.
    It’s a huge risk but one that not only could but should result in a 2016 superstar in Toronto who doesn’t want to leave.
    My $.02

    • real ngga form the steert

      would asking for dion waiter be a reach

      • Roarque

        I’d worry about team chemistry in Toronto with the addition of ANY player from Cleveland where the well must have been poisoned last season for a squad with that much talent ( via the draft, no less) to have failed so miserably. Wiggins would arrive with a rep for respecting his fellow team mates and a guy who’s willing to share the rock.

    • ItsAboutFun

      “Young Mr Wiggins on the other hand is a superstar defender already”

      He was a “superstar defender” in HS, pretty good in college against boys, but nobody knows how he’ll be against bigger, faster men. There’s no “should result” when projecting college boys in the NBA. There’s a reason why guys like Hayes and Magloire hang around the league for so long, when there are lots of talented college kids available every year. Sometimes even the most talented college kids can’t handle being an NBA pro, so there are no guarantees.coming out of college.

      • Roarque

        I watched a lot of Andrew Wiggins this past year and he is the top five best defender in college ball. On top of that he was the best offensive player in college ball this past year. That makes he a pretty exciting player to build around. It’s going to take 2-3 seasons as he grows from a slim young man to an NBA player but there is absolutely zero doubt about where he will be in 2016. All Star.

        • ItsAboutFun

          You’re not alone in having watched a lot of Wiggins this year. He certainly shows the potential for being an elite defender, though was not consistently so at the college level. That said, let’s not mistake be elite at any skill in college to “already superstar” in the NBA. Different worlds, man. Some reach their potential, some don’t. I hope he does, but such certainty of the future accomplishments of a 19 year old is ……, um, not wise.

    • Feather Ruffler

      Dude in what world is DeRozan worth a top 3 pick?

      • Roarque


        Really? I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Outside of Toronto, DDR is THE all-star SG of the NBA. He’s young and he’s got a reasonable contract and he’s got a reputation as a gym rat who’s dedicated to year by year improvement.

        Watch the teams shake hands after an in season game – who does every opponent want to touch base with on the Raps? the answer is Demar DeRozan. He is a real All Star right now – not a future All Star.

        Toronto would need to take back a player to balance the salaries but their real goal is the kid from Brampton whose favourite team is the Raps and who wants to live in Toronto.

        Does that make any more sense to you?

        • Feather Ruffler

          Those are all valid points, and I agree with all of them. But none of that translates into DD being the player a GM would trade a potential transcendent talent for.

          • Roarque

            Therein lies the stuff of a sports discussion. How does a GM weigh the value of an established NBA talent like Demar against the nebulous future of a potential superstar talent like Andrew. I’m glad the decision does not rest on my shoulders. That’s why Masai gets paid the big $$$.
            In my defense, I believe that having a talent like Andrew Wiggins on your team will attract other good players to Canada, to the Raptors. The experts tell me that championship teams are built around young superstars.
            Also, with the Cavs lack of success with their abundance of early draft picks I wonder if the people in decision-making positions in Cleveland might prefer the comfort of a known entity like Demar rather than yet another number one draft pick.
            We shall see – soon.

            • DC

              Why isn’t JV in this discussion?

              • Roarque

                JV, Klow and Amir are untouchables. Why? Because defense wins championships and these three are the defensive foundation to the Raptor’s future.
                Tell me that Demar can defend Harden/Joe Johnson/LBJ and I would add him to the list. That’s right, he can’t and never will. From what I’ve seen, Demar is just a trigger man. TRossic has the better potential as a 3nD wing.

        • JCREX

          demar isnt the best sg…. id put harden, kobe, wade all ahead of him. then you got guys like waiters, beal and oladipo coming up who might surpass him. derozan is worth maybe like the 6-7 pick in this draft

          • Roarque

            Kind of weird that an NBA all star isn’t exchangeable for the best university kid, don’t you think?

    • JCREX

      they would never in a million years trade wiggins for derozan. they already have waiters who is a pretty decent sg, he may end up as good as derozan. for the raptors to get that pick they’d honestly have to give up ross, jv, our 1st round pick this year and 2 more 1st round picks. its a very steep price but thats how it is

      • Roarque

        Mr. Colangelo, is that you?

    • jkpbear

      Lowry + #20 to LAL

      nash + #1 to TOR

      Derozan + #7 to CLE

      This is as the base pieces for a trade. What tweaks would need to be done to get interest from all 3 teams?

