We got some video evidence coming from the Drew regarding what DeMar DeRozan’s working on, “Don’t make me have to pull-up on ya”, says the man.

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  • golden

    Love it. Demar working on his game…. while Fields is working on his fame (what a shame). Whose to blame? I need a name. Lame.

    • ItsAboutFun

      The Fields stuff on stage was recorded in the 2013 off season, and NO NBA player works out ALL Summer. They ALL need a little time away from the game.

      GO DeMar!!!! According to Ujiri, Ross is working with him in LA as well. Good times ahead from our wings!

      • noname

        Lol and everybody on this site was trashing both of them saying they should be traded…smh. Give our boys a chance!!! Thank god nobody here is the gm. In masai we trust.

        • mr. mention

          So because he’s practicing dribbling he’s a Raptor lifer?lol

          He should have been working on his handles at USC. Good luck trying to handle the rock better at this stage of your career.

          • noname

            he’s only 24 he can improve…but dang if you look at the video the trainer dribbles faster than he does lol.

          • ckh26

            Yep he is practicing. Working on his game and his profession. Working hard to get better and to improve areas of his game that he sees need work with the goal of making himself and his team better. He has done this each and every year and has gone from a 9th pick to an all star.
            You on the other hand are writing condescending commentary from a couch. Commenting on some one else’s hard work without actually doing any.

          • Wiley

            Would you rather he not practice at all and say “Screw it, I’ll never be good enough?”

            Fucking idiot.

            I don’t usually resort to name calling on this site but that comment is completely ridiculous.

        • Romeo Montague

          Toronto fans bandwagon central…almost comical Demar is overpaid, Amir is overpaid..trade this guy trade that guy…these fans have no clue…seriously NO CLUE!!!…even some of the fans in the building hearing them talk during the games…its comical

          • hyperdouche

            Cool insight, you must be a basketball expert.

  • Ion66

    Burn the midnight candles, workin on handles. Protect the ball, pay off in the fall. But it’s hard to compete, when you’re nailed to your seat. Wear a skin tight dress with size 15 feet. Oh my God, it’s not a mirage. I’m tellin all a ya’ll that’s a big Minaj!!

    • Maahfaace

      you got my vote for bird of the year

  • Will

    I love this guy’s work ethic. He’ll never handle like Kyrie, but if he cuts down the dribbling turnovers and gets the occasional blow by with the dribble, so he doesn’t have to settle for the jumper, that’ll be a good improvement.

    • Costy15

      Demar rarely turns the ball over already considering the amount of time he has it in his hands… But you are exactly right about the blow by with the dribble, he has the speed just needs the handles to create lanes for himself. It’ll lead to easier buckets, more trips to the line, and it will open up space for teammates… He will be a perennial all star. Ball handling is definitely his major weakness that can be improved, I doubt he ever improves his defense though.

  • jakdripr

    Nice to see, here’s hoping this allows him to blow by more defenders next season. Word on the street is he’s also working with Hakeem, definitely won’t mind seeing him develop more of a post game.

  • RRT Ash

    Can we get any vids of T.Ross’ workout?

  • Microaggressive


    Can Michael Jordan Palm It?

  • KJ-B

    WoW–you can see him getting low & also legs in the jumpshot are strong, shot is quiet–that’s what’s up… don’t sweat the technique cuz!