On the ‘cast this week is Tim W (@the_picketfence) and we talk the playoff push, draft decisions, lovely Love, and a lot more.  Topics include:

  • Enjoying the playoff run
  • The Eric Bledsoe rumours and comparing him to Lowry – who’s better for the Raptors?
  • Russell Westbrook’s elite status
  • The suitability of landing Kevin Love, if that were even an option
  • What to do with the 20th pick – think short-term help or long-term potential?
  • The idea of moving up and possible targets
  • Players and qualities Raptors should avoid in the draft
  • Players and qualities that the Raptors should look for in the draft
  • The importance of two-way players and which Raptors fit the bill
  • Fapping to the Spurs
  • More…

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (26:48, 26 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Sam

    Fapping to the Spurs…LOL

    • rapierraptor

      The spurs are fap worthy.

      • Tinman

        But keep in mind you are talking about one of the best 10-15 year span of any team in any sport

      • haller

        Isn’t it strange that there are numerous ex-Raptors on the Spurs?

  • Sahardeed Mohamed

    Why s Zarar keep cutting Tim off?

    • DutchRapsFan

      Because we all know what Tim has to say. Still though, this pod makes me think Tim W isn’t as annoying as a human being/blogger/internet guy as he comes off in his articles and is more reasonable than I thought. His writing is just very tedious.

    • EmarErozan

      I agree. It is disjointed. Too bad because Tim and Zarar are well spoken and have nice chemistry.

      The podcast. I don’t like as much is with Sam because it isn’t focused on sam’s strongpoint, fantasy.

    • ckh26

      I would say because Zarar holds a postion that is pretty much diametrically opposed to Tim W’s postion. The questions are sharp and challenging. This just may the style for this podcast but the tone here is confrontational and its led by big Z

    • DDayLewis

      It’s just his schtick in podcasts, and weird sound editing at times.

    • ItsAboutFun

      Unable to do it himself, someone has to protect Tim from foot-in-mouth syndrome?

    • ShadowXL

      Because Tim says the same things over and over again.

    • arsenalist

      To understand my tone you’d have to listen to the unedited version of this podcast which was about 50 minutes 🙂

      • Mexiballer

        Yeah. Your tone in the edited version wasnt very friendly.

  • Tinman

    Gotta agree
    Tim got cut off just about every point that he is making
    Didn’t seem like a conversation………

    • raptorstand

      I wouldn’t listen to the podcast if you paid me. Tim W. was the first writer on here to ban me for the simple reason I cheered for the Raptors to win. I called down every tanking scum on here and got banned for it. Everyone should keep on interrupting Tim the douchebag forever. He is not fit to be a writer on this site. Loser.

      • OakTree

        I have a feeling you were banned for making unjustified personal attacks.

        Leave the comment section to people that know how to conduct themselves in public.

      • 2damkule

        you seem like the kind of guy who’d complain about getting booted from a bar ‘for going to the bathroom,’ while leaving out the part that you passed out and shat yourself on the dance floor.

        • raptorstand

          You cheer for this team to win , I got no problem with you. If you cheer for this team to openly lose , I will shit the bar and dance on your head like John Travolta. Speaking of shit , smells like a couple extankers to me.

          • truth be told

            You shouldn’t tell other fans what they should or shouldn’t do.

            What’s a ‘tanker’ btw? I’ve heard those making the arguments to build the team through talent and the draft. If you disagree with this kind of team building that’s your choice but it doesn’t make you right, idiot.

            Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

            • raptorstand

              Idiot ?? wow im wounded. I knew this was a good team , we had talent and a black hole on our team. We traded the black hole , started going low and defending , and this team became good. Anyone with a basketball IQ could see that, except for the tankers and losers of this site. They held the narrative for along time on here. I was the only one that called them out and I was proven right. If you openly cheer for the team to lose , you aint much of a fan, makes you an idiot really. lolol have a nice day champ.

              • truth be told

                They had the same core players the year before that minus Gay for 3/4’s of the season.

                Where was that good team then? The GM admitted he had no idea what would happen when Gay got traded.