      • JCREX

        why would la do that they could just draft smart or exum who will probably both be better then lowry

        • jkpbear

          Get rid of nash and save cap space to spend in frontcourt instead of on lowry in FA.
          Lowry – kobe – swaggy – greg monroe? – #20 or follow up trade

  • Jensan

    I dont understand why there is an expectation of Love to come and want to stay in Toronto, what you want is a PF who plays 28 to 30 minutes and scores 16/9 in that time period, David Lee+ Barnes or Draymond could fit that role, for Salmons+ Hansborough+ Fields and if you wish. This deal only costs in 2014/15 for Golden State 8 million dollars in salary instead of 17 million. Raptors doesnt affect their payroll this year, and they could have a SF thrown into the deal.
    Golden State really is setting themselves up for Love in 2015.
    Everyone wants Wiggins, he is good player with great potential, physically he is three years from developing into a beast. Personally believe if I am Cleveland , that they pick Embid and trade Thompson somewhere else and try to resign Deng. Their starting Five would be impressive. Just need the right coach to lead the team….

    • Roarque

      Cleveland had an impressive line-up for most of 2014, especially once Deng arrived and yet look where they ended up. I don’t get it. Perhaps team chemistry. Irving is complaining that he needs a SG worthy of sharing the backcourt with him. That’s why I suggested DDR would be the ideal player to team up with Kyrie.

  • The Language

    Ross For Antekounmpo
    Ross For Jimmy Butler
    Ross For Kenneth Faried
    Ross & Salmons For Batum

    • rapturd

      I get that Ross is more of a SG than a SF, but the guy can defend, shoot, and dunk better than demar. Not saying he’s better than demar. But I don’t get why so many people here want to trade Ross.

  • The Language

    To Denver : Ross,Salmons,Hayes,Fields#20 Pick
    To Toronto: Javale McGee, Danilo Gallinari,

    • Feather Ruffler

      How would this make any sense for the Raptors going forward?

      • The Language

        It doesn’t lol…. Other Raptors forums have all
        Whole bunch of Raptors/Nuggets Trade ideas

        Amir for Chandler
        Ross,Salmons for Gallinari
        Hayes,Patterson for McGee
        Ross,#20 pick for Fournier,Faried

        A bunch of crappy trades

        • Feather Ruffler

          Haha crazy! Some of these trade scenarios are mental. McGee might be my least favorite player in the league… Well him and Blatche. Couple of overgrown knuckleheads.

          • The Language

            Exactly lol it all started because Denver GM
            Said they will be Open For Business when it
            Comes to making trades in the summer
            But who’d you want from Denver

  • ShadowXL

    Why does everyone have this man-crush on Andrew Wiggins? Just because the man is from Toronto and was sick in HIGH SCHOOL doesn’t mean he’s ready for the big leagues. Every NBA scout is saying the same thing: Wiggins doesn’t have adequate ball skills to succeed at the NBA level. He has 0 handles, plays subpar defense, and his jumpshot is horrid. The only thing he has going for him is his athleticism, which players like Vince Carter have learned, doesn’t really get you far. OH, scouts also say that Wiggins’ work ethic (i.e. motor) is questionable. That is NOT the kind of player we need on the Raptors! Wake up and stop riding Wiggins like a pony! He isn’t all that good!

    • mountio

      Hes not perfect .. but you are way off. Handles need work and motor is a question mark for sure … but defense is great (not sub par) and jumpshot is reasonable for his position / state of development (miles ahead of DD TODAY, as an example).
      Maybe you are exaggerating to make a point .. but you are way off in a couple of areas

    • johng_3

      Handles need to improve but his defense is at an NBA level already. His form on his jumpshot is pretty good but could use some improvement. He actually hit more 3s this college season than Jabari Parker. Down the road he has potential to be a really good player. And with Vince Carter, it had more to do with injuries than anything hindering his career. Vince developed over the years into a really skilled basketball player in the post and with the three point jumper. Its the reason why he is still in the league and will be still be in high demand this offseason

      • ShadowXL

        Here’s the skinny on Wiggins based on 3 scouts (full article can be found at

        Scout 1: Don’t trust his shot or his ball skills. Can’t go left. There is no “f— you” to him. Kobe’s like, “F— you, I’m better than you.” Where was that? I think he is a content player. That’s not Bill Self’s fault — he didn’t tell him not to shoot.

        He can be your third-best player, but not your best. Say he goes to Orlando. What’s he going to do as an offensive player? Shoot them to more wins? He has one of the best second/third jumps I’ve ever seen and he’ll have some “F— … look at that” moments. But that’s not his personality.

        He can be an elite defender. He can guard 1-3s.

        Wiggins has offensive holes in his game — no dribble, no pass, streaky shooter. His sex appeal is only his athleticism. I’m not saying he’s one of these athletes that comes into the league and doesn’t know how to play basketball, but he’s behind the other three guys on my board.

        Scout 2: I think in the draft, if Embiid is healthy, Wiggins goes no. 3. He will be lost in an NBA half-court offense. He is great in transition, but he has no ball skills. All right hand, no idea what to do without the ball. He struggles with confidence. He actually reminds me more of Gerald Green than any of these studs he’s compared to.

