Yeah. So that’s the craziest thing I’ve seen all night, and the Raptors just drafted Bruno Caboclo.

No word on if this is legit or not, but Bucher is a pretty well-respected member of the NBA media, so it needs to be at least considered. Of course, he could be absolutely off his rocker, too, as most of the NBA Twitterverse seems to think.

If it is legit, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Bosh is obviously an excellent player – one of the most unique in the game – and would pair well with Valanciunas, but Lowry is younger and the unquestioned leader of this current Raptor contingent. Norris Cole is essentially a throw-in, and would slide in as the backup to either Vasquez or whomever it is we sign this offseason.

At this point, though, it’s just scuttlebutt until we hear further. Tis the silly season.

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26 Responses to “You call that a rumour? This is a rumour.”

  1. Thornbury

    Yeah, Bosh would be a great fit at half the price and only WITH Lowry here. I call bullshit on this one

  2. feylines

    this better just be some bs. i respect chris bosh but i would not welcome him back after all his negative comments about playing here. not to mention he’s now a downgrade compared to lowry

    • Argos

      I would welcome him back with open arms. But, I do agree that he would be a downgrade to Lowry. But if they somehow resigned Lowry, and did a sign-and-trade for Bosh, these team would be so good.

      • jakdripr

        Apparently(I’ve never actually seen this comments myself), he was always complaining about how the raptors were never on ESPN, and when Miami made a tribute to him he was talking about how Toronto never did the same.

        Didn’t care enough to check if it was legit, but I can definitely see him saying shit like that. Either way I won’t mind getting bosh, but not in exchange for Lowry. I’m pretty sure this rumor is all hogwash.

  3. OakTree

    Yeah, sure.

    Draft an unknown, bring back Bosh, bring back VC, why not see if you can dig up Araujo and Joey Graham while you’re at it. We definitely need a back up center and a wing.

    Masai, wow. You’re either a genius or a fool, I guess time will tell.

    I’m confused and lost. I don’t know where or who I really am anymore.

    What a day. Sometimes I just wish this franchise wasn’t such a circus.

    • Bruno

      Your saying all this about a 20th pick where a majority of them are not in the league 5 years from now. Its the ESPN hype machine every year and most of these guys are not heard from again, meanwhile the ‘panel of experts’ if you want to call them that, suck every players dick with compliments, meanwhile are forgotten in a few years..

      I could imagine what you were saying when we had picks in the top 10 past few years. These picks hardly impact teams in the near future and maybe do so in the long term.

  4. Mexiballer

    I would not normally believe this either. But after our draft pick tonight I could believe just about anything.

  5. Argos

    Chris Bosh is exactly what this team needs. But, only if Lowry stays. Having another scoring option, and a stretch four, would be great. He would fit well with Jonas as well.

    I was cheering against the Heat all playoffs, in hope that LeBron would opt-out and leave Miami, and blow up the big three, leading to Bosh leaving and returning to Toronto. However, I only envisioned it with Lowry staying.

    With Bosh and Lowry, this team would be a top three team in the East, easily, and maybe even the best in the East if James left for the West. But without Lowry, and say adding Bosh, I don’t think the Raptors are better than last years version. They need Lowry I feel.

  6. Argos

    Maybe there is connections with the rumors of the Raptors trying to get Ennis? Remove Lowry, but add Ennis as the new starting PG, and bring in Bosh?

    If they don’t manage to resign Lowry, they need to find a new PG somewhere. GV should not be starting on any team that has aspirations of winning a playoff series. But even if he was, you still need a capable backup.

  7. Argos

    I’m kind of excited by this rumor. At least this means that both the Raptors front office and Bosh have had thoughts of a reunion. I really hope this exact rumor isn’t true, because I believe this team needs to keep Lowry. However, maybe a sign and trade for Bosh could happen.

    Say LeBron leaves Miami. Bosh opts out, and is also a free agent. Then Miami may no longer be interested in Lowry, and may go towards a rebuild. A sign and trade for Bosh, that could give Miami future picks, and PP/Amir, could happen.

    This would actually be the best possible semi-realistic off-season I could dream of, and one I have been hoping for ever since the Raps got knocked out.

  8. Runkulys

    Bosh has all offseason to regrow his dreads (at least to start regrowth), otherwise, I’m not sure if I’d welcome him back 🙂

  9. Nilanka15

    The most logical explanation is that Jimmy Kimmel hijacked Bucher’s twitter account for a few minutes.

  10. tweed8

    LOL. Bosh, Wade and LeBron got together this past Wednesday and the out come was “Ahhh, hey Bosh, Wade and I decided one of the three of us has to go and the answer is… you.”

    This is a crazy rumour and if by chance it does happen, I would only hope that Bosh is trade bait for yet another team.
    Unless Bosh actually wanted to come back and we have a point guard, I don’t see how any of this will work out.

  11. WhiteVegas

    Here’s why this will never happen and makes no fucking sense at all:

    Chris Bosh is owed $43M over the next two seasons. Kyle Lowry will only be owed that over the life of his 4 year deal he gets. Which means Bosh would have to opt out and take a $10M per year pay cut to come play “not for championships” in Toronto. Like seriously, what the fuck does Bosh get out of this deal?

  12. Brett Charles Pilon

    I have been saying this to myself all year, I would wsnt Bosh back for sure. He is missused and under utilized with the Heat.

  13. Brett Charles Pilon

    I have been saying this to myself all year, I would want Bosh back for sure. He is misused and under utilized with the Heat. But losing Lowry, I don’t want to see that at this point, Bosh would be the first one out of the big three to win a title if they split up there faction, yes in Toronto ! Unless somehow Lebron finds a way to make another super team with Anthony or finds his way to a team that he is just going to push over the edge. I honestly see the Heat, as in the big 3, and they are the big 3; staying together. As long as we could find a solid PG rotation in Lowry’s possible departure and continue to build the team in the right direction adding Bosh would make us immediate contenders today.


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