                Where is this basketball IQ you are referring to? Beat it bro. Leafs got knocked down early so you suddenly are a hard court guy now?lol

                • ItsAboutFun

                  “same core players”. For a mouth that roars so loud at others’ opinions, you sure have simpleton logic to spout. Was 1 st year JV the same player as 2nd year JV? Was 1st year Ross the same player as 2nd year Ross? Was 4th year DD the same player as 5th year DD? Do tell. Was banged up, contentious, Lowry the same player as healthy, buy-in, Lowry?.

                  “The GM admitted he had no idea what would happen when Gay got traded.” If you want to take a simplistic, carved in stone, view, yup, you’re right. But if you don’t think MU knew he was unloading the black hole that was killing the team, and was getting back a big upgrade at backup PG (and the man he knew and insisted upon), an upgrade at backup PF/C, you may as well stick to your paint by numbers analysis. “Build through the draft”. lol, doh

                • raptorstand

                  Beat it bro ? Leaf fan ? Listen Bro , bud , pal , champ , douche, Gay was a black hole , some games Jonas never got a look. Look at his numbers before and after the trade. This team is a jump shooting team, if you go low and force the defenses to collapse it opens up the jump shot. I would scream that at the TV every game Gay was playing. Having Gay on our team showed the young players that its really bad to not pass the ball. This was exactly the team I knew we had if they would move the ball. That’s what scares me so much about the coach , his offense is very questionable. We lost the last 2 games of the season because the coach didn’t force the ball low . I just cheer for the Rapt ors to win, if you were here at the beginning of the season you have a full understanding of the tank mentality , and I was saying that this team was good . I got shit on for it by Tim W. and the other tankers on this site, who openly cheered for this team to lose. I spent $200 for the season pass , and I come on here and writers are openly cheering losing, I went to war, and as far as I was concerned I was right. Tim W. will always be a loser to me.

            • EaseUpOnCasey

              “What’s a ‘tanker’ btw? I’ve heard those making the arguments to build the team through talent and the draft. If you disagree with this kind of team building that’s your choice but it doesn’t make you right, idiot.”

              To me tanking is intentionally putting a team together that will not succeed on the court in the hopes of getting a high draft pick. Losing on purpose to me is up their with match fixing and goes against everything that is good in sports (competition, integrity etc).

              You can still play well and build the team through talent and the draft w/o intentionally losing (tanking). AKA TimW’s San Antonio team. Granted they got a lot of luck with TimD but winners get lucky.

              Tanking is perhaps part of the Raptors team and fanbase’s culture. Culture’s (teams. corporate, national, ethnic, religious et al) are built on values, beliefs, attitudes and expectations. We don’t mind losing because we are used to it. We believe are teams, players, coaches are never good enough.We expect the worst because again we are used to it. So tanking is not a big deal.

              I don’t like tanking because it creates a culture of losing. Why put the extra hours in the gym? Why listen during meetings? Why play your hardest on the court? Once you get your draft pick then what? Everyone goes back into winning mode? For me breaking bad habits is harder than creating good habits from scratch. People tend to follow the herd. If everyone else is working hard and doing the right things then you do them. I’m not saying you can’t tank and build a championship but I am saying its a lot easier to do it in a team that gets every drop out of whatever resources they have.

              • truth be told

                So was Masai potentially tanking in a way when he traded away Gay admitting himself that he didn’t know if it was going to go good or bad? If it had of went bad would that have been tanking?

                When the Suns put together the team they did this year was that tanking gone good? Just trying to see if there is a hard line definition for this? Good habits and bad habits are found everywhere. There is no direct correlation with the arguments you are making. So if a team is trying, like Milwaukee to put the best team together and they lose because they aren’t good do they not have the potential to develop bad habits? This ‘culture of losing’ is the most overstated principle for those fans that disagree with building a team through the draft. Nothing establishes a winning culture than sustained winning. How do you accomplish that…..through talented players, good coaching and sound management. There are various strategies for achieving this type of consistency, one of which is going through the draft to build your team like San Antonio and OKC have.