        He’s an erratic shooter and has no plan when attacking the rim. He will be easy to coach against with his limited game right now. Needs to find out what playing hard is. He tries hard, but I don’t see that second gear. He would scare me as your franchise’s no. 1 pick, with all the stuff that will go along with being no. 1 in this class. Is he really a face of the franchise?

        Defensively he can be a stopper right away. A lot of these coaches want to break down these young guys and limit their minutes because they don’t trust them defensively. With him you can play him the minutes you need to develop him because, defensively, he’s already there.

        Scout 3: In general, interesting kid. In fairness to him he played in a very restricted system at Kansas. All interchangeable parts with designated spots, a lot of structure. When he got the ball, there wasn’t a lot of room to create. He didn’t force things, dealt with it well, but sometimes it hurt his rep. Not anywhere near ready, mentally, to take things over, which is unfair to say at this stage. Game isn’t to the level of his athleticism. Humble, coachable, a positive kid, all good things.

        Needs go-to moves. He doesn’t have them yet. He has a high dribble. This is normal for a kid his age. Even Kobe and T-Mac struggled out of high school with go-to moves.

        He needs to add a whole bunch of other stuff to be the scorer people think he can be. He needs to forget shooting 3s. His shot isn’t great, but it isn’t broken. It’s not as bad as Kidd-Gilchrist where you say, “Where do we start?”

        Great natural movement. An NBA coach can still play him right away because he can defend. He defends the wings in isolation, which is extremely valuable. Physically he can do this right away.

        Russillo: Agree with Scout 3.

        This one is tough. I’ve changed my mind about him versus Parker a few times this season. He isn’t close to being as polished as Parker is on offense. So, the simple solution is to take Parker, right? Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

        Athletically, he is off the charts, but it doesn’t do much for you if you can’t dribble. Right now, he can’t. The times he does get free on a drive, he doesn’t finish nearly as much as he should. It’s baffling; he gets by his man, beats the help, and then screws up the layup.

        His personality comes off as timid. It’s not what you want from a guy that is supposed to be your leading scorer in a few years. It is worth mentioning that he played on a team that had two other scorers in Wayne Selden and Perry Ellis, plus the emergence of Embiid and Naadir Tharpe, who was supposed to be a point guard. There weren’t many shots to go around and he still dropped 17 ppg.

        When LaMarcus Aldridge was coming out of Texas, I heard a lot of the same stuff: “timid” “doesn’t want it,” etc. I’d go back and look at the tape, and it was obvious Aldridge was playing with selfish guards who didn’t get him the ball, so it’s something to think about. I honestly have no idea if Wiggins is just a great athlete with a passive personality, or the next Tracy McGrady.

        The thing about the draft that drives fans crazy is when a GM takes someone based on potential, but think about it this way: Sure, you could take a guy who just finished his junior year and put up big numbers. But the reason teams reach is because they need a star in this league. It’s why the Parker-Wiggins debate is frustrating for people. “If Parker is better, why take Wiggins?” It’s easy. Every front office will ask themselves the same question on draft night: “Can this guy grow, become an All-Star in our league?” If the answer is even close to a yes, the team will go for it. Role players aren’t winning you anything.

        • johng_3

          I agree with Scout 3. I’ve watched most of Kansas games and you can see that with that kind of offense, it is meant to throw it in the post more often to the big guys and take advantage of their size. The spacing was difficult for him to create his own kind of offense in the half court, especially in college basketball. When evaluating talent going into the NBA, you have to see how their skills will translate to the NBA. If this was about drafting the best player, then teams would draft McDermott first overall. But clearly this won’t be the case because he won’t be able to handle faster players in the NBA. With Wiggins we know that he will be able to hang with the faster guys in the NBA athletically, the only questions are on the offensive end, which can be cleaned up (shooting and handles). With Jabari, he is a better offensive talent but physically he isn’t as quick as Wiggins and will be a defensive liability. And we already saw that this season. Not to say their at the same level but its like picking between LeBron or Carmelo. The physically gifted player or the more offensive, polished player.

      • ShadowXL

        I’m not sold on Wiggins… too many question marks!

  • Feather Ruffler

    My opinion in regard to the Raptors first two draft picks:

    20th – A “big” SF – Glenn Robinson III / Jeremy Grant / TJ Warren
    37th – A “big” C – Jusuf Nurkic / Mitch McGary

    I’m trying to be realistic as to who might be there when the Raptors pick. If we end up with GR3 and Nurkic or Mcgary, I’d consider it a very successful draft.

    • Haim not Feldman

      At 37, Jordan Bachynski of Arizona State would be a great pick. At 7’2″, he’s an active rim protector, shot blocker and rebounder with some offensive skills.

  • noname

    we need to stop this talk about trading ross until we see how he does this season. This offseason is his chance to get bigger and better and show the team that he can be a good sf. He has the height (6’8″) now he just needs the size and to work on his skills. Plus masai said no quick fixes this offseason, so he’s not going anywhere!

  • Joshua Chan Zuo Sze

    Is that DJ Augustine in that picture with drake?