                • EaseUpOnCasey

                  Woah easy big fella! I didn’t think I made any personal attacks like “There is no direct correlation with the arguments you are making.” I was just stating my opinion.

                  1. By getting rid of Gay he was getting rid of an overly expensive, under-performing asset.

                  2. He may have been trying to pull the plug on the season and Tank. Your question was whats tanking other than building through the draft. My statement was that their is a lot more to tanking than building through the draft. My statement had nothing to do with whether Masia was tanking or not.

                  3. “This ‘culture of losing’ is the most overstated principle for those fans that disagree with building a team through the draft.” I’m not arguing against building through the draft. In fact I would love to build through the draft. I just don’t personally believe in losing on purpose. If you do believe in losing on purpose thats up to you.

                  4. “Nothing establishes a winning culture than sustained winning.” Sustained winning doesn’t come out of nowhere. Habits are built through processes and accountability. Thats why good coaches repeat and repeat things over and over again until something becomes instinctual. Good coaching and good management create winning cultures in order to create sustainable success.

                  Just so you understand. I’ll repeat it. I like building through the draft. I like talented players, good coaching and management. I just don’t like the idea of losing on purpose. AKA tanking.

                  Are you sure your not TimW?

      • Tinmann

        Well than you missed a great podcast – even though Zarar treated it more as a cross-examination of a witness. This is the first time I heard him speak, and he did a great job. Hope he pops up on a few more times on other podcasts.
        I disagree with his view of the team, I actually think that besides the Evil Troika in Miami, Raptors arguably have the best young talent than any other team in the East. I think, based on his criteria, he might think there are less than 5 complete basketball players in the league, even in this podcast he spoke of Russell Westbrook, not too flatteringly, and Westbrook is a top five PG.
        But over the years, his articles have been some of the best out there. I’ll never forget his recap of the Indy game, which he got justifiably roasted. He can find no good about anything Raptor related, lately.
        He was right on Bargnani from the get go though……….

  • Andrey

    JV and Ross are far from being a finished products so I don’t know why we can’t draft somebody who will help us long-term.

  • OakTree

    There’s a few reasons why you should never trade out of the first round.

    For one, if you have a good scouting department, you have to have faith that those guys are going to get the job done and find a gem with your first round pick. Even if it’s in the 20s. Masai’s background is as a scout, and I think he understands this point very well. Trading out of the first round is like throwing away a year’s work of your college and European scouts.

    Another reason is that the NBA is a salary capped league, and having productive players on rookie deals is extremely valuable. Not just as trading assets either, but as real contributors to winning teams.

    Also, I think it’s beneficial to team culture to have a “little brother” around that’s learning the ropes. It’s good for building a team bond where guys are really looking out for each other. It helps to keep the veteran guys fresh by adding some excitement and energy to the locker room (as well as competition for playing time). Also, it allows the coaching staff to review fundamentals more frequently.

    I would be surprised to see the Raptors ever not have a first round pick as long as Masai’s the GM.

    • 2damkule

      i wouldn’t consider trading out of the first round a ‘waste’ of a year’s worth of scouting; it may be that the value obtained by trading the pick is greater than the value of the player chosen with that pick, which is something you’d lean on your scouting staff to either confirm or deny. not doing something (i.e. drafting a player) doesn’t mean you’ve wasted time, just like making a trade doesn’t mean that you’ll come out ahead just because nothing wasn’t done.

  • ItsAboutFun

    “good teams ALWAYS keep their draft picks, like the Spurs”

    Timmy and his absolutes, lol. No doubt the Spurs (*cough* Popovich *cough*) are the gold standard, but they deal with the same crap shoot of a draft as everybody else.

    1. “always keep their picks? not for 2012, 2009, 2006, 2000……
    2. They miss the mark too. In 2010, their highest pick (#20) that they’ve had since Duncan, was used on James Anderson
    3. They missed the boat on other picks too. Who would you rather have now? Mahinmi, or Amir, Gortat, David lee, Monte Ellis?

    • rapierraptor

      Okay fair enough but the sentiment is still true that the spurs aren’t shy about drafting guys who may not be ready right away but turn out to be the right pick in the long run. Spurs have been in win now mode for at least ten years and they still draft ‘development guys’ fairly often. The Mavs on the other hand have also been hugely successful and they’ve tended to use their 20 something picks as trade assets or draft low ceiling, help now guys who haven’t really panned out. There is no one right way to draft. Sure there are a ton of counter examples to Tim ‘ s point but I understand what he was trying to say.

      • EaseUpOnCasey

        One of the best trades the Raptors ever pulled off was Antonio Davis for a first rounder (Bender). Solidified the team, provided leadership, toughness, rebounding and a defensive presence.
        In the paraphrased words of Oakley, Raptors got enough horses they need some mules.

    • truth be told

      Does any team have absolutes? Usually comments like these are made with the thought that it happens more often than not.

  • ShadowXL

    Tim W is a troll of the worst kind… He has some good points, but overall, you can hear how much he HATES the idea of the Raptors actually being successful this past season. It sickens me.

    • jlongs

      Disagree about DD. He’s bad. No lateral quickness at all, lets his man blow by him at will, doesn’t help his bigs out on switches, and most infuriating is he gets stuck on screens all the damn time. His one redeeming defensive quality is he’s good at reading and timing cross court passes.

      If there was even one thing that they agreed on in the podcast it was that Demar is bad defensively, right now. He may improve (hopefully he does), but he’s bad right now.

  • DDayLewis

    Oh cool. People are holding pissing contests in the comments again. That’s fun. /s

    • raptorstand

      Its not a pissing contest when you are right. I was proven right Tim W. was proven wrong. Tim W. is a loser and should never be allowed to write on this site ever again. The guy openly cheered for this team to lose and probably so did you. Sometimes when the stream is against you , it turns in your favor. Best season of the franchise, and its only gonna get better from here. GO RAPTORS !!

      • DDayLewis

        Yup, definitely not a pissing contest.

        Here, this should help on the self-awareness front.


        • raptorstand

          My piss is a high arcing rainbow of golden showers, Tim Ws. is a cancerous stream of vile pus ridden black urine that is shat into the ground and everything dies around it. Two different kinds of piss really ……

          • DDayLewis

            That’s incredibly potent.

        • raptorstand

          I gotta admit I do a lot of winning groin thrusts. Just imagine me standing and giving a winning groin thrust after every post. lol

  • ezz_bee

    One of my favourite raptors podcasts in a long time. Loved the dynamic between the Zarar and Tim. You guys should do more pods together.

  • jjdynomite

    Just finished listening on my morning commute. Best. Podcast. Ever.
    Well, at least a very nice counterpoint to the TalkingRaptors boys’ chumminess (who are great as well).

    Tim is a douchebag, and props to Zarar for calling him on it, swiftly and consistently. Case in point: Timmy the Trollwriter says that DeMar is not a 2-way player, will never be a 2-way player, and therefore should be traded for a 2-way player. Zarar, obviously picking up on Timmy’s one-sided dipshitness, questions, straight up: “Okay, so who is this 2-way player you would trade DD for?” Timmy: “Well, uh, well, um, I haven’t really thought of that.” WELL, THEN WHY ARE YOU ON A RAPTORS PODCAST CASTING ASPERSIONS ON THE TEAM AND ITS PLAYERS IF YOU AREN’T ABLE TO ARTICULATE NOR EXPAND UPON YOUR OPINIONS, YOU UNPREPARED DUMBASS!?!

    Conclusion: I’m pretty sure Tim lives on the West Coast based on his profile, his expressed preferences for WC ball, and previous disclosures, so perhaps he should just cheer for West Coast teams, ergo, write for *their* blogs, and/or go jerk off to slow mo replays of Tony Parker taking it to the hoop. But I’ll still vouch for him continuing to do RR podcasts once in a while just so Zarar can continue to rip him a new one.

  • Haim not Feldman


    • Haim not Feldman

      A commenter will appear in red as RapsFan then later on appear in gray as Jizznatcher. Is this some kind of Disqus bug?

  • Marnix Saynor

    he mispronounces contribute ALL